Episode #52: Visualizing Your Goals With Vision Boards

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On today’s podcast, Russ & Mika are talking about vision boards have helped them plan for their future.

Today’s episode is a pretty straightforward look at vision boards: what they are, how to use them and how they visualize your goals

These vision boards aren’t just collages made from magazine cutouts, they’re manifestations of the life you want, and how you’re going to get there. Russ & Mika talk about some of the things they’ve added to their own boards, why material possessions are okay to throw on there, and how they use boards independently, and as a family unit.


In this episode, you will learn:

•  How vision boards give you the clarity to move forward
•  Using vision boards to reflect on progress
•  The power of intention
•  The importance of putting thoughts & goals down on paper


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