Episode #65: Thriving From the Unexpected

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Today’s podcast is all about the unexpected challenges we face in our lives and how we can grow from them.

Russ was inspired to record today’s episode because his oldest daughter Maddix recently started high school.

Maddix was born when Russ was in college, and it was one of the most unexpected moments of his life. It has also been undoubtedly one of his biggest blessings.

And yet so many times, when these unexpected moments happen to us, feelings of anxiety or negativity typically follow.

On today’s podcast, Russ is sharing some unexpected challenges from his own life, as well as talking about what we can do when we’re faced with an unexpected challenge, and how we can use them as an opportunity to grow.

In this episode, you will learn:

• Why resiliency is one of the most important things we can teach.
• Some of the most unexpected moments that Russ has experienced in his life.
• The ways that a challenging situation can make us stronger.
• Tools you can use to help give yourself clarity during difficult times.

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