Episode #26: Why You Should Go on a Staycation

Today, we are talking about one of the best-kept secrets in travel: the “Staycation”.  On this week’s episode, Russ and Mika are talking about one of the best-kept secrets in travel. As regular listeners know, we believe travel is a healthy and important part of family life, but we know everyone doesn’t have the...

On this week’s episode, Russ and Mika are talking about one of the best-kept secrets in travel.

As regular listeners know, we believe travel is a healthy and important part of family life, but we know everyone doesn’t have the budget or the time to take an expensive trip to an exotic location.

Every year, the Perry family takes a “staycation” somewhere close to where they live. This trip has become a family tradition and something that we all look forward to each year.

On today’s podcast, you’ll hear all about how we plan our staycations, what makes a good staycation, and how you can take some time off without breaking the bank.


In this episode, you will learn:

• What qualifies as a staycation.
• How we plan our staycations.
• Why you don’t have to leave town to have a great vacation.
• Tips for putting together the perfect staycation.


Mentioned in this episode:
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The Sober Entrepreneur by Russ Perry
The Russ Perry Show
Breathe Magazine
How I Built This
Topo Chico
365 Herbal Mint Shower Gel
EO French Lavender Shower Gel
• It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson
The Greatest Showman – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Scratch Culinary
Trifecta Nutrition
Valley Ho
Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass
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Russ Perry: Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of Good to Be Home. I’m your cohost, Russ the pickle Perry.

Mika Perry: And I’m just Mika Perry.

Russ Perry: Maybe I’m gonna try like in the Simpsons where they have a different intro every time. I’m gonna try to do a different middle name every time.

Mika Perry: Okay.

Russ Perry: We’re back and we are actually gonna be talking again about travel this week, but hold your horses. This isn’t about some crazy trip, this is actually about something that is a known best-kept secret, especially for people, I feel like, who live in Arizona. This is the topic of staycations.

Mika Perry: So we, as you know, love travel. We think it brings huge value to the family. But, you can’t always take an extravagant vacation, whether it’s time or the budget for it, and a staycation is our solution to a budget-friendly quick but fun and super awesome trip.

Russ Perry: High impact.

Mika Perry: High impact, yep.

Russ Perry: All right, well … We can’t get to that yet, Mika, we have something else we got to do. It’s our reading, listening, eating, and loving lists, which we do every single week. Head over to Throw in your email. You’ll get the full list of all past episodes and links and all that fun stuff. So, Mika, take it away.

Mika Perry: All right. For reading, I am reading a magazine called Breathe. This is my second issue, and the first issue of this magazine Russ got for me. Why did you buy this for me?

Russ Perry: Because you’re all stressed out.

Mika Perry: Well, it’s a magazine on wellness, kindness, mindfulness, and inspiration.

Russ Perry: Actually, I love getting magazines and, yeah, I figured this was your style.

Mika Perry: Yeah, so I appreciate that thought and thank you for introducing me to this, point taken, or hint taken, there. But, you know I’m all about all of that, wellness, kindness, mindfulness, inspiration, and breathing, so I picked up my second issue. When I say issue this is a $14.99 magazine. I don’t know how often it comes out. I found mine at Target. On Instagram it’s Breathe Magazine Australia is what I could find, but in here it says it’s from the UK. It definitely has the British spelling of things, so it’s some sort of UK/Australian magazine. That being said, it is chock full of information. I love it. I read it at night to just really inspire me on all of those areas, to bring me back. It’s not fluff, it’s practical. Really highly recommend it.
Listening, I got a suggestion from you guys on Instagram on a podcast called How I Built This. Have you listened to this before, Russ?

Russ Perry: I have not.

Mika Perry: Have you seen it?

Russ Perry: No.

Mika Perry: I think you would like it. It’s by NPR and it’s interviewing people on how they built their business.

Russ Perry: Actually, I have heard of it.

Mika Perry: Okay. It’s great.

Russ Perry: But, I haven’t listened to it.

Mika Perry: Yeah, I highly recommend it.
Eating, it’s actually drinking, Topo Chico. Maybe you saw this on my Instagram stories, but I went on a quest for Topo Chico. We were introduced to Topo Chico in Cabo. You know we love sparkling water. We don’t drink so sparkling water is where we really get a lot of joy in our life. We’ve been drinking McCoy, and Topo Chico has this bubble effervescence that’s intense and I love it. It’s so refreshing. Right?

Russ Perry: I was just sort of like, “Man, we so sound sad. How excited we get over sparkling water.”

Mika Perry: It is what it is, guys.

Russ Perry: I guess so.

Mika Perry: Got to find some fun where you can find it.

Russ Perry: “It’s so bubbly like it fizzes …” Next level bubble everyone. Get into it.

Mika Perry: But I will say that those that have tried Topo Chico instantly become fans. So, anyways, try it. They have it at Sprouts, which is local here. They have it at Whole Foods. We just bought a case of it. The one thing that is challenging is that it does not have a screw top or a pop top, it is like a beer bottle top.

Russ Perry: Which was a challenge for us non-drinking home. We’re like, how the hell do we open this? We don’t have a wine opener or anything.

Mika Perry: We didn’t have a bottle opener, and we finally found one, it was one from our honeymoon that I stole from the hotel. But, yeah, we had that around and we used that. So, that would be my only downfall of the Topo Chico, but maybe they’ll come out with a screw top.
Okay, loving. Random, but I just wanted to share, I guess another Whole Foods find. Actually, you can buy the Breathe magazine at Whole Foods, too, so, this is a Whole foods edition here. So, my shower gel, I love two different kinds. I use two different shower gels, one for the morning, one for the night. That may seem like a little much, but the morning one is an herbal mint shower gel by the 365 brand at Whole Foods. I love a minty refreshing feeling in the morning, who doesn’t right? At night time to relax I’m all about lavender. Our house probably smells like a lavender field at nighttime, because I put lavender everywhere, including the shower. So, the one I get from Whole Foods is called EO (Essential Oils) shower gel, French Lavender. It’s in a really pretty blue bottle.

Russ Perry: Do you worry about becoming desensitized to all of the aromas?

Mika Perry: No.

Russ Perry: No, okay. Like we should take a break every month or so, like to reset our noses?

Mika Perry: Like smell coffee, like coffee beans to reset your-

Russ Perry: I don’t know, I’m just thinking like when you … Say like you work in a restaurant and you smell like the restaurant but you don’t notice you smell because you get used to it. What if you’re just having to do more, and more, and more because we’re-

Mika Perry: Like I’m building a tolerance?

Russ Perry: Yeah, you’re building a scent tolerance-

Mika Perry: Oh no. How do we figure that out?

Russ Perry: I don’t know.

Mika Perry: Have a third party come and assess?

Russ Perry: I think you should go to WebMD.

Mika Perry: Oh no, no, no, no. Okay, well until my scent goes away completely, is blasted away, I’ll be using these in my shower.

Russ Perry: All right. Well, the other thing is I actually my nose I have a deviated septum I learned from the dentist and so like it’s hard for me to breathe and smell. I don’t smell much.
Anyway, what am I reading? I actually just finished a book by two really kind of entrepreneurial heroes of mine it’s called, It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work by Jason Fried and D. H. Hansson. I don’t know how to pronounce his last name. These are the guys who founded their company, Basecamp, which is a project management software. They’re like crazy, crazy successful but also successful in a very humble way. They’ve been doing this for 15 plus years like they’re not interested in VC capital. They’re the antithesis of every startup story you hear. They’re all about growing slow, having just a healthy culture, being profitable, doing things the slow and steady way. This book it just kind of, it was hard to read because they’re like crazy big and profitable, so it’s super easy to be like, “Have no agenda to your day, just do what you like,” when like your company is cranking out millions of dollars of profit a year.
But, on the other hand, they’re kind of right. I don’t think they’ve adopted this in the latter years of their success. I think a lot of this has been because … Their success has been because of these principles. One of the biggest takeaways I got from this book is I’m rewriting personally our entire company manual to leverage a lot of these principles.

Mika Perry: Really?

Russ Perry: Yeah, so I’m excited to do that for the new year and roll that out. What am I listening to? I’m still listening to The Greatest Showman soundtrack. It’s so good, guys. Go listen to it. Seriously, Hugh Jackman is amazing.

What am I eating? I did a brief stint with Scratch Culinary, which was a catering company although they are now focused on Phoenix-area meal prep. Their meals were awesome, really a big fan. Oddly, I’m not using them. I’m switching to a different one called Trifecta, which is a little more dialed into like being able to customize the macros, but I loved the meals. They were so delicious, they were so good. They were affordable, they were under like 10 bucks each. I think they were like $8, which for prep meals is a really good deal. Actually, I’ve had two events catered by them and by the owners. I think that was a lesser profitable part of their business, but if you’re in the Phoenix area and you’re looking for really healthy, fast, good customer service, for prepped meals go check out Scratch Culinary.

Mika Perry: And they deliver it.

Russ Perry: Yep, they deliver it twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays, so it’s super fresh. I am loving Halloween weather, which like I’ll tell you what, everyone, living in Arizona October is kind of a weird month. You’ve had sweaty hot Halloweens, and you’ve had, “We’re gonna wear a sweater,” Halloweens. But, it was windy and it was kind of cool this morning and it’s just a great time to be here. I think another reason why I like it is because it’s the month that you and I started daring was the October time frame, so-

Mika Perry: Brings back good memories.

Russ Perry: Yeah, like watching football. What’s going on in the NFL today?

Mika Perry: Who knows.

Russ Perry: I don’t even watch football anymore, it was causing too much stress in my life.

Mika Perry: Yeah, we loved watching football together, but … Maybe we can bring that back.

Russ Perry: Maybe.

Mika Perry: Maybe. Probably not.

Russ Perry: I like podcasting better. All right. So, let’s get into it. So, we’re gonna kick off this episode on staycation. If you haven’t listened to a couple of the past episodes on why we like travel so much, go to our website and you can check it out. It’s a core value of ours simply because it really challenges us in a lot of ways. We’re fortunate to be able to travel, but we don’t just travel to have a pretty view and sip on sparkling Topo Chico all day long. We travel to get out of our comfort zones; we travel to give our children new experiences, but you don’t have to leave town to do that. So, I don’t say we’ve invented the staycation, it’s kind of a pop culture term, but we have embedded the staycation into part of our traditions, especially around the new year.

Mika Perry: Yep, and part of the reason why we love to travel, you didn’t mention, is just time together away from the house, away from your daily routines, and so that you can focus the attention inward into your family. So, we’re huge fans of staycations. If you don’t know what a staycation is it means that you don’t go on a trip outside of your town, or your state, or your country. You don’t travel far, you stay for your vacation in your town.

Russ Perry: Let’s get specific. We live in Scottsdale. Is going to Tucson a staycation?

Mika Perry: We haven’t done it so no.

Russ Perry: Yeah, we went to the Ritz Carlton.

Mika Perry: Oh, yes. Yeah.

Russ Perry: How far away does it become a vacation versus staycation?

Mika Perry: I think if you have to go on a long road trip or a flight. If you have to take a fight, no.

Russ Perry: So, we’re gonna go on record and say if it’s under an hour and a half-ish:, under two hours.

Mika Perry: And the thing is, Tucson for us is we grew up in Tucson so it is home in a sense for us that’s why.

Russ Perry: Well, I think the point here is that it’s not a big ordeal to get there and you could do it in like a morning so, you’re right. I think anything longer than two hours you’re now into a vacation trip mode; anything under that you’re … Like staying in your region is ideal.

Mika Perry: Yes.

Russ Perry: So, that’s item number one. Item number two is it’s the whole family, so I think that’s another thing. You bring the whole family. It’s a way, as Mika said, to get out and away but you’re doing it, and you’re experiencing something together.

Mika Perry: Exactly. Now, we are super lucky to live in Scottsdale where we have amazing resorts. In the springtime especially, and even the fall like right now, rates are really high because it’s a beautiful place to be. In the springtime we have spring training, we have the big Phoenix Open here. We’ve had Super Bowls come here. It’s very busy around that time, but there’s a lot of great places to stay here, so we take advantage of it. We have golf properties, spa properties, great places with lots of pool facilities, really fun. A lot of people here, and the resorts know this because they market it this way, in the summertime nobody comes here because it’s so hot. But, for those that are local, and we’re here, they have lots of great rates and offers for the locals to experience a staycation. So, if you’re here locally, summertime I think you’re familiar with the idea of a staycation. You can even do it in the winter, in the spring, fall. For us, we do it in January.

Russ Perry: So that brings us to kind of what our plans are for the staycation. Now, we will ad hoc do one here and there, but we traditionally have done one now for the last four or five years? …

Mika Perry: Five years.

Russ Perry: … here in Arizona. We do it in January. We do it the last week of winter break, so it’s after New Years but before the kids go back to school, and we do it during the week. This is like the master hack of room rates because you do it like a Tuesday through Thursday staycation at a hotel right after New Years you’re gonna be able to get a smoking deal somewhere.

Mika Perry: Yeah, so the kids are off school, so that’s nice. If you work you may have to take that time off, but it’s just a couple of days.

Russ Perry: Right. I like to work between Christmas and New Years because a lot of people aren’t and you get a lot done, and then it allows me to take some time off after New Years, so that’s just a little work/life balance hack that I found, as well. So, we go and it’s super simple. We’ve had different, I guess, agendas for it over the years. Like I remember the first big push we made we were like, “Let’s come up with a family motto. Let’s have a review,” and we evolve that every year. This specific staycation, because it is after the New Year, right after the New Year, we like to use it as a time to reflect with the kids, age appropriately obviously, Page isn’t really tuned into what’s going on. But, we’ve had some cool things come out of it like our one two years ago, or three years ago now, we came up with the family motto-

Mika Perry: No, that was the first one.

Russ Perry: That was the first one?

Mika Perry: Yes.

Russ Perry: Oh my gosh.

Mika Perry: So-

Russ Perry: I’m living in a time warp. I don’t even know what’s going on.

Mika Perry: So, our staycation started with the Big One, which was coming up with our family motto. Maddox was really the only kid at that point. Page wasn’t born yet. Reese was really little. Gosh, thinking about it now I just picture it, but Maddie was the only one that was old enough to even know what that meant, and so we utilized her to brainstorm. We brought poster board, markers, and we brainstormed a few things. One is, what is our family motto? Coming from our marriage counseling one of the big takeaways there was that we did not have family traditions for our family. So one thing that we decided to do was this staycation, and a family motto was something to guide us, like a guiding principle, something that we could kind of like a touchpoint, or a touchstone for us, that we could use. We really wanted our kids to have a hand in it. Again, Maddie was really the only one, so she really took it seriously. We shouted out all the different answers of what we wanted our motto to be. Finally, she decided on this one and it’s called, Perrys to the Top.

Fast forward to two staycations ago, Russ made a surprise gift for all of us, tee shirts that said #PTTT, Perrys to the Top. We use this motto throughout our lives, our daily lives. If something’s happening we say, “all right, remember, Perrys to the Top.” Or if someone does something that we celebrate it’s like, “all right, Perrys to the Top.” We didn’t mean this in a competitive way like we’re always trying to win, it’s just doing your best, and this is just the way that we created a motto to reflect that belief.

Russ Perry: Someone who’s just recently this year climbed a big mountain I think it actually in hindsight was very applicable to life, because getting to the top takes a lot of work, it takes a lot of focus, but it’s never the end of the journey. You just do you’re best. You just make it and even if you don’t get to the top you try to get to the highest point. You try your best to get out there, but you still have to go back down the mountain, and then once you’re done there’s still some other proverbial mountain head. Kudos to Maddox.

Mika Perry: Yeah. We have that, and then so since then the subsequent staycations we have balanced fun with some family goal setting and personal goal settings, too. For example, the last year we did, or this year, I should say in January, I brought markers, crayons, paper, poster boards, and I had them … Since Reese couldn’t write very well and Page could just scribble, Maddie loves art, I had them draw their highlights of the past year. What did you love about 2017? On the flip side of that page, we wrote down and drew what you wanted to accomplish in the coming year.
What I really loved about this year is that we took those goals and then in the summertime we did kind of like a reflecting on the second half of the year and used what we came up with then to reflect on the rest of the year. So, it’s not like a one and done thing, which I think is the biggest mistake of any goal setting is you set it and you’re like, “All right,” and you don’t regularly check in on those. So, I think as a family and personally, we’re constantly improving on that reflection process of all the goals that we set. And we want to transfer that onto our kids as a skill set, as a tool that they have in their life.

Russ Perry: All right. So, let’s teach our listeners how to put on the perfect staycation. I think we have some ideas on this one.

Mika Perry: Well first, let’s talk about the location, picking a place. For this coming year we actually just had the conversation last night, so we’re recording this in October. We do our staycation in January, and we said, “Okay, where do you want to do it for this coming January? We’re gonna do it at the same place as the last two years. It’s the Hyatt Regency in Scottsdale. The reasons for this are many, but they have great offerings. It also solidifies that feeling of tradition, going back to the same place, especially in the kids’ minds. So this will be our third, but last year was our second time returning to it. Previous years we had selected different hotels.

Russ Perry: Kind of bounced around.

Mika Perry: Bounced around. But last year they were like, “Oh, that place with the cool bird show.” They do this like Eagle/Hawk crazy show.

Russ Perry: Birds of Prey show and it’s-

Mika Perry: Officially. So they have that. They also have gondolas so we went on the gondola ride, so they had things that they could look forward to that they remembered. So, location wise, you can totally hop around and try new places, but I would highly suggest maybe finding your favorite and then from then on sticking to it if you want to do some sort of regular traditional annual-

Russ Perry: Another reason, specifically with the Hyatt, is I actually found that through work and regular travel I could stay at a few Hyatts through the year and actually get almost enough points, if not all points, to use for the rooms for the stay. So, picking a name-brand hotel and also kind of keeping that in the back of your mind through the year, you can almost pay for your staycation, because you can cash in those points. That’s what we do now is we use our Hyatt points. I’m not like a crazy hotel point guy, but I find that it’s easy to, “Oh, hey, I’m going on this trip. I’ll just choose a Hyatt.: They’re everywhere. It’s a big company, a big brand, and then knowing that “Hey, in January that’s for sure gonna be a Hyatt.”

Whatever you pick, like Mika was saying, one of the cool things about a lot of hotels is they have kids programs, they have seasonal activities, they have all sorts of stuff. We pick January because that’s an offseason, but you may pick July, or you may pick another time of the year that is kind of the low season, or the low point of time. Whatever you do, keep an eye out for what other offerings they have inside the hotel and then commit to it. We dated around a little bit.

Mika Perry: We dated around.

Russ Perry: Till we found it.

Mika Perry: So, one tip is if you’re looking for that place, sign up for some of those websites’ email notifications. Go on their Social Media; they may have some deals that they only offer there, to try to find some deals. The cool thing about a staycation is that you save a lot on the transportation aspect of a vacation. You’re not booking flights for everyone, so right then and there you’re already saving a ton for just the hotel experience. So, that can take you certain different ways. You can invest more into it and have a little bit more in your whole overall hotel experience. Maybe go to that hotel that you wouldn’t typically go to, you know the nicer one. Or, you can then even further make it a super budget vacation for your family because you’re not flying anywhere and pick a place that fits for your budget and go all out and enjoy it.

One tip I have is, some hotels have like a club level, Hyatt does. Totally recommend the extra little investment in that because what’s great is for kids they have a great buffet situation throughout the day, because as you know, kids get hungry at random times, or they’re picky about food. This is nice because you go in, it’s well designed where it’s big. You can comfortably sit as a family and they can pick and choose what they want with ease.

Russ Perry: Right, and it’s only with, I think, the bigger brands. I know a lot of business traveler hotels have like very well stocked markets and food options that are easily accessible, and then there are the hotels that have a continental breakfast buffet. I’ve stayed at my fair share of those. What I like about the hotels with this club lounge is I think it’s like $20-30 a person and that includes the meals, it includes an area that’s kind of quiet, but it’s also cool for the kids, like they like this sort of VIP special, they can go in and get a water, or an apple, or ice cream at 2 in the afternoon, or whatever, and it’s fun for them to have this buffet that they just have access to.

Mika Perry: So, as a time-saving tip you can pack snacks for your staycation, because remember you’re driving, so you could pack a cooler and bag with some snacks from home, or instead of investing your time and effort into that just do the club level and you have all the fruits, and snacks, and crackers, and drinks there for you and your family.
Okay, another tip is that we really like to do two nights. One night is too fast. You’re unpacking, going to bed, packing again and leaving. So, we highly suggest, if you can, do two nights, maybe even three. I do not think you need to do more than three, though.

Russ Perry: You don’t need to do three, because you can usually get their pretty early in the day and start your staycation activities prior to room check-in, so you can leave in the morning, get there mid-morning and have a whole day where normally at a hotel you’re not getting there until 2 or 3, or later. So, this actually gives you more time in two days. Three days you just get bored of everyone. You don’t want to do three nights.

Mika Perry: So, we found two is the magical number. Also, we get two rooms. So, we’re a family of five. We have three kids, and we invest in two rooms that are typically adjoining or at least on the same floor. We do this pretty much anytime we travel now. We’ve gotten questions on it and we’ve brought it up in past episodes here, but that gives space for your little ones to nap, but you still have a space that you can share with your older kids, or yourself as a couple. Do the goal-setting in that room, and have a sleeping room. So, when we hang out we’re always in our room, mom and dad’s room, and then sleep time is in the kid’s room.

Russ Perry: I’ve done a ton of research on this just a quick tip. Two rooms are usually always cheaper than a suite, just not all hotels have a good two-room set up. So, because our kids are a tiny bit older we could have say two rooms that aren’t adjoining, but if you had really young kids you wouldn’t want to do that, and then I guess a suite would be your option.

Mika Perry: So, depending on your kids’ age level. So, invest in giving yourself a little bit more space. You’ll just be happier.

Russ Perry: So, I mentioned points, and actually I do take it back. I said I don’t accrue points for hotels but I do accrue American Express points. We have a personal card and a business card for Design Pickle. This is easy to use with transferring points to hotels, and like Mika said earlier this just furthers the way you want to make your dollar go. Do you want to have a very affordable staycation, you’re not flying somewhere, and you’re using points for hotels. Over a years’ time, you can easily accrue a couple nights for a couple rooms.

Alternatively, you can spend that money on extra experiences, whether that is things at the hotel, or eating out, things like that. Things you normally wouldn’t do. Like, I always think it’s fun for us to go do a fancy dinner one of the nights with the kids, even though it’s been chaotic to do it, because we are saving a lot of money on the staycation.

Now, the other thing about the tradition that I want to say is make sure it’s a place that you really feel it, like I feel that hotels the staff make a huge difference, and finding a staff that connects with families, you’re gonna sense that right when you get there. A couple of hotels we did there really wasn’t that vibe. We did the Valley Ho here in Arizona. We did one of the Indian Casino ones.

Mika Perry: The Sheraton Wild Horse Pass.

Russ Perry: Wild Horse Pass, and it wasn’t until we got to this Hyatt Regency that it was like, “How’s it going? Oh, hey,” talking to the kids, and that really makes a big difference, too.

Mika Perry: I want to mention some other properties that we’ve stayed at, not a staycation, but in other states that if you’re lucky to be there we love the Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons. They both have an amazing kid program. Also, the Fairmont Scottsdale. They have a kids club, too, so those three brands we really like. Obviously, higher end but, again, if you are in the city that those are located in those are also great ones, too. You might want to look into.

Russ Perry: I’ve stayed at other Hyatt Regencies and I think Hyatt Regency is a great brand, as well. The other idea and tip here is stay on premise. So, once you get to the hotel don’t be going off-site. This is not a time to sightsee your own town. This is a time to stay together, to stay focused. Again, finding a hotel that has enough to do probably is an important thing. A small urban hotel like in the city with a rooftop garden and that’s it isn’t gonna necessarily help you. But, pools that are heated, if they’re heated in the winter, there’s kids activities, gyms, even kids care. Yes, we’ve put our kids in a kids program for a couple hours in the morning during our staycation just so that we can get ready for the day, and it’s fun for them, too. They’re experiencing something new.

Mika Perry: Reese talks about it still and loves it, because they do fun crafts. She enjoys it.

Russ Perry: Oh, it’s totally focused. Then, a couple other tips here is get room service, like have fun with room service. I was so against room service for a long time. I don’t know why. I think my mom brainwashed me about how ridiculously priced it is, and it is ridiculously priced. But, it is so fun to get room service with the family, and it’s so fun to have the kids order whatever they want and get two desserts, and …

Mika Perry: Eat in bed.

Russ Perry: … watch a movie. Last year is when I first watched the movie Trolls. I was changed. It was such a good movie. I think my final tip for a really great staycation is clean your house before you go. Make sure your house is nice and clean because coming back after that high and then coming back to a nice, tidy house is like awesome. You don’t want to come home to a bomb of a home. Even if, husbands, you want to like surprise your wife and pay for a cleaner while you guys are gone, that’s an even bonus surprise, which I do every time.
So, that’s it. I mean, I think when you find your flow with a staycation, whether that’s seasonally or on the fly, it can honestly become a very, very cool part of any family tradition, that can meet any type of budget and any environment. It’s something that I remember doing with my mom. We would always come up to Phoenix during the summers and stay at the Mountain Shadows, which is now a totally revamped posh hotel, and it wasn’t back then. Now we’re passing that tradition along to our kids.

Mika Perry: Should I mention one staycation I did, though, with just one kid?

Russ Perry: Ooh, yeah.

Mika Perry: That’s another tip is take just one kid on a staycation. This kind of like a sidebar, but since we’re on the topic, I did take Reese on a solo staycation one time just for one night, I think. So, it was just she and I so we just did one night, and I did that in the middle of the year where I felt like Reese and I were like conflicting with each other.

Russ Perry: It was during the yelling phases.

Mika Perry: Yelling phase, and that was not a good phase, and I realized we needed to spend quality time outside of the day-to-day and connect and reconnect. So, I loved it and we had so much fun. The reason I thought of that is because it was at Mountain Shadows. Because it was just her and I we had plenty to do there. We got a nice breakfast, went to the pool. She had a great time. That’s something I suggest you thinking if you have especially more than one kid, to have that one-on-one time with each kid. It’s a little bit of a splurge maybe, but really totally worth it.

Russ Perry: Right, and you only need a night for that, so you can break that up.
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