Episode #30: Improving Your Sleep Hygiene

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Today’s podcast is about something we all do every day. We’re talking about sleep, and what you can actively do to improve your own sleep hygiene.

Today, Russ and Mika are addressing something that everyone does, and we all spend a third of our lives doing it.

This week’s podcast is all about sleep. In particular, this conversation chronicles their own unique journey with sleep.

In the past, the two of them were very bad sleepers, but over the years they have made significant changes to the way that they approach sleep, and on today’s episode you will hear all about those changes.

You’ll also hear about some of their sleep routines, as well as their favorite sleep related-items, and tips for getting your best sleep.


In this episode, you will learn:

• What it means to have good “sleep hygiene”.
• The types of things that can have a negative impact on our sleep.
• The practical things that we have done to improve our sleep hygiene.
• Why you need to create the ideal environment for sleep.


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