Episode #20: Time Management and Productivity Hacks

On today’s episode, we are sharing some of our favorite strategies for maximizing your time and productivity.  On today’s podcast, Russ and Mika are tackling a topic that almost everyone wants to know more about: time management and productivity, You’ll hear some of the techniques and hacks that have been helpful for them as...

On today’s podcast, Russ and Mika are tackling a topic that almost everyone wants to know more about: time management and productivity,

You’ll hear some of the techniques and hacks that have been helpful for them as they try to make better use of their time.

This episode is all about creating more balance in your life by planning, scheduling and setting yourself up for success.

In this episode, you will learn:

• Why time is our greatest resource.
• How real time management comes from making a plan.
• Five strategies Russ uses to maximize his time and productivity.
• How nutrition, sleep, and meditation can affect your productivity.

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– Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of Good to Be Home. My name is Russ Perry.

– And I am Mika Perry.

– And we’re excited to be back today. We’re actually tackling a topic which I think every single person wants to know more about. I know I do and Mika, you bring it up a lot and Mika this topic is

– Time management hacks and productivity tips. There’s a reason why there’s so many blog episodes, books, everyone’s talking about it because it’s a challenge.

– Right.

– So we want to share what’s been helpful for us in regards to time management and productivity. We thought about splitting the two but really they’re very related. So we’re gonna take turns sharing or Russ, you’re gonna go first. Give us all your good tips and hacks and I think yours might be a little more business related whereas mine might involve a little bit more of the home, that’s just kind of naturally how we divide. So really excited to bring those to you today.

– Awesome. And I think because if you’re managing your time well, you will be productive, it’s like the end result. But before we get there, as you know every single episode

– What a ramp up.

– I sound like a radio announcer. We have our reading, listening, eating and loving list. This is something we do every week and I highly encourage you to go to our website, and get our full list. Just pop in your email, you can get access to it, including the links and everything we’ve put in there. So Mika, you normally always kick us off on this. What are you reading, listening, eating and loving this week?

– Alright, for reading, I’m reading the blog posts on the website Who, What Where? You might recognize this brand because they have a clothing label at Target but they are a Instagram and blog that share all about fashion. And I am reading it to bring back a little bit of awareness of what’s happening in the fashion world as far as, they’re very specific. The blogs are like, the one hat Instagramers are going crazy over and the three bags you need this fall. And I am not huge on trends. I’m much more like let’s stick to the classics and basics, it’s much more simple to live that way. However, I don’t want to be totally behind. Actually I used to be really into fashion and I wanted to be a fashion designer. I actually went to FIT in New York to go tour because that’s where I wanted to go to college. Anyway, I wanted to be a little bit aware and I’ve been reading those. I’m a little bit like right now, I’m over the ’90s trend that’s happening and I’m just gonna leave it as I just want some new trends to come. Why are we keeping on reflecting on the ’80s and ’90s and the 2000s? Can we come up with some new trends?

– Right, I have a question.

– Yeah.

– What’s the new black?

– Black.

– Oh, blacks’ the new black. ‘Cause you know they always say blank’s the new black.

– But really, you can’t, it’s everyone’s trying to be the new black. But you know there was millennial pink, right now I think mustard, rust, that fall color is really in. Who knows? They know what they’re talking about so go to Who, What, Where. Listening, Maddie and I were just in the car this morning and we were playing a thing called Song Pop. It’s an app that she was playing and I was like, what are you doing over there? And she was playing it by herself. And you have to guess, it goes by the year, have you heard of it?

– I played five rounds with her last night.

– Oh you did? Okay, so I was like, let me get in on there ’cause she was like, oh these are songs from 2008. I was like you were three years old, let me jump in here. So that was fun. Eating, I made coconut rice last night. So I just made straight up jasmine rice and added some full fat coconut milk, canned coconut milk and it was really good because the dinner I came up with was a little bit tropical leaning ’cause I made mango salsa. So that’s an easy way to just spice up some rice. Loving, random, but I get gel nail polish and the place I go to I get the brand CND and I have on right now a color called Romantique and I really love it so I wanted to share it with you guys. I’m always wearing neutral colors on my toes. For my pedicure right now, I have OPI Funny Bunny. So if you’re a girl listening to this, maybe you know these colors but just wanted to share with you. So I get gel on my nails, regular pedicure, CND’s great.

– We’ll post pictures of Mika’s hands and feet on the blog so you guys can check it out. Right Mika?

– Mmm.

– Anyway, so what I’m reading, I just finished this book by Gary Taubes who actually wrote the book Good Calorie, Bad Calorie and it’s his follow up book called Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It. Basically it’s a lot of science to say don’t eat sugar and carbohydrates, that the reason we biochemically gain weight is because our body naturally will burn fat pretty easily but if we have too much sugar in our body it never gets to that point. So this is really kind of a bummer thing to read. I finished it last night which I’ll tell you why it was a bummer here in a minute when I get to what I’m eating. It’s a good book though, I recommend it. What I’m listening to was this past week I went to Andrew W. K who is an incredible musician and I was listening to his album all week and after. I even got his autograph on my jacket which was cool. So I’m really a big fan of him. He’s, I wouldn’t say he’s an older band but he’s definitely, the crowd there was not very young.

– He’s been around for awhile.

– He’s been around for awhile and he has the hit singles Party Hard, Party Till You Puke, We Love to Party, Long Live the Party. So you can see he’s very good at branding and committing to a style.

– And you know what, one of those songs is in our wedding video. Remember?

– That’s right.

– In the reception part.

– That’s We Want Fun, that’s the song. So what am I eating? I made yesterday morning before I finished and read the book Why We Get Fat some incredible homemade biscuits that I was really proud of and I enjoyed. There was lots of carbohydrates and sugar and stuff in them. And so later in the night as I was reading this book I was like so bummed out about my meal decisions in the morning.

– But it was such a good decision, it was so good. You guys, it was so sweet. So Maddie had three girlfriends over for a sleepover. And so in the morning, I woke up and Russ is making homemade biscuits cut out with heart shaped cookie cutters and they were so good. It was like the most domestic thing I’ve ever seen you do.

– It was easy too. We should post the recipe because I think it was four or five ingredients. It took five minutes to mix up and 15 minutes in the oven and it was literally the best biscuits I’ve had.

– They really were.

– Oh and then you made fig jam butter and strawberry jam butter. Russ went full Martha Stewart over here.

– It was nice. I just wanted to be nice for Maddie’s friends.

– You’re such a good dad.

– And Mika recommended this one actually for what I’m loving. It’s my friend Nick Long who’s currently in our house right now downstairs running a mastermind call. Me and him are headed out to run one of my consulting events and he and I are flying out together. And so he came here this morning from California. But guys, if you don’t know Nick Long, you need to go check out his podcast, The Next 90 with Nick. I think I’ve mentioned it before but he is an all around great family man, great husband, great dad, killer businessman, funny, funny dude. There’s probably been more cuss words in our house in the last hour than ever before, ever.

– Yes, I’m like, Nick, Maddie’s here.

– So he’s unfiltered in every way but that’s why we love him.

– Cool and I think people should know that the way that you and Nick met is you went to the same Warrior Week.

– Yep, we went to my very first Warrior experience was with Nick in the September of 2015 and we’ve been best buds ever since. So just goes to show that Warrior helps you find new friends too if that’s what you’re needing. Alright, I’m excited for this topic about productivity, about just being efficient with your time. One other thing I wanted to add before we get into the tips is why it matters. Because I think a lot of people could be like, look, live your life, chill, don’t stress about this stuff.

– Don’t be too busy.

– Don’t be too busy. So let’s just start with a quick pitch on why does it matter to you and why does it matter to me and then we’ll go into the tips.

– You start.

– Okay, I’ll start. I really think it matters simply because time is literally the only limited resource we have on this Earth, truly. There’s enough money out there, there’s enough people, there’s enough everything that you could ever have except for time. And I honestly feel like it’s kind of in a spiritual metaphysical way kind of being like FU to our creator that we don’t use it wisely. He’s given us this gift, he’s given us this opportunity, to sit around or to waste it is literally like burning money or burning a resource. It’s a gift, it literally is. And so I think it’s like being a good steward of the life we have to take care of ourselves, to be productive, to create and to make an impact in this world. You should’ve seen Mika’s face when I said FU to our creator. She had no idea where I was going with that.

– What?

– I see what you’re saying. It’s being respectful of the life that we’ve been given and we all have 24 hours in a day. For me, several things come to mind. One is that personally for me, I am happier when I am busy with things that I love and I care about and in order to do those things right and in the way that I would hope for that meet my expectations is to be wise with my time. I get fulfillment with doing a lot of things. I can’t just sit around, that’s just who I am. Not saying that I’m just gonna fill it with whatever but I carefully choose the events, the projects, the work, the people that I bring in to those 24 hours and I’m so, I really am blessed and grateful for this. So kind of like what you’re saying, I want to do the best in all those areas and the way to do that is to be careful in managing my time. And we all have goals and things we want to do and the quicker I can do them, the more efficient, the more productive I can be, the more downtime I can give myself, that I can distinctly say, alright, I’ve done the things I need to do, now it’s family time or now it’s just self care time. If I’m not wise in any of those areas and designate hours and minutes of my day, then it’s all gonna blend in together and I’m not gonna do anything very well. I’m not gonna be a good mom, I’m not gonna be a good podcaster, I’m not going to be a good wife, I’m not gonna be a good servant of God. Nothing will go as well. That’s why it’s important to me.

– I think related, productivity could also by synonymous for a plan and when you operate with a plan, your stress is lower, your days are smoother, if something doesn’t go well, it’s easier to course correct because there’s a bit more structure to kind of understand why. And so that’s the other side effect. I think a lot of your feelings that you were describing have to do with the fact that you’re not having to spend a lot of time and energy mentally to think about what it is that needs to happen ’cause you’ve already set your plan up for it. Make sense?

– Yeah, I agree.

– Okay, so speaking of plans, let’s get into my tips. So I have five things and I’m gonna share first and I’m gonna share in the order that I feel like this really matters to people. I have a plan for my productivity time share here. So my day or week starts on Sunday and I do something inside of Warrior called General’s 10. Now whether you do it inside of Warrior or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s basically just reviewing the week. You review the past week, you look at what worked, you look at what didn’t, how did your plan go. So maybe you had an awesome week and everything went as planned. Maybe it was crazy and a kid got sick or something happened. And then I look ahead at the next week and I decide a couple things. First of all, what does my week look like? I review my calendar, which I’ll get to in a minute, and I also pick one thing called the One Door that is like, if I only accomplish this one thing, then I can call this week a success. And if you think about this, if I do this every week, that’s 52 awesome things that I get done every single year, big things. This isn’t taking the trash out. We’re talking about something that could take me a couple days to do, usually related to business or maybe, this week, it’s my consulting experience, it’s to execute that really effectively. So I pick that one thing and then I break that one thing down into four parts. So these are called, it’s the one door actually, it’s what we call it and then these are the four keys to open the door. So it’s like imagine four locks on a door and if you do those four things, that door opens up. So every one door that I have for the week, I have four pieces that I have to do. So really I know, if I do one, two, three, four, then it gets opened.

– Can you give an example of this week, your experience? So what are the four keys?

– So my one door is to deliver an experience unlike anything other to my 10 clients that are coming. So my first key is to delegate and clear out my entire inbox in the week to my team. The second one is to make sure that I get a lot of rest the nights leading up to it because it’s a ton of energy and it’s a ton of drain. The third is to make sure I’m completely unplugged during the experience because I don’t want any distractions. And then the fourth is to make sure that we get all of the men to the graduation experience which is the final day. Not everyone can. It’s like a lot of work to get them there. If I do all four of those things, then I will have delivered a successful consulting experience.

– That’s awesome.

– And everything can be broken down like that. So out of that, then comes my tip number two and this is called time blocking. So when I identify what I want to do and the four parts to it, then I go to my calendar and I say, okay, when am I gonna work on this stuff and I start to put into my calendar blocks of time that are dedicated, a minimum of two hours at a time that I am gonna dedicate to working on my one door. I do this first because all the small stuff, the meetings, the pick ups, the drop offs, the workouts, all those things can eat up our time but I want to make sure that I’m scheduling the important things that I need to work on first. After that’s done, then in my calendar I schedule out all of the other stuff I need to do. When am I going to the gym? What responsibilities do I have at home? What other meetings do I have with my team? And sometimes I just don’t have enough time and that bleeds into the next week. So my team knows that if I don’t have space in my calendar, they can’t meet with me that week and I have to move it out. I only have so much time in the week and I make sure in my calendar visually that’s all blocked off and that’s all scheduled. Now this is a very common strategy for time management in your calendar is just that every time has a plan and a purpose, that’s really the philosophy behind it.

– Like you don’t even have open parts.

– Right.

– Even like ’cause I do the same thing here, this is on my list but you can share on it, but even drive time

– Right, where you need to be.

– When you’re gonna be in the car.

– Dropping Reese off this morning I have in there. So all of that’s in there.

– Yeah like my calendar today is there is no white. There’s no white, there’s color for every minute and hour.

– And sometimes that is eat lunch and relax. You have a plan for it just to know that that’s when you’re supposed to do it. So once that’s done, then every day I wake up and this is an app I have mentioned before, I set my detailed agenda for the day in an app called Effortless. This is a Mac only app, I don’t know if they have a PC version but this app allows you to set basically a micro version, ’cause the week, I do the time blocking on a Sunday. By the time Thursday rolls around, a lot has changed or can change. So I review every day’s plan and then get real specific. ‘Cause I might have something in my calendar that’s just a generic three hours that says create and then in the morning in Effortless, I’ll actually decide what am I gonna use that time block for, what’s important that I need to work on today? So I haven’t been as good about it. I used to publish these agendas on Instagram. I’ve kind of got lazy about it during the travel season. I’ll bring it back, I’ll bring it back. So once the daily plan is done, then I’m off to the races. Now, everyone loves a good to-do list, right Mika?

– Yes.

– Yes. Here’s what I use. I use my email inbox as my to-do list. So I actually will email myself to-dos. Because I don’t need another piece of paper that I don’t have access to or I forgot with to-do lists. So any time I need to do something, meet somebody, call someone, pick up something, I will email it to myself so that I have an email with the subject line as a to-do. Then when I log in to my email which is where I access my to-dos, I have all the to-dos from everybody else, AKA emails of them of things that I need to review or look at. And then I have all the to-dos from myself. So it’s super easy for me in Gmail just to filter a view to see emails that are from Russ Perry to Russ Perry and see my to-do list, very easy, you can save that view. And I like this the best because I don’t have to manage another app for my to-dos. Even shopping lists I just email to myself and it’s in there. When it’s time to go shopping, I get that email and I pull it up.

– And when Russ has a task that he needs me to do or vice versa, you always say, email it to me.

– Right, email it to me.

– And initially I was like, that is so annoying but now I know that that’s the only way to get you to do something is to send you an email. So it’s a reminder.

– And let’s say it’s 12 AM and you are packing for your event and you forget about something that you need someone to help you with the next day. I can email myself, hey, remember to ask so and so about this thing and in the morning, forward them or ask them or whatever. So it really is helpful if you’re a night owl or you’re working odd hours that you won’t forget whatever it is that you’re thinking of. So a very technical tip and how this becomes even easier, is there is a service called If Then Then dot, It’s a bit technical but what you can actually do–

– It makes my head hurt just thinking about that right now.

– So at the end of the day, I have a little button that say Email Russ on my iPhone. I press it, it’s like an app, I press it and then it just comes up with a blank notepad like looking thing and I just type in what I want and a little checkbox and I click it and it sends it to myself. So I actually used If Then Then That plus the iPhone app to create a widget to easily do this. And the reason I do this is because it is so distracting, even if I bring up my email app for one second and I see all the emails from my team and people and clients and all this stuff and then I’m distracted about that. So if it’s midnight and I don’t want to jump into my inbox, I just use this app and it sends it to myself safely, I don’t see anything else, it’s a one way street and then I know it’s in my inbox in the morning.

– I love that you use the inbox because you are in front of your inbox and computer all day long. So it makes sense that you wouldn’t have an external separate app or a piece of paper or a cute little planner but have you used the, I know that they rolled out a pause button on the inbox for at least Gmail, which is what we use. Do you use that?

– No because I use it’s another app, I didn’t include it on my list but since we’re using technical ones, it’s called SaneBox, s-a-n-e-b-o-x, and that has that same functionality. So what Mika’s talking about, if you don’t want to deal with an email right now, you can have it come back to you in a day or two days or three days. So I already use that in a different way.

– But this is like so you don’t get any new ones while you’re working on it.

– Oh pause it–

– Like do not disturb. There’s that now on Gmail.

– Oh, I may look at it.

– So that when you’re in there doing your to-do list, new things aren’t coming in triggering you.

– There used to be an old-school app that had that, like a plugin that was really messed up so I’ll check that out, cool. Thanks Mika for a tip in my tips.

– Oh, you’re welcome.

– So if then then that is really kind of the final five, again, it’s doing my review every Sunday, General’s 10, then time blocking and then the app Effortless for my daily plan, using my email as my to-do list and then a super hacker tip is using if then then that on the iPhone app to create an Email Me widget that just is easy, easy, easy to send stuff. So that’s the frame, that’s how I run 200 plus employees and multiple businesses and a family of four and a lot of things.

– Thanks for sharing, Russ.

– You bet.

– Alright, my turn here. So again, I’m gonna blend in time management and productivity here. I tried separating it but let’s just all talk about it at once. I also do time blocking on my calendar so I won’t get into that. Do you want me to read my calendar for today?

– Sure.

– Why not?

– More than anything.

– Okay, so I don’t have white in here. It’s all blue for my personal things, pink for the girls, yellow for workouts. So I start at five AM. I have meditate, coffee, read social media from five to six AM. I have emails and messages from six to seven as well as laundry from six to 7:30 So that’s going in the background. Also the girls are getting ready, I’m getting them ready during this time but these are just things that I’ve given myself the permission to do it then. It’s not like I’m doing it the whole time from six to seven, that’d be crazy. And then drop off Paige, eight AM, the cello store with Maddox at 8:30, podcast prep and then podcast recording, blog writing, cardio from one to two and then I’m gonna go pick up Reese at two. At that time, I also have scheduled in blue, emails, calls, messages from two to three PM while I sit in the car pick up line and then I pick up Paige at three and then I have laundry again from four to five but then that’s free time for me to hang out with the girls and do homework while laundry again is going on in the background because I have themed out Mondays and Thursdays as my laundry days so that’s why that’s on there. How’s that?

– I love it. Where’s text your husband or like?

– Messages. So six to seven AM, emails and messages and then I can also chat with you between two and three PM, okay?

– Okay, good. I’ll be on a flight then today.

– So anyway, as you can see, we use the calendar as your to-do for the day as well. You didn’t mention this but I know we’ve mentioned this before, wake up early. We only have 24 hours in a day and I know a lot of times it’s like, oh, I wish we had more than 24 hours.

– Which I’ve been sucking at lately.

– Waking up early? But I haven’t, I’ve been good and I set my alarm for five AM because otherwise, I just don’t have enough time alone, awake, focused. So I wake up early and pop in a lot of things then. I mentioned here theming out days of the week. So I find that it helps me mentally to know a flow of a week. So on Mondays and Thursdays, I have laundry. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I do self care like masks or self tanner, exfoliating, things that you can easily forget and realize it’s been two weeks since you’ve done something, I schedule it into my calendar. Friday, we have Friday pizza nights. So that’s an example of a family theme that we have. Sundays are my week start days. So another tip here is I use a thing called a week start checklist on Saturday, Sunday, sometimes it bleeds in to Mondays but this is a printed out list I’ve mentioned before that you can go on my blog and get a printable of this or make your own but it’s a checklist I use every weekend to get started on a week with a bunch of tasks that I do on a weekly basis.

– And that blog is, by the way.

– Yep, Another tip is to find places to do double duty and what I mean by that is like for example, I said I wait in the car pick up line and then I do my emails and phone calls. I have wifi in the car so I bring my laptop and use my phone. But also, you can learn and clean at the same time. So I listen to podcasts. So when I’m doing things like laundry or making dinner, I will listen to a podcast so I can learn some new stuff. Also, when I’m getting my nails done or an appointment like that where I’m just sitting, I will make phone calls. And it doesn’t have to be business phone calls. It can be to family, it can be to friends. These are the things that again, you can easily not find time for in your life and you feel disconnected. Use the time that you’re doing things like running to Target or in the car or getting your nails done to catch up with somebody. A friend of mine, we do the stairs, we try to do that as often as we can. So we can do the stair stepper and catch up so double duty. Real quick, morning and night routines, we have podcast episodes on both on I’ve also done a blog post on those but those are super important to have set morning and night routines because it is just checking off a quick list of things that are gonna make your life roll and flow much better. It’s just good to actually outline them, to write them down. Don’t ideally think of what you should do morning and night and be like, oh yeah, I’m gonna do this. It needs to be clear and defined. I have typed them up before and tacked them next to my bed until I got into the routine. Now I’m in a routine but until you get into that habit.

– That’s the word, that’s the word I was gonna mention is like routines create habits and then when you have a habit, then it’s the most efficient version of yourself.

– That’s when you don’t think about it is when it’s a habit. So for me, my night routine is I don’t even have to think about it, it’s such a habit. Morning can vary because I’m still working on creating certain habits.

– And mornings are just chaotic in general when you have young kids. So I think for anyone listening with younger kids, give yourself a little bit of grace in the morning because it’s at least for now gonna be the hardest time to manage your time and be efficient and do any of this.

– Absolutely. And that is so funny you mentioned that because my next item here on my list is to recognize seasons in life, to give yourself the permission to not be able to do everything you want to. So for an example of this is recognize that you’re busy with little kids. So you may not have as much friend time as you want or recognize that this is a busy season in you and your husband’s life and so you will not get as many date nights or you will not have as much one on one time as you’d like but you know that this is just a phase, this will pass. I think that helps alleviate a lot of the pressure in the whole trying to fit everything into those 24 hours that you have. Really it’s less than 24 hours because you’re sleeping like six to eight hours of that. So you really don’t have a lot of time in the day and I think there’s a lot of guilt that can come with that like trying to jam pack your kid’s schedules. Let this be their dance year, let this be their year for exploring this activity or enrichment. You can’t push that everything onto yourself nor your kids and the people in your family.

– Yeah and you end up being the parent who is now having the opposite effect of planning where you’ve planned so much that instead of having a nice routine plan you’re working through, the plan itself is a mountain you’re having to climb every single day. That’s kind of our Tuesday because Reese is in the company dance team and she has to do a lot of dance classes. But we’re like, okay, we’ll have one crazy day a week and then we made a conscious effort to not have anything on Saturdays. So we literally have all Saturday to be lazy, to go to the pool, to do nothing, to have friends over, whatever it might be so that it can kind of counterbalance that crazy day. But it is a bit addicting to start to make plans and to plan stuff and to commit to things. And we always want to say yes and especially as a parent, we want to give our kids all these experiences but there can be a tipping point where now your time management productivity strategy is causing a lot of stress.

– Yeah, so you as a parent have the responsibility to create your kid’s schedules for them and set the tone for your family. I think it’s been also recognizing that Tuesdays are our busy day. So I have totally run to Chick-Fil-A and grab things and rather than having guilt that I don’t have this prepared dinner at home where we all sit, it’s just like these are our busy days, we’re gonna eat on the go, that’s okay because we have dinner at home the other nights. So giving myself permission to kind of slack off in one area to give an important person or someone in your family the attention and time that they deserve. Does that make sense?

– Yeah totally. It’s just being flexible.

– Yeah, moving along. For productivity, this isn’t really time management but productivity, I feel like your nutrition and supplementation and what you put in your body becomes your energy and therefore the more productive you can be. If you are feeling tired, if you’re feeling like you have headaches and you’re fatigued and you’re sluggish, you’re not gonna be as productive.

– Can I share something from my book that I just read about this?

– Yes.

– Okay, thanks for saying yes. So here’s one of the things I think is very important, it’s very related. So a lot of times when people want to lose weight, they think I’m gonna eat less. But it literally makes you more lethargic because you don’t have the energy. So you’re right. That’s all I’m saying. I’m just proving it with science.

– Yeah, I was gonna say that there are a lot of things that you can or cannot eat throughout the day that spike your blood sugar, that help with your cortisol, that adversely affect that. I personally have been taking supplements that I feel have really helped with my energy that there’s Ashwagandha, I think I mentioned it before, I really have felt a difference. Another thing, especially for women with hormones, that can definitely eat at your energy levels throughout the month and something called Vitex, it’s like chaste tree berry or chasteberry tree, I feel like that’s really helped level it out. Sleep and meditation too while we’re on the topic of health, that’s something I’m constantly working on because when I feel like I’ve meditated consistently, I’m sleeping really well, I am much more mentally alert. So alertness, that really helps obviously with your productivity. So carving out time to dedicate focus to those things is worthwhile if you want to be more productive. Another thing that’s really helped me is something that my Coach Deena, a few years ago taught me is to have a master list of all the to-dos that you need to just get out of your head. So when you have anything, we’re not gonna even categorize it, anything, like I need to go buy more San Pellegrino, the girls need to make dentist appointments, I should look into this book, I don’t know, anything, get it out of your head and put it onto a master list wherever that is and that will give you, you’re done, you can think about it later. If you try to think about everything at the same time, it’s just not going to work. So in the past, I used Evernote, which is an app, I used that a lot. So for a while there, I had my master list there. Now I use the Reminders app which I think is one that comes on your phone. And honestly, I could go in and categorize because you can color code and create different lists there. I just have one list that just holds everything. And then when I’m doing my weekly checklist and doing my planner and my calendar, that’s when I can categorize everything. But another tip is I even do this while I’m driving and I voice text things I think of.

– You can do it on your Apple Watch.

– Yeah, so using voice text when you have that thinking time, like oh I need to do this so I pop that in there. And then I think that’s it that I have here.

– Two things I want to come back to, meditation and organization of your lists. First, meditation. I’m too busy to meditate, that’s something a lot of people will say when they’re not meditating. Mika, you’re telling me to meditate, how do I even have the time? Meditation creates time. When you take 20 minutes out of your day to meditate, you gain time and the fundamental reason is that you are working on your ability to focus, you’re working on your ability to master your mind and a lot of productivity is lost throughout the day because of nonsensical thought loops you get into about nothing and you’re standing in the kitchen looking at a magazine thinking about some conversation you had two years ago. And you’re just like, wait, what am I doing? So meditation curbs that and it doesn’t happen immediately, it takes time but it’s a huge investment and it gives you time, I guarantee it, I promise you this. I’ve seen this over and over and over again.

– And I’ve never personally meditated for 20 minutes, just 10 minutes.

– Any amount of time. The only wrong amount of time to meditate is zero minutes. And then the master to-do list, our good friend Chris Ronzio referred to this as cleaning out the garage and actually always references you and how you organize a room and the strategy you use is when you organize a room, you would always take everything out of the shelves, off the bins, out everything, out of the cabinets so you can see what it is. Then you can tackle it. And he literally talks about you and him working together and then he’s like, that’s exactly what that to-do list is. It’s you getting everything out of the nooks and crannies of your brain so you can actually see it and then take a course of action.

– And then organize it when you have the time?

– Whatever then but at least it’s not hidden–

– In your mind.

– And you carrying it mentally.

– Yeah, that’s the thing is carrying it mentally was weighing really heavily on me and I was like, all the things I have to do it’s so crazy but every time I put it down in writing and see it in front of my face, I realize that it’s not as overwhelming as my mind was making it out to be.

– Awesome. Well, I think this might be a shorter episode.

– This is great. It’s so time efficient.

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– We’re there too.

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– Really appreciate it. Well thanks for joining us today, hope you got some good info out of this and we will see you next time.

– Happy time managing.

– Bye.

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