Episode #33: Our “Peaks and Valleys” of 2018 and Plans for 2019

We are returning from our holiday break to share our final podcast of 2018 and to talk about the highs and lows of our year, as well as what’s in store for 2019.  Russ and Mika are back from their holiday break to share their final episode of 2018. 2018 has been a big...

Russ and Mika are back from their holiday break to share their final episode of 2018.

2018 has been a big year for the two of them, as well as this podcast.

On today’s episode, we are recapping that year. We aren’t just talking about the good stuff though. This episode is all about the “Peaks and Valleys”; the good and the bad, and we aren’t shying away from talking about the valleys either.

You’ll also hear a sneak peek at what we have in store for 2019, including some exciting plans for the future of this podcast.


In this episode, you will learn:

• Some of our favorite experiences of the year.
• Our thoughts on the first year of creating this podcast.
• The learning experiences that have helped us grow the most this year.
• What 2019 has in store for us here on the podcast.


Mentioned in this episode:
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The Sober Entrepreneur by Russ Perry
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The New York Times – The Relentlessness of Modern Parenting
The Tony Robbins Podcast – Russel Brand
Beastie Boys Book by Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz
License to Ill by The Beastie Boys
The Science of Success Podcast
Happier Podcast – Gretchen Rubin
The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin
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Russ Perry: I’m Russ Perry.

Mika Perry: And I’m Mika Perry. And you’re listening to Good To Be Home.

Russ Perry: Good To Be Home is a weekly exploration of entrepreneurship, family, marriage, sobriety and how we balance our business and life.

Mika Perry: From our family to yours, thanks for joining us. And welcome to our home.

Russ Perry: Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of Good To Be Home. I’m your co-host Russ Perry.

Mika Perry: And I am Mika Perry.

Russ Perry: And we are back from our holiday break with our final episode of 2018.

Mika Perry: Yes, this is airing on December 31st and we are excited to wrap up this year with you. It’s been a huge year for us. So today we are sharing our peaks and valleys of 2018. And give you a little bit of a glimpse for what we have planned for 2019.

Russ Perry: But not to break tradition, we are diving into our final reading, eating, listening and loving list. Or not in that exact order. Reading, listening, eating and loving list.

Mika Perry: There you go.

Russ Perry: And as always, if you want to get our full list from the year, you just head over to our website, Put in your email and you will get the whole list. I think we should compile it all annually.

Mika Perry: Hmm. Yeah, like end it.

Russ Perry: Here’s the 2018 one and then start a new one for 2019.

Mika Perry: I love that. Okay. We might do that.

Russ Perry: That’s what we’re gonna do.

Mika Perry: Okay.

Russ Perry: All right Mika, take it away.

Mika Perry: All right. For reading, I recently read a newspaper article and this is from the New York Times. So this is a newspaper I was against the delivery of to our home. But now have started to embrace it. And with quality articles such as, Parenting; the Stress, Guilt … and what else? There was another key word associated with parenting but basically it was an overview about the societal perspective and trends in parenting that we’ve gone through over the decades. A lot about the lack of support for parents, for mothers. The guilt that we feel to have our kids in every single activity and enrichment program, so that we can keep our children at the same societal level that we’re at. And one key thing I got from this article, it was saying that parent, the word parent has been a verb only since 1970s. That’s when it came into fashion to use “to parent” as a verb. Until then, the time that parents put into kids was vastly different and we’ve switched it now to where we feel that when we’re not working, we have to be with our kids. And it also talked about how now the Academy of Pediatrics has new guidelines and suggestions. Including, co-watching educational shows with your child.

Russ Perry: I was kind of a weird article. I don’t know. I wasn’t quite sure how I was supposed to feel after reading this article. And the fact that I wasn’t clear if it was suggesting that we’re doing a bad job. Or suggesting that times are tougher and it takes more work to raise kids and insure their success. Or set them best up for success.

Mika Perry: It wasn’t like an op-ed. It wasn’t a biased article. I think it was presenting all the facts, which I liked. And it gave an overview of the different challenges to parents that we are faced in America. And also how that stacks up against the other countries of the world and how they parent. It was just a lot of different facts about parenting that made me think. And at the end it left me feeling like we do too much. I know I’ve referenced before about fragility. How we’re teaching our kids to be too fragile. It’s a very fine line. And I think the thing is, we are all coming to parenting with the right intentions. But that can be skewed by many factors and that’s kinda what’s happening now.

Russ Perry: Yeah, I just think that the world becomes so different every generation that no one ever will figure it out.

Mika Perry: Yeah, that’s true.

Russ Perry: I’ll get into the book I was reading online. A lot of it takes place in the 80s and parents were just like, “Let us go.” And we had no way of getting ahold of them. But then again, their world was a lot smaller, so maybe there was less problems to be had? I don’t know.

Mika Perry: Yeah, it was thought-provoking really, at the end of the day.

Russ Perry: Cool. I’m glad you’re good for reading again.

Mika Perry: Thank you.

Russ Perry: Welcome back.

Mika Perry: I’m gonna touch on reading a little bit further in this episode too, so just wait. All right, listening. I listened to an episode of the Tony Robbins podcast interviewing Russell Brand. I love you Russell, speaking about addiction. And Russell Brand, who has now been sober about 15, 16 years, he has his own podcast. It was kind of interesting because Tony Robbins interviewed Russell on his podcast and then he was a guest on Russell Brand’s podcast. But I listened to this as I was cooking. And that’s just what I do, listen to podcasts about addiction and pain, while I cook.

Russ Perry: Saute garlic.

Mika Perry: Yeah. But it was wonderful. If anyone is interested in addiction. In why people act the way that they do sometimes. It was just really interesting. And I have so much respect for Tony Robbins. He’s been doing this for forty years. I’ve found out that he coached presidents. That’s insane.

Russ Perry: Oh yeah.

Mika Perry: He’s had a hand in history with his work. And his mission is to help people. It really is. You just get this feeling from him that he wants to help people be better. And then Russell Brand. When you look at him, he still looks like he’s partying. But actually, he’s a poet, he’s very articulate. And it has come around from his own addictions with alcohol, drugs, also sex addiction. And is a really … someone I would love to meet someday, or talk to, I don’t know? Maybe I’ll put that out there in the universe.

Russ Perry: Or interview.

Mika Perry: I know, that’s what I mean. Anyway, if you want a new podcast to listen to, I would highly suggest Tony Robbins and Russell Brand.
Eating. This is a weird thing to eat, or refer to as eating but supplements? So let’s just say, I ingest it, so it counts. I like to bend the rules here, with our reading, listening, eating, loving and the supplements are a new routine that I have from my doctor. My naturopath Doctor Smithers. I’ve had a lot of people ask me who I go see. And I’ve referred now several people to her. I really like the practice there. It’s the Chambers Clinic here in Scottsdale. But anyway, really awesome protocol that I’m on right now, for healing thyroid and hormones. I’m liking it so far. There you go.

Russ Perry: I just imagine you, handfuls of supplements in the morning, chowing down.

Mika Perry: Loving, lastly, is Post-its. The reason why I’m really loving Post-its lately is because I implemented, as I mentioned before, in our holiday planning. And I actually have it right here in front of me. You know what? Actually, this reading, listening, eating and loving list is written on a Post-it.

Russ Perry: Meta.

Mika Perry: I’m so meta. But I use Post-its to organize my holiday to-dos and I loved the fact that I could move it around. I moved things over to a “done” side on this notebook I was putting all this on. And I like that you don’t have to erase things. You just move things around. It’s like a really great combination of the act of physically writing things out. And then the flexibility of moving things around like you would in an app, or an online calendar. So that’s my forum for today.

Russ Perry: Strong finish to the year Hon.

Mika Perry: Thank you.

Russ Perry: I really enjoyed it. Also, side note on Russell Brand. I have a little bit of a chip on my shoulder about him. Because we released our books the same month and his did a lot better than mine.

Mika Perry: Really? You don’t say?

Russ Perry: But I do believe my story’s more relatable.

Mika Perry: Yeah, but I think as people you’re probably both relatable and down to earth. You are. But I imagine he is as well.

Russ Perry: Yeah. We should find out and try to track him down. Become friends.

Mika Perry: Let’s try. If anyone listening right now has a connection to Russell Brand, email us.

Russ Perry: Let us know at hello@goodtobehomepodcast. Russell, if you’re listening to this, just reach out. Don’t be intimidated. Now on to my list. So I demolished a book I bought myself for Christmas. The Beastie Boys autobiography. Just called Beastie Boys. And it was amazing. It was 500 pages of short essays from two of the remaining members. If you do remember, may not know, one of their members died a couple of years back. I believe it was with cancer. So the remaining members, Mike D. aka Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz, aka Ad-Rock. They wrote just a hilarious journey of them being teenagers in Brooklyn and trying to figure things out. What blew my mind about this book, a few things blew my mind about this book. They, multiple times throughout the book talked about how most of their time was spent doing nothing. Getting high and drinking and trying to mess around with music and learn things. And they also mentioned multiple times how none of the knowledge of music making was anywhere to be found. You couldn’t go to YouTube to learn things. You couldn’t find things online. This was the late 70s and early 80s.

So the fact that they would go to concerts, not to enjoy the concert but to see someone using a turntable for the first time. How did they do that to learn? Just was a really cool mindset. And also made me feel super lazy. Because now we have everything imaginable at our fingertips. And here these guys were figuring this stuff out. Also wasting a lot of time and still becoming very successful.

Mika Perry: You know I listened to a podcast recently on the science of success, is what it’s called. But it was about productivity and what that means. And also it mentioned the space in between. That’s really important because that’s when your mind can be free to think and learn. And when you back-to-back with maybe too much learning, too many resources, your mind can’t tap into its own potential. Which the Beastie Boys clearly had. They had a ton of talent. And when left to their own devices were able to come up with something brilliant and historical. And that’s maybe a little bit to what that parenting article was talking about. Is give them a little bit of freedom because from that, they tap into who they are.

Russ Perry: Totally. You have to consume information but then you have to create. You have to switch into the other mode. Now they also created with a lot of marijuana, like tons. So I don’t know if that’s part of the trick too? Probably we’ll never find out. But anyway, it’s a fantastic book. It’s short chapters so it’s really a quick read. Lots of hilarious photos. And actually, there was an ad that VW put out, because one of the Beastie Boys members got a VW logo from a car and would wear it around as a gold chain. And that was the emblem. And there was this pandemic of people stealing VW emblems off of cars. And so VW actually put out an ad referencing the Beastie Boys and saying, if your logo has been stolen from your car, contact this number and we’ll send you a replacement. I thought that was pretty hilarious. So what am I listening to? So, of course, in light of the book, I had to put on their first album, License To Ill. Which is just a classic album. 1986 is when that album came out, Beastie Boys album. And my favorite song on the whole album is Paul Revere.

And the intro of that was actually created … They recorded it but it was written by Run, from Run-DMC. Did you know that?

Mika Perry: No. Cool.

Russ Perry: They had a together session. They were on the same label, Def Jam. And they brought them in, Run-DMC to help write and they came up with that intro. So good. Anyway, one of these days you’re gonna be like, “Yeah, I knew that.” Because you’ll dial into some musical vein that you’ve had.

Mika Perry: Someday.

Russ Perry: What am I eating? Well it’s tradition in our family that we have Japanese dinner on Christmas Eve. So recently I had delicious pork katsumio. Which was just awesome, with the side salad and the soup and some rice and tonkatsu sauce. It is just a … I refer to it as Japanese comfort food. And I always remember, Mika, going to visit your family in Tucson when we were dating. And your mom would make this and it was like my first doorway into Japanese food that wasn’t sushi. And that was eye-opening for me.

Mika Perry: Yeah, sushi’s just a small, small fraction.

Russ Perry: Exactly. So we had that, it was really delicious. We got it from a place here in Scottsdale called Hiro Sushi. Which is a really small and good place that we go to. And what am I loving? I love the 2019 planning process. I love it. I’m so excited. Like this is better than Christmas for me.

Mika Perry: Okay, you know what? So I, for the first time this year, have been just as excited for New Years, as Christmas. Because of the freshness and the excitement and all the things coming up. Now Christmas I love and adore for the typical things but then also, it’s a religious holiday that I believe in. So that’s important to me. But personally, I feel like I am going more of a New Years vibe. And tapping into my Japanese roots, that’s actually very important, it’s a-

Russ Perry: Bigger holiday.

Mika Perry: Yeah, it’s a big holiday. So yeah, I share that love with you.

Russ Perry: And no one really buys me presents anymore, so I look at 2019 as my present to myself. The whole year.

Mika Perry: The whole year.

Russ Perry: What am I gonna create for myself?

Mika Perry: I love that. Well I think that’s a really good segue into this week’s episode. So we mentioned sharing our peaks and valleys, so we want to share with you kind of a review of this year. We’ve done a lot. We’ve had a lot happen. And we’re very open in sharing things that didn’t work for us. Because we find that to be a huge lesson piece for us.

Russ Perry: Now, the term peaks and valleys was actually taught to me from my friend Jess Dubley, who had a friend of a friend that they did this in their family. And every night, they sit down with their family for dinner and they share around the table, what was your peak. What was your best part of the day. And what was your valley? What was the lowest part of the day. Not good or bad, just the peaks and valleys. And so for years now, long time. All of our kids know this. Even Paige, at the age of three, participates. And we do this every night we sit down for dinner. So this is the annualized version of peaks and valleys. A nightly Perry tradition.

Mika Perry: Yeah, so we’re sharing our family tradition with you and also a reflection of our year. So, would you like to go first?

Russ Perry: I would. We’re gonna start with peaks. The highlights of 2018. Now I actually went in to this holiday season kind of bummed out. I just felt very behind. I felt like I had no peaks. And recently I did a training at Design Pickle, that the first part of planning for the year ahead is to reflect on the year back. And I just felt almost kind of like a jerk. Like a selfish jerk feeling bummed out right now. That I had so many amazing things happen and we got to do so many great stuff and yet here I was, frustrated at my revenue. Frustrated about my training. Frustrated about these things and I’m like, “Don’t be an idiot.” So I recently went through this process and was like, “Wow, what a powerful year.” So the simple peaks, first of all, was our summer in Europe. Hands down, it was stressful, it was crazy, it was fun. We had more mosquitoes, arguably, than we’ve had even since we traveled to a tropical summer destination.

But it was a beautiful experience. I think I really connected at a deeper level with you and our family, in terms of just that. Let’s just go with the flow. Let’s just don’t have plans. Kind of figure things out. Where we gonna eat? I don’t know. Our cellphones don’t work, I’ll meet you at this lunch spot. Okay, great. Gotta work late at night. Have fun. And it was this dance, the whole summer was like this jazz improvisation dance where we were going in and out of things and seeing culture and experiences. And spending time with each of the kids. Even going to Russia and coming back for the World Cup match for Maddox’s birthday. It was just like this packed experience that I really don’t think I appreciated as much during it, as I do now, in hindsight.

Mika Perry: Yeah and I think even our kids didn’t appreciate it until afterwards. Because initially kids focus on the dramatic and the oh it’s so hard things like the mosquitoes and that’s what Reese’ll probably remember forever. But now-

Russ Perry: She did get attacked in the face big-time, by one.

Mika Perry: Yeah. So now Mattie will bring up the lemon pasta that we had. Or Reese would talk about olive oil and I shared many episodes ago, when we were in Italy and were talking about it and the reason that we wanted to bring the kids was because we wanted to have the enriching experience of being part of a culture, including the food. I feel like food is a real huge memory trigger. And the fact that they now have those associations with Italian food makes me so excited.

Russ Perry: Right. And we loosened up as parents too. I mean we had gelato every day at least once.

Mika Perry: Yeah that’s what Reese remembers now. Paige was playing with ice cream and it’s like, “Gelato.” And it’s so cute.

Russ Perry: So another one of my peaks where we’re at right now, is my new office. And I literally was homeless, as far as professional standpoint, for almost half the year. And now to be here in the office. To come and produce and create. Just a huge peak. I cannot imagine where I’ll go in 2019 and I want everyone listening to really, really, really consider the impact of your physical space, as it relates to you as a creator. As it relates to your relationships with your others of your family, your friends. It’s so important and I did not again, kind of this, I didn’t appreciate it until it was gone. Even though we had a much smaller office, like one sixth the size of we currently have. When I was in that office I was so much more clear and focused than when I was working on the road. And so now that we’re back, even though it hasn’t really felt like I’ve been back, with holidays and events and these days off.

The office is the peak. There’s a gym, there’s a podcast studio. There’s four meeting rooms. We can choose any one we want. And I’m excited for that. And then I think really rounding out the year was my biggest and I’d argue my best public speaking engagement that I did. In California at the Warrior Conference, WarriorCon 3. And I was one of the main stage speakers. So there was six of us that were selected, including the head of Warrior, Gar White. And a couple guys from his team. And this was really powerful because I invited my dad. And my dad and I aren’t necessarily super close but he got to see me present and speak. And it was just like a really … I felt closure through that. Because I was at the best I’ve been yet, in that area. And he got to come see me and experience this. And it’s really gonna influence a lot of my decisions, as far as my efforts for next year, as we’ll share a bit later. But it was cool. And they had these CO2 cannons, which is like the Vegas clubs that would shoot gas, cold gas on you. They had guns and I got to speak and then there are these amazing rock star photos that I got to take. So that was just a cool peak.

Mika Perry: Should we go on to my peak and then to your valleys?

Russ Perry: Sure.

Mika Perry: Okay.

Russ Perry: And you know, I think too, in this process it’s okay to be focused on you. I’m so proud of my kids. I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud of everything we’ve done but I also know sometimes, when you try to be like, “Oh, what was the highlight?” You want to focus on things that sound good. But if you’re doing this at home and going through this process at home, do it for yourself. Really connect for the things that matter to you. Like shooting CO2 guns, just a cool thing. Totally a peak.

Mika Perry: Okay, so for me, our podcast. It’s weird that it launched this year because I feel like we’ve been doing it for awhile now, doesn’t it? But I think it’s because it was a seed in our minds for a long time and we made it happen this year. And the thing that I’m really most proud of, in regards to the podcast is not the growth, is not the different topics we’ve covered. It’s the fact that we just jumped in and did it. We just did it. We didn’t know everything there is to know about podcasting. We just decided to buy mics and just do it and launch it. And we have done a lot of planning behind the scenes for it. But as far as hitting record and publish and getting it out there into the world, we just took a leap of faith. And I think it’s brought a lot of great things into our lives and hopefully others. Including you listening here. It’s something I’m super proud of and I am really excited again for that to continue into next year. Definitely our travels. That was a peak for me too. Specifically the Italian trip.

Echoing what you said about the flow of the time there. One thing I was really proud of is that I took a social media break. We created this really cool rhythm to our days there, that we don’t have here. And we had to be very intentional about it. And the fact that we were unplugged, I didn’t have cellphone service the whole time I was there. Wifi was spotty. It really kind of brought us back to the basics and I really enjoyed that. And it was a learning lesson for me in that you can unplug. You can be away and everything will be fine.

Russ Perry: Right. I mean our wifi at our villa had about an eight foot radius. If you were beyond the eight feet, or shall I say three meters, from the router, there was no wifi.

Mika Perry: So I just really enjoyed that and I think it was a wonderful experience. And I definitely also loved the other trips that we took last year. Paige went to like five different countries this past year. And we went all over the place. And another highlight for me was Japan. Because I hadn’t been back to Japan in about seven years and it was really neat to be back with you. So that was a highlight for me. Another peak for me was the fact that I spent the entire year, from January 1st until now, which it’s the last day, is sober. I haven’t drank any alcohol. And it’s been the first time in my life I’ve ever done that. Even when I was pregnant, I never had a calendar year of not drinking. And I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been listening to that Tony Robbins podcast on addiction? I’ve taken in a lot of information about addiction this year and it’s really changed my perspective on it. And it doesn’t matter what you’re addicted to. For me it was removing alcohol from my life. But it’s identifying anything in your life that has negative consequences, plain and simple.

And I think we can all relate to that in some way. And now that as we look forward to 2019, I challenge anyone listening to think about what is causing a negative effect in their life. For me with alcohol, is that it was helping me to check out. And it was making me ignore things. And allowing me to just not be as present. And that’s negative. That’s not the kind of life I wanted to live. And so that’s why I have removed it. And now, I don’t even think about it, at all. I don’t miss it for holidays. I think people have that fear. Of how’s it gonna impact me in my life? And it’s fine.

Russ Perry: Right. I’ll just get up and go.

Mika Perry: Yeah. And so just like how we launched the podcast, I jumped into sobriety and was like, “This is great. This has been wonderful.” So that was a peak for me. And finally, I am gonna step away from myself and talk about our kids. But I’m very proud of the fact that we had the girls this year, this middle of the year, start three different schools. And I don’t know about you Russ but I was really stressed about that and what that would look like for us. There has been stressful days where we have three different drop-offs and pick-ups when they can’t take the bus, or whatever. But I think we’ve found a good spot for each of our kids. And also I was very happy about the involvement I was able to create for myself, especially in Reese’s school. Last year I felt very disconnected from her school and this year I’m room mom. I like being connected in that way to the teachers and to her and her classmates. And being present for her there.

Russ Perry: Nice.

Mika Perry: So those are my peaks.

Russ Perry: Okay. So valleys. Valleys never are the worst. They can be but when I look back at the year of 2018, my valleys were, I say things I learn the most from. What were the points that I saw, “Okay, this is not working.” Or, “I really need to make a change from this decision, or this commitment.” So the first thing for me was, a few times through the year, to really focus on my own personal growth and training, I really stepped away from Design Pickle. I did that during the summer, when we were in Europe. Just timewise, I was gone. I wasn’t connected a lot. And I made a couple hires, to try to augment my absence as a leader, as a visionary inside the company. And I say that was not the right move. I mean, we’re approaching our four year birthday here in January 2019 and I still feel like it’s our first year, in a lot of ways. So why that was a valley, these premature step-aways is, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that really. I’ve tried a few times over the years and I just think I get overconfident in the company’s maturity and not acknowledging the fact that we’re still a really small company.

And if I’m not heavily involved, it doesn’t matter if it’s me or one of my team members. If that person, including myself, is not heavily involved, that’s a big impact. Negatively, or a big withdraw of something, an energy that I could be putting towards the company. Does that make sense?

Mika Perry: Totally. And I’m nodding my head yes because I get it but I also have a question of “involved”. Does that mean like time involvement and you doing the actual required tasks, or does it mean commitment and investment?

Russ Perry: Well it actually connects to my second valley.

Mika Perry: Okay.

Russ Perry: And I think this is both professionally and personally … Professionally I’ll start there because it’s linked to the first pieces. Specifically not casting a clear vision for where we were going this year. And not holding people accountable to a vision. So part A, here’s where we’re going. Part B, are we on track. And I would ebb and flow in that. I think about half the year I’d be really dialed in to, “Hey, here’s where we’re going. Here’s what we need to be doing.” And then those summer months and kinda comin’ out of the summer, I was really like, “Ah whatever, let’s just get into the office.” That’s the most important thing.

Mika Perry: I think maybe that was the pivotal part in creating this valley for you is the lack of the office. And having this like, “Well when we have an office.” You had this point in time that it’s like, “When that happens, that’s when we’ll be dialed in.” And then anticipation and waiting for that. And then when it finally came and then being like, “Oh no, here we are.” That’s probably a little bit of what created that.

Russ Perry: Yeah and I think as a family we had a strong start to the year and we had an energizing summer being together. But I know that we have our staycation coming up and my valley just I think as consistency inner vision as a family and making sure we’re having regular conversations about how we’re doing, where we’re going, what kind of year we want our family to have. Almost thematically planning that out. And I just don’t feel like I was a consistent enough leader inside the family on that regard too. So both kind of vision deficits, both professionally and personally, on that. And last valley, getting distracted by other businesses in general. Now, a lot of business in my valleys but here’s what that directly affects my personal life. It directly affects my relationship with you. And I got involved in another business, unrelated to Design Pickle that was a huge energy drain. And a huge distraction. And probably my biggest valley out of this was not having a clear operating agreement inside of this other business.

For those of you who are starting businesses or have your own business, here’s my advice on this. An operating agreement is only used when things go wrong. So you gotta make sure that it’s dialed in and really to the point. And even though I’ve been to a decade plus of listening to lawyerspeak and invest in this and do this with the operating agreement. And don’t skip writing a good one. Me and some other people involved in this business decided to kind of skip through that piece. And I can not tell you how many dozens, if not hundreds of hours I have spent cleaning up that mess this year. Trying to get things in order and definitely a valley. Definitely, a valley because energetically I’ve been hijacked through simple mistakes of not setting up another business properly. I mean weekends and nights and trips and travel and all of this energy gone, that I could be pouring to you, I could be pouring to the girls. That I could be pouring to my other businesses that are much more organized. So huge valley there.

Mika Perry: Yeah and this is something that happened within the last month or so.

Russ Perry: About mid-October on. But chipping away even longer than that.

Mika Perry: That’s true. Since it really started. Since that business started. Yeah, I’ve noticed that that was the biggest time and energy suck for you. And you had to deal with it.

Russ Perry: I think in 2019, I’ll go into a lot of details on this. We’re still finalizing some details that I don’t want to get distracted on.

Mika Perry: You legally can’t.

Russ Perry: Legally, yeah. But it just goes to show. Good preparation in any area can avoid so many problems down the road. And I cannot emphasize the importance of making sure you’re prepared for the worst. Especially when it comes to your businesses. Simply because, if things go south, it’ll affect your whole life. Not just your business life but your personal life and you’d want to minimize the impact as much as possible.

Mika Perry: Absolutely.

Russ Perry: With a good operating agreement.

Mika Perry: Well honey, I think it’s awesome that you and I can sit here and talk about these hard things that happened for us. We breeze over it kind of right here, just for the sake of time but it’s really had an effect on us as a family and you and I as husband and wife. But the fact that we know we can change all that. We have the tools within us. We have the confidence and energy to do it. And that we can learn from it. That we are people who can grow and learn from our past mistakes. I love that we’re at that place.

Russ Perry: Yeah. And it really was my mistake too. I blame no one else in that, in any of those areas. All my valleys were all on me. But that also means that I can also solve them and climb out of it.

Mika Perry: Very true.

Russ Perry: Let’s hear yours.

Mika Perry: Okay, so my valleys, I have three really here. One is lack of patience. And what I particularly mean, is lack of patience with myself and also my kids. I’m not including you Russ. I think I’ve been patient with you. Especially as you’ve gone through these challenges yourself in your business, professionally. But especially with the girls. This year I yelled the most I’ve ever yelled in my life. I never used to yell. I just will lose it and I think it ties into my third valley here a little bit. But I recognize that as a fault in me this year. Everyone used to always say I was patient. As a personality trait for me. And I do think at deep down at my core I do have patience. But the stress of time, of doing things the right way. Of kids just being annoying sometimes. Of me being tired. It really created an environment for me to easily give up my patience and succumb to frustration and yelling. And I didn’t like that about myself. So I did mention in a previous episode how I went to … Oh on the parenting, it’s a solo episode I did on like what I did to stop yelling at kids. And actually, the strategies worked.

And I’ve done a lot less. So I’ve improved on that now, at this point in the year but earlier, that was a struggle for me this year, to see myself that way. And I’m gonna continue to be mindful of it because I think there’s no good that can come for your children and their anxiety and their upbringing to be a parent like that for them. So my second valley is not spending enough time in investing in our marriage, you and I Russ, this year. I think it’s an example of those closest to you is one’s sometimes you ignore the most. Because you rely on the fact that they’re gonna be there no matter what you do. And I love that we have that trust and relationship that we’re there for each other no matter what. Nothing will change that. We will love each other forever. However, I certainly took advantage of that I feel like this year, in not honoring your love languages. Part of that was hard because I had things going on in my life and you do have to honor that, because if you’re not whole, you can’t give to someone else.
So I was working on things for myself but in doing that, I feel like I got a little bit self-centered and didn’t think about you as much. So I want to apologize for that, because that was a valley for me this year that I didn’t realize was a valley until I reflected upon this past year.

Russ Perry: Apology accepted.

Mika Perry: Thanks.

Russ Perry: I’m excited for 2019.

Mika Perry: And not to say that we didn’t invest … we went on date nights. We shared with each other on this podcast and off-air and created amazing memories for our family. But especially because of all the stress that you’ve had, personally and professionally, I feel that I could have been a better person for you.

Russ Perry: Well I don’t think you were bad, I just think it’s hard to keep up with the day-to-day and then also make sure we’re carving out time for the additional energy, effort, literal time to do things and invest in each other. And it’s like you go on a time-spending spree all day. Kids, activities, room parent, podcasts, blogs, writing, this and then and then it’s 7:45 at night and the bank account’s empty.

Mika Perry: Yeah, I know I’ve said it to you before is like, I’m sorry that I have no energy left for you today. And I don’t want to be in that place as much as I was this year.

Russ Perry: Well I will happily help you create a strategy around that.

Mika Perry: So anyway, my third valley is one reason why I’ve felt that way, or contributed to that, which was my health. I didn’t go really south this year in my health but at the top of the year was when I first started seeing a naturopath to address symptoms of tiredness and headaches and memory loss. And emotional up and downs I’ve had with my hormones. And it’s the first year that I felt all that and also addressed it in a new way. So it’s been both a peak, because I’m finding answers. But a valley because I’m having to deal with those answers. And to try to solve it. And unfortunately, health doesn’t respond at a snap of your fingers. It takes time to heal yourself. And I think, I don’t know if you’ve been impatient in that? Or I don’t know of how that’s been on your side? Especially with the hormones. I’ve had problems of feeling really up and down with that. So I know that you’re like, “I get it Mika. That that’s like your state at the moment and you are working towards that.” But at the same time you’re like, “Get over it.”

Russ Perry: “Let’s go.”

Mika Perry: “Let’s go.” And I share that frustration. But luckily, I mentioned the supplements and doing all these things that I’ll share more into detail later on with this podcast but anyway, that was hard.

Russ Perry: And let’s not write off mental practice. Meditation, clarity, they’re more often than not, your body’s not gonna feel the way that you want it to feel. Period. You’re going through … and I don’t just mean you, I mean me, you, you the listener, anybody. You’re gonna be tired. You’re gonna be woken up three times a night. You’re gonna have eaten the wrong thing, or you’ve been on the road, or whatever it might be. Often I feel that the challenge is less, “I need this perfectly biosphere system of my body to be working properly.” And more, “I need to be mentally ahead of what the challenges are.” Because getting through that, pushing through that mentally on the other end of it is always going to be a better outcome for it. And that I look at as my biggest growth area for 2019 is … Hey I don’t need to work out more. I don’t need to crunch more supplements. What I need is I need space to work on my head and get clear there. ‘Cause actually, that’s where everything starts and ends, for whatever it is I want to accomplish.

Investments in you, our growth in all of that. And it comes back to that. Do we plan on it. Do I have time for it. So, transitioning in 2019, one thing I will say about the peaks and valleys that just gives you clarity of the path you’ve taken to get to this point today. There’s no right answer. There’s no wrong answer. Babe, I appreciate your vulnerability in that and it means a lot to me. And it’s important that we share those kinds of things because when we look ahead of what we wanna do, if we’re not open and honest about that and where we’re at and what we’ve gone through to get to this point, then it’s gonna be really hard to be in sync to create something together in the future.

Mika Perry: Exactly. And I think that is something we want to encourage to you listening, is be vulnerable, because that is the only way you can grow in a real, true way. And that’s why we talk about these things. Because we want to grow and get more in our lives and we can’t do that lying about where you’re at mentally, physically in your life. Relationships and all that.

Russ Perry: Yeah. Lying is like tough word. People are like, “I would never lie.” But it’s lying about the truth. Lying about how you really feel in fear of conflict or in fear of hurting someone’s feelings. Or holding back might be a better term.

Mika Perry: I think holding back or covering up. Not blatantly lying.

Russ Perry: Softening the blow, if you will. So that’s critical. But then when you get through it, get through it and then let’s move on. Let’s get clear in the future because you only can live in the past so long. Peaks and valleys for our kids are 10 minute or less exercise and then we’re on to what’s coming up in the future. So while it’s important to go through the past and get clear in the present, I think the most exciting part of all of this is okay, what’s on deck? Now where are we headed. So Mika, let’s go through these kinda rapid-fire. I’m sure we’re gonna be talking a lot about our different projects for the year. You have some cool ideas you want to share with our listeners about this podcast specifically. But why don’t you kick us off on kinda what’s ahead for you in your plan for 2019?

Mika Perry: Yeah well, together you and I, we have a date night coming up this week where we’re gonna sit down and talk about our 2019 planning. So this is where we’re gonna set intentions, set some goals. I have the idea, which I got from Gretchen Rubin. If you don’t listen to her podcast Happier, she also has written some books about it. The Four Tendencies. But it’s to choose one word for the year. So in our date night and then also our staycation coming up where we do family goal planning, we have past episodes on just the staycation. If you want to go back into our archives and listen to that, that’ll give you some more info but at these two events, the date night and the staycation, I want to come up with the one-word theme for myself. The two that I have, my top two choices, I haven’t decided which, is read or growth. Read I thought was really good because I want to read more. I want to learn more and I also think by reading, adding that to my life, I can focus better and eliminate other distractions that I would choose otherwise.

For example, scrolling through social media at the end of the night. By choosing read as my word of the year, that’ll encourage me to pick up the book instead of other things that I would do. I say I don’t have time to read but I really do. I just need to create that time for myself. So that I think will be good. And then growth is because there are so many things that I want to grow, including our gardens that we have in our yard. So literally things you want to grow. Our children, our businesses, our podcast, our projects, my muscles. Because fitness-wise I want to build lean muscle again. So those are my two choices that are top of mind. And also, one thing they did was you could come up with one word per month, for the whole twelve months. So you can come up with 12 words for the year. So I think I’m gonna go simple because I’m a fan of simplicity and just choose one word for the year.

Russ Perry: Or you can do every ninety days. Your ninety-day challenges.

Mika Perry: Ninety-day challenges. So that’s something else that we are really excited about for 2019 that we are currently working on and will be implementing and revealing in 2019, which is more Core Four content. And guided experiences for our podcast listeners. And a ninety-day challenge. You’re already doing this within your coaching business and we wanna bring that to a bigger audience. So I’m really excited to have that. And also, one I almost save and was a valley last year, we said we were gonna do a sober challenge, a sobriety challenge. We weren’t able to accomplish that last year. The timing wasn’t right. So 2019 I think is gonna be the first year that we encourage sobriety in a challenge, fun type of way. In relation to the podcast, I actually am really excited because I will be on other people’s podcasts next year. So I’m really excited to announce those. I also have my first speaking engagement next year, in February. Talking about organization and mom life. So that’s something I’m really excited to get into. We are also going to be bringing interviews to our podcast at Good To Be Home. So we’re announcing now, next year we will be bringing a few, selected by us, interviewees to help enrich the content that we’re bringing here. Basically experts in the fields of the topics that we’ve talked about.

Russ Perry: Right. This won’t just be whose on the book circuit. Who’s on 18 different podcasts this week. It’s gonna be the people who’ve influenced us and help us and support us. And the idea is to bring them in and just have a knowledge-fest for you, the listener, beyond the depth that we can provide. We’re like the editors of information and content. These episodes will be like the master class in whatever it might be.

Mika Perry: Yes. I am so excited about this, so stay tuned for that. And finally for me, personally, professionally kinda with what I’m doing is that I will be hopefully launching two new products. I’m not gonna give details on either of those. But I said that I will never do a service-based business ever again. And so I want to go into products and I think that’s gonna happen this year. I know at least one I’m gonna accomplish. And it’s gonna take a lot of time and resources for me to do this. But yeah, I think I’m gonna make it happen in 2019.

Russ Perry: I’m also excited.

Mika Perry: I know you are.

Russ Perry: I kind of deal with service all the time and I’m gonna live vicariously through your product-based business. I’ve failed at a few products in my time. That’s great Babe. I really like that and the outcomes and the ideas and everything that we’re having now, what’s really fun is that this will be conversation that we continue to have. I got kinda clear on mine. I feel that I have a little just more quick bullet points for everyone. But looking at a 2019, really, I like the word idea. I’m gonna work on that too and really try to come up with a word or a theme. I’ll most certainly do it in ninety day increments. This is how my mind works. But the whole arc, the whole plot of next year, is less. That’s my word that I’m putting across everything and I’ll have specifics on that but less. Just less commitment. Less things stretching me. Time commitments, meetings. Less yes, all of that, I’m gonna really bring down. And I feel like I say that all the time. Every time this conversation of the new year and planning comes about. But I’ve done a ton of research and a ton of study on high-performers this year and there is undoubtedly the ability to say no and to really do less is just like their ninjas at it. They’re so amazing.

Mika Perry: What if your word was “No” Or “Nope”? Nope.

Russ Perry: Uh uh. Uh um (negative)

Mika Perry: And here I think that’s great because you’ve never set that as an intention. You’re a go-getter. I always say, “I don’t know how you handle the things you handle in your life for us and still have a smile on your face and not crumble.”

Russ Perry: Maybe I need a little more frowns and a little more nope?

Mika Perry: Nope.

Russ Perry: Okay. Well just be careful. It might happen to you. Nope. But just real practically, we have been on a fantastic growth curve for Design Pickle. Just about doubling every single year. More than doubling for a few of the years. So we’re gonna be entering, completing our fourth year and entering into our fifth and I’d like to see us double again. Helping 5000 clients actively. I want to tackle more peaks. Now I’m talking about literal peaks here. Not just peaks but actual mountains. And I have all the right gear. It’s a phenomenal experience and the more I use this gear, the more value it becomes. So, I’ve climbed one in 2018. Again, another amazing thing I did. I summited Mount Shasta. Which is like, I talked to the park ranger. She said it’s like a 30% chance you’ll be able to summit and we did it on our first go. And I was just blanked on that until I was writing this down but I have a couple trips in mind that I want to go after and challenge myself physically in that way.

I have a target to help one-on-one, a hundred consulting clients. So this is going to be through the Warrior Program. It’s gonna be in a very structured program called Expand. Actually today, we still have options or spots open for our Q1 group. So you can go to . We’ll put it in the show notes. And we are working with 24 … I say we because it’s me, I have a coaching team now. We are bringing in the Design Pickle team to help at certain points. So it’s a really robust program, this Expand program this year. We’re working with 24 people for Q1. So I’m gonna work with 100 people total. I’ll need to figure out how to get four bonus people. Because if I do 24, 24, 24 and 24, that leaves for four more left to get to 100. But I’m excited for that. I’m also excited to have a team around that, to deliver on a really powerful experience. Paid speaking, I also have some speaking engagements coming up. A paid speaking engagement in April. Which I’m really excited about.

Mika Perry: That’s the really big one, right?

Russ Perry: That one’s not big. That one is at the Digital Marketer Conference. Trafficking Conversion. Fingers crossed, I don’t know if it’s official yet but I think by the time this comes out, I will be. But I do have a paid speaking engagement after that. And then kinda my final thing, I could rattle off tons of business numbers but I’ll save our listeners from that. Maybe I’ll do a solo Russ Perry 90 day challenge episode? I want to compose my first song. Like learn how to write music and compose my first song. Why are you laughing?

Mika Perry: I don’t know, I just started laughing. Okay. I’m sorry.

Russ Perry: Remember supporting your husband? Like item value number two?

Mika Perry: Okay. That sounds wonderful Honey. I’m so excited for you.

Russ Perry: I feel I’m a musician at heart and I’ve always struggled with choosing to play drums as a child. I felt like I really missed out on a different path for my life. So the kids are getting … Maddox is into piano. Santa brought a piano this year for Christmas. And I’d like to take advantage of that. And learn and be able to make a song.

Mika Perry: That’s amazing. I love that. Actually, I believe you that you’re a musician at heart because think about how much you talk about the listening portion of your reading, listening, eating, loving on here. And I talk about the eating a lot, because I love food.

Russ Perry: Yeah, you’re reading about eating. I’m reading and listening to music.

Mika Perry: You mentioned some personal things real quick. I want to mention a few ’cause this is Good To Be Home. I think there’s a few home goals. Now this is kinda like the preface. I know we’re gonna talk about our 2019 goals more, after we do the planning I mentioned. The date night and the staycation. So this is kinda like a brainstorm right now that you’re hearing live basically of what 2019. But personally, I mention with my business, because that is personal to me. But in my personal life, prayer, my prayer life, I need to make that more structured. That’s something I felt like was a valley this year. So for 2019, I want to strengthen that. And then to support the projects I have happening and the product development is to finally invest in a team for myself. I didn’t do that this year. I kinda felt like I was a one-woman show all year. We’ve talked about the importance of team building in past episodes and I had done that in the past but this year, I let my team go and I ended up doing everything solo. So this year, I am going to make the money to support a team for myself.

Russ Perry: And I will say, in a loving way, you’re gonna have to learn how to let go a little bit more. Because I’ve tried over the year to help you with team, as an investor in Mika Perry Enterprises and you’re very adamant about not wanting help at times.

Mika Perry: Yes. And I have several reasons why. I believe … well, we’ll get into it another time.

Russ Perry: I have one selfish reason why. More time with you.

Mika Perry: Yeah.

Russ Perry: I would rather you have a team, at the expense of profitability. Less profits for whatever you’re doing, so that you have an abundance of energy for me. Straight up, I’ll be real selfish about it.

Mika Perry: I’m taking that advice and I know that to be true. So I’m gonna implement it for 2019.

Russ Perry: You heard it here first.

Mika Perry: You heard it here first.

Russ Perry: On the Good To Be Home podcast, final edition of 2018.

Mika Perry: And by team, I mean childcare, an assistant.

Russ Perry: What about that person that blow-dries your hair and picks your outfits out?

Mika Perry: That’ll be fun.

Russ Perry: What are they called?

Mika Perry: A stylist?

Russ Perry: Stylist.

Mika Perry: I don’t know if I’m that level yet but we’ll see.

Russ Perry: Hey, act as if.

Mika Perry: That’s true.

Russ Perry: Right?

Mika Perry: Okay.

Russ Perry: Well everyone, thanks for tuning in for this final episode. We’re back and we are gonna have a fantastic 2019 ready for you. I did put on here that I want Good To Be Home to be a Top 100 iTunes podcast.

Mika Perry: I love it. That makes me so excited.

Russ Perry: Yeah. [inaudible] investing in that. So thank you for your trust. Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for your shares, your reviews, your subscribes, all of that. This is real stuff for us. We are often creating weeks before we come on the show, the content for you. But we are committed to this and cannot wait to take you on an exciting … I don’t want to say journey, that kinda sounds like hokey but really is. Like where we go 2019, you’re gonna come along with us and we cannot wait to grow this audience and just dive into you and deliver tons of value.

Mika Perry: We’d love to hear what you have coming up for 2019. If you’re someone that comes up with a word for 2019, or for the year, share that with us. You can email us at and connect with us on Instagram. We’re Russ Perry and Mika Perry. Very simple there. And thank you for all of the shares on stories, saying that we’re one of your favorite podcasts. How we’re part of your morning commute. Your evening drive home. You listen to us when you work out. We see all of those and the emails we’ve gotten of you sharing the traditions via email. We are so happy to hear that and see that. So thank you. Please keep that coming. It helps us create future content. So I you have something you want to hear that we haven’t covered, or want to talk more about, please connect with us.

Russ Perry: All right. That’s it. Happy New Year. We’ll see you next year.

Mika Perry: Yeah. Happy New Year’s guys.

Russ Perry: Take care.
Thanks for listening to this episode of Good To Be Home.

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Russ Perry: See ya next time.