Episode #51: One Year of Good To Be Home!

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On today’s podcast, Russ & Mika celebrate the one year anniversary of the show!!

Today’s episode marks 365 days of Good To Be Home! Russ & Mika look back at 51 episodes, pick their favorites and give us a behind the scenes look at how the podcast is made.

They’ll talk about how making the show has affected their relationship, what it’s like to have a creative project to work on as a couple and goals for year 2!

This episode also features Good To Be Home’s first ever giveaway! Stay tuned to the end of the show to hear details on how to enter.

In this episode, you will learn:

• Where the name “Good To Be Home” came from
• How this podcast will be an audio archive for their kids
• The challenges of starting and sustaining a podcast
• Goals to monetize and grow the show


Russ & Mika’s Favorite Episodes (so far) :

Episode #25: The Joys and Challenges of Being a Step Parent
Episode #28: Understanding the “Core Four”
Episode #15: A Special Q&A Session with Mika
Episode #13: On Location in Florence, Italy
Episode #4: The Benefits of Living a Sober Life


Mentioned in this episode:
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Mika Perry on Instagram
The Sober Entrepreneur by Russ Perry
The Russ Perry Show
Picklecon 2019
Tom Ford: Fragrant Vegan Vampire –  New York Times article
The Same 24 Hours podcast
• Mika’s Salsa Chicken / Green Chile Chicken recipes
Hatch Valley Green Chile Salsa
Gel Polish pedicures
Pomodoro Timers
“bad guys” – Billie Eilish
Daily Harvest
Rocket Book Journal – Everlast edition
Episode #23: A List of Our Favorite Everyday Essentials


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