Episode #31: Finding the Ideal Work Environment

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Today, we are talking about one of the most important parts of running your own business: the place where you work.

Russ and Mika have talked quite a bit about business and entrepreneurship in past episodes of this podcast.

They both have experience running their own businesses, and over that time, they have worked in a variety of places, from their living room to coffee shops, to their own brick-and-mortar offices.

In doing so, they have learned just how important it is for entrepreneurs to have the right environment to work in.

Today, we are talking about the pros and cons of these various work environments, and how you can build your own ideal work environment.


In this episode, you will learn:

• The three main types of workspaces.
• Why Russ prefers brick-and-mortar offices.
• Tips for creating a productive home office.
• How you can utilize outside environments to spur creativity.


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