Episode #15: A Special Q&A Session with Mika

This week, Mika is sitting down to record some answers to listener-submitted questions.  This week’s episode is a little bit unique. Mika recently challenged her Instagram followers to ask her anything. Her friends and followers sent her so many questions, and she felt the best way to address them all was to devote a...

This week’s episode is a little bit unique.

Mika recently challenged her Instagram followers to ask her anything. Her friends and followers sent her so many questions, and she felt the best way to address them all was to devote a podcast episode to answering all of them.

On today’s podcast, Mika is sitting down by herself to record some answers to a bunch of those listener-submitted questions.

These questions cover a broad variety of topics, including her relationship with Russ, her ethnicity, health and wellness, diet and fitness, social media, and much, much, more.

In this episode, you will learn:

• How a forwarded email led Mika and Russ to meet.
• Tips on how to simplify.
• Thoughts on social media and electronic devices for kids and teens.
• What Mika’s daily makeup, skin care, and supplement routines look like.

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Mika Perry: Hi everyone, this is Mika, and I am here today on a solo episode. So Russ is not here, it’s just me, and I am covering Q and A. These are questions that I asked you guys, my audience, through Instagram to tell me what you want to know about me, about Russ and I, about our lives, anything. And actually I think I said the more random, the better. I love random questions. So, this one goes out to all of you guys, I hope you enjoy it and here we go. First question, this I loved. I thought this was so cute and I was actually really surprised that I got several of you asking the same question, how did Russ and I meet? The short answer is Myspace, the long answer though is actually that Russ and I are both from Tuscan and we grew up in two neighborhoods that were next to each other, two little gated neighborhoods. And actually we would’ve had the same bus stop, that’s how close we lived next to each other. However, I went to the private high school and he went to the public high school, so we didn’t share that bus stop. And we had so many mutual friends though because I had some friends that went to his school, vice versa, one of my best friends came from his high school over to mine. And so I always knew about literally, quote on quote, Russ Perry. Years later, we both attended ASU, still hadn’t met, and then after college we met through my friend, Jen Hip. And she had forwarded me an email, I don’t know if you guys remember, but back in the day you’d have these like funny joke emails. This was before social media, and just like all these jokes and kinda like memes, and she sent me one and I scrolled to the bottom and it came from a guy named Russ Perry. And because Russ was a big deal in Tuscan, I said you know what, ask him if he’s from Tuscan ’cause I know a Russ Perry. Turns out, it was him.

We met up at this bar called the Crown Room in Old Town Scottsdale and briefly talked. I ended up talking to his friend more. And so later on he found me on Myspace, asked me for my number and asked me out on a lunch date. And the rest is literally history. Question two, what is your ethnicity? I actually like this question a lot. So I am half-Japanese and half-Dutch, basically, but American. But my dad’s side is Dutch and a little bit of British, so that’s my background. I was actually born in Japan and it was my first language, so actually English is my second language. Little tidbit of info. All right, what time do we go to sleep? We’ve mentioned our morning and nighttime routines before and how sleep is super important to us, as it should be, I would say my bedtime is usually between nine and 11, truthfully. Some days I’m wiped and I have definitely fallen asleep early, like passed out in the girls’ bed with them at like eight, but I try to get to bed as soon as possible. There are definitely nights where I’m up late if I have a project or something going on. I naturally tend to be a little bit of a night owl, so I have to consciously go to bed earlier so that I can wake up refreshed. So I dunno, I guess on average 10.

How do I stay healthy when I’m so busy? I mean isn’t this kind of the problem that everyone’s having? You’re so busy, when do you find time to workout, fit in a good healthy meal, prep? My answer to this has several parts, but definitely schedule it in. Like I literally schedule in my workouts in to my Google calendar, the color is yellow, so all my workouts are in yellow. And I pre-fill this in. So for example, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I work out with a trainer, I set that as a recurring event. I also look up the yoga classes that I like and I set those up as a recurring event in my calendar so that whenever I have a day that I have time to go to a yoga class, I know what time they are because that’s right there on my schedule, on my calendar. I think finding a way of working out and scheduling workouts too in a way that works for you, so I don’t think there’s a one size fits all approach to staying health and working out especially, but really taking the time to identify it and make it work for you. Put it into your life in a way that works. So whether that’s with a trainer or meeting up with a friend, having a workout buddy, classes, doing I dunno, the Sweat app at home, whatever works for you, but be consistent about it. For me, getting accountable works. So that’s why I have a trainer, I pay him so that I show up. I know how to do a good workout on my own, but for whatever reason I just work so much better with somebody there pushing me to do that extra rep, to up the weights, make it harder. I think getting into routines is super critical, like my supplement routine. That’s like I don’t even have to think about it, I just do it. So anything like that I create routines so that I do it automatically and it just becomes a natural part of my life. I mentioned supplements, that’s super important for me whether I’m traveling or at home, I’m always on top of that. When your diet kinda goes off the rails, I think it’s important to keep up with the workouts, even if you don’t want to because you’ll feel really good in your body. So if you can fit in like a quick weight workout, I feel like it’s a really great switch to feel better. And then also give yourself some grace. So yeah, we would all love to be 100% on point healthy and fit 100% of the time, but life happens. And I talk about being balanced, being balanced doesn’t mean everything is perfect all the time. Being balanced means that you have a point in the middle that’s like your sweet spot and it’s just like knowing how to not react negatively to everything that’s going around you and knowing how to come back to center. I know that’s like said in yoga classes or something, but it’s true.

Okay, going a different direction, some questions about my social media, specifically how do I edit my photos for my Instagram and blog? This is a question I get a lot and I’ll even get into my Instagram stories here in a minute, but I love photography and I think that might show in my feed when you look at my Instagram. So I just love photos as a way of storytelling and I love visual things. Maybe that’s why, I dunno, I’m a creative, and just it’s something that I enjoy. So I think when you do something you enjoy, it comes through as something that’s done pretty well I think, but how do I edit Instagram photos? I take all my photos on my iPhone and I have tried different editing apps because I think even with the best lighting, sometimes you need to straighten things, you need to crop this, and you can always brighten things too. And also the tone. So anyways, all these things I have tried on Lightroom, I’ve tried on Snapseed, but my favorite has been VSCO. And honestly, I don’t like presets and filters. I don’t. I know back in the day we all just had filters, right? And then now with things like Lightroom and other editing apps, we’re calling them presets, but really it’s like a set look. And a lot of them I’m noticing is creating like not natural looks, it’s not what it actually is, the subject. And I prefer to have just a crisp, clean photo. So I just amp up the exposure, I bump up the sharpness, I straighten it, you know what, that is a huge tip is I’ll notice a really pretty picture and I’m likeyeah, it’s not straight. Maybe that’s the type A organizer in me, but there’s a Y-axis and an X-axis and it sounds way harder than it is, but just adjusting that makes a difference, especially in a feed if you want it to look symmetrical.

I also keep in mind the whole thirds rule in photography. So I like to place my subject in the middle, whereas some people put it on the right-hand side or left-hand side. So I think that’s something that I think about that’s important. And then beginning of this year I started using a photographer. So while I still do put up my own photos and all the photos on my stories and stuff are mine, any photo that you see of me likely is taken by my photographer, Taylor. And she asked me how do I like my photos edited? And I was like you know what, just kinda like bright and true colors, that’s just my style. Sometimes Russ will still take my photos, especially when we travel, but I just never wanna pressure him into taking photos of me. But it’s kinda cute because he now knows the value of content and images to promoting whatever project you’re working on. And so he’ll happily take my pictures now, but I kinda am like you know what, it’s okay. And that’s kind of the beauty of having a photographer and photos done so that you have that database of photos that you can use when you wanna talk about something on your social media. So just two cents there.

Okay, related, how do I do my Instagram stories? There are two questions I get the most on my DMs and my stories is what is the paint color you use in your home and how do I edit my Instagram stories? What’s the font you use? Do you use Instagram stories or is there an app you use for your stories? How did you make it look, do you use a filter? Okay, so here’s what I do for Instagram stories. I double space and use all caps for the main text that I type with. And I also that’s me, I don’t use a stylus, I use my finger for all the cursive that you see. I like to use, is it Lagos? It’s the third swipe right. I like that one because it’s a natural brightener without adding too much fake color or unnatural color to it. So if I have a photo that’s kind of dark, I’ll use that. I think for tips on Instagram stories is find a style that works for you and be consistent about it so that when people see your stories, they know that it’s you without even looking to see who it is. So find some signature fonts, text, styles, where you place the text. I try to keep I guess the way that the stories flow in a way that’s like it’s not all selfies, it’s not all videos, it’s not all this, it’s very well-balanced. So I’ll alternate between a photo, a video, a boomerang, and so on. And keep in mind, at least for me, this is how I do it, is that your stories are a story. So I try to tell a story through them and rather than just put together a bunch of random info or a bunch of random images and throw it up there, while that’s like in the moment and that in some ways is authentic, you can still put up authentic content, but just thoughtfully in a way that would be easier for the viewer to understand what you’re trying to say. Am I getting into this too much? I kinda feel like I could talk about Instagram stories for a really long time, like even a whole blog or like episode on it. So maybe I will do that, I’ll leave it here for now though.

Okay, next question, where do I shop, what are my favorite brands, is everything designer or do I also buy inexpensive brands? All right guys, I definitely do not wear all designer clothing. Actually, okay, right now I’m looking at myself, I’m wearing a button up, it’s a striped button up, but this is from Target. My jeans are J Brand, I got them at Nordstrom, and my shoes kind of look like Valentino rockstud gladiator sandals, but they’re actually from Target and I like them just as much, if not more than the Valentinos. So there you go, I mix high and low, I love shopping at Target, H and M. H and M is actually one of my favorite spots. I, in clothing look for a good cut, good color, and interesting design. And I like to stay classic with a little bit of the unexpected, whether that’s color or the cut. And H and M delivers on that for me and it fits me well, fits my body well. I also love Nordstrom, I love Shopbop, Amazon. A lot of times some things sold out on Nordstrom or Shopbop I will go to Amazon and see if it’s there and sometimes it is. As far as designer brands, I love Selene, I love Hermes, I think both do really well with simple shapes, but in awesome colors and fabrics. Gucci, Russ is into a Gucci kick right now. I know Gucci is huge, I personally think it’s just a little bit too much for me. I think it’s super interesting and I love the history behind it, but little bit much for me.

How do I keep our home so clutter-free and tips on how to simplify? All right, big tip here is don’t bring a lot of stuff into the home and have a routine for cleaning, picking up, and keeping your home tidy. Simplifying, I think just continuously edit. And actually I got another question exactly on that, what is your method for editing toys, the books, clothing, as well as your own clothing? I go through the toys pretty often. Not all the time, but probably a little bit more than the typical person because I have two-year-old that has no idea where to place things regularly and we have three kids. And we’re a family of five and I go through and edit out toys and books I’d say minimum quarterly, at minimum. I know it’s more than that, but I’m just gonna put that as like a baseline. As far as clothing, seasonally for the girls, because they change sizes and so I’m having to do it with each season. So again, quarterly basically with the four seasons. For myself, I actually don’t edit my clothing as much because I feel like I, oh, I did, I went through a huge clean out maybe like a few years ago where I got rid of a ton. And so I feel like I just slowly have been building back up from that with pieces that I love. And I think I’m probably due for a closet clean out now for the fall, I’ll have to see. But I think it kind of with having babies and sizes changing that’s encouraged me to edit out, but overall we don’t have like mega seasons for me in Arizona. So, I dunno, I don’t change them as much.

What do I do with all the crafts, art, junk, that the kids bring home from school and birthday parties? I throw it away. That’s it. My tip, just throw it away. You don’t need it, the kids won’t miss it, it just adds so much visual clutter. I throw it away.

Okay, next question, was it hard to turn down champagne in France? So as you know I don’t drink, I haven’t drank in over a year and I will say that it was not hard to turn down champagne in France. However, I did think ah, man, like when flying first class on the flight here and everything and then also being in Italy with all the wineries around us and vineyards and just in general around us. I didn’t find it hard at all and that’s the really cool thing about the other side of being sober once you’re in it is like I actually don’t miss it all and it’s not hard at all, whether it’s physically or mentally. But I have told Russ like when we’re sitting there at a restaurant looking up at all the wine bottles or there’s a wine list, is like oh wow, I joke I picked a really bad time to stop drinking alcohol. But I think it’s important if you’re on that path or you made that choice and it does become hard is just to recognize it and even say it out loud like I did to Russ. And at the end of the day, I literally don’t miss it and all the amazing food, croissants, gelato, it makes up for it and I don’t miss it at all.

All right, related to food, next question, what do you eat in a day? So, I will give you two examples here. I will give you an example of like my ideal typical day at home, back home in Arizona, and then also I’ll tell you what I ate yesterday ’cause they’re pretty different. Okay, so ideally at home I am not a big breakfast person. I never really have been. I love actual breakfast foods, like the flavor of them, but having a breakfast in the morning, I’m just not that hungry when I wake up, I never have been. And in fact, if I try to eat a lot for breakfast, I remember when I was doing a lot more weight lifting and trying to build up a little bit, I’d have to eat in the morning and I just felt like it weighed me down. I am not a breakfast person. So typically I wake up, I have lemon water, then I have my coffee, then I will make a protein shake smoothie thing with spinach and all sorts of goodness in it. That you can find as its own highlight in my Instagram. So go to my stories highlights and it’s all there for you, like everything I put it. Then for lunch I will eat, sometimes I’ll get like salmon with veggies from my gym, they have a really good restaurant cafe thing there and I’ll take it to go sometimes. I also when I’m really good I’ll have meal prepped and I’ll have some sort of protein, veggie, and carb situation already packed up in the fridge ready to go. And so it’ll be like chicken or salmon and then veggies and rice and I love this turkey southwest bowl that I make. So I try to have things ready for me. Of course I’ll go out and eat lunch with friends, meet up with people.

I try to keep it like pretty veggie and protein I’d say. Then in the afternoon I do have to fight a sweet craving with my sugar levels or energy going down, so I try to resit the temptation to grab something sweet. I’ll drink a mint tea, mint tea helps with appetite. So I’ll drink a mint tea or sometimes I do have a coffee, that’s a bad habit, but I dunno. Then later in the evening we always do dinner at home as a family, unless we go out or we have an event or we do like a date night. But typically throughout the week I’d say like five, six nights of the week we’re at home having dinner. And I meal prep, like not have a set meal ready, but I’ll have something like shredded salsa chicken with quinoa and veggies and then like a tortilla made into a quesadilla for the girls. Or I will do grilled chicken on the grill outside with some veggies and then a potato side dish, like sweet potato fries for the girls. And of course I’ll have a couple of bites, but not make that more for me, but for them. And then at night I fight another sweet craving so I’ll drink lately I’ve been into this Tazo dessert tea and that has helped curb my sugar cravings. So that’s a typical day back home. Now let me tell you what I had yesterday here in Italy.

I’m recording this episode here in Florence and we have been here now for the summer, we have a little bit left to go. And it’s been a little bit different, so here’s what I had yesterday. I woke up and had coffee with almond milk, cinnamon, and a little bit of Stevia, which is how I like to drink it back home. Then I went and had a cappuccino with full-fat milk at the local coffee spot. Then I didn’t eat until almost two ’cause lunches are really late here and I had a cheese board, which was delicious, and a panini, and then we had gelato. Dairy,fat, and carbs right there for ya. And then after that, dinner last night I made some pasta for the girls and I just had melon and prosciutto And I think that’s it. and I drank a ton of sparkling water throughout the day, that I always drink, La Croixs back home, acqua frizzante here in Italy. So those are my two eat in a day situations. Okay, so how do I meal prep and what are my favorite go to easy meals? I have a blog post on some of my favorite easy recipes including grilled chicken thighs, a shrimp ceviche that I love, especially for summer, salsa chicken that I just mentioned, I make it in the crock pot. But what I do is on Sundays I dedicate that for my grocery shop and my meal prep and I basically chop up veggies, clean and portion out fruit, portion out snacks, and then get my proteins ready for the week ahead. And then I compile the whatever meals throughout the week ahead. Hope that makes sense.

More food, what are your favorite clean eating products from Costco? Okay, so I have a total Costco routine and I like mentioned I go on Sundays. I stock up on healthy food, and by healthy I mean like proteins, veggies, and fruit. And I feel that the more my fridge is stocked with colorful healthy things, the more all of us as a family are bound to just eat healthier and fresher. It’s like when you see things, you’ll use them more, and that applies like in a closet or in a fridge. So I try to make all that super accessible and pretty and inspiring. So Costco, I get chicken and ground turkey, both organic from there. I get the huge salmon, make it in advance, I throw it in the oven with just like salt, pepper, olive oil, super easy. Actually, I’ve made it even without oil before and it’s just fine. I don’t do ground beef anymore, but I used to grab that. So I feel like Costco’s a great place to get proteins and as a family of five we go through food quickly. So you can get a big thing of organic proteins for a great price. I always get a box of spinach, organic spinach, you can just assume everything is organic, spinach for our morning smoothies. I get broccoli and cauliflower and bell peppers and pre-sliced apples from the fridge. I always get berries for the smoothies in the frozen section for smoothies. Silk almond milk is like the best deal, at Costco you get three for the price of two. I get the 30 calorie unsweetened vanilla kind, I use it every day in my morning protein smoothie. Speaking of the protein smoothie, I get my Orgain protein powder from Costco. It’s chocolate fudge, it’s delicious. I’ve tried all kinds of protein powders, both whey-based and plant-based, it’s the best. And I get it from Amazon or Costco, but Costco’s price is awesome, awesome. The eggs there at Costco are great. I don’t eat eggs anymore, but for the family the pre-peeled organic hard boiled eggs are great. I also stock up on coconut oil, Italian lemon juice, chia seeds, hemp seeds, canned tomatoes, jars of green chili, salsa, Victoria marinara sauce, I use this with my ground turkey to make kind of like a bolognese and I eat that straight up and not even with like any pasta or anything. And then for the kids I get Dave’s Killer Bread.

So next question, thoughts on social media and phones for kids and teens. This is such a charged topic, right? Screen time, social media for kids. For Maddix, she just turned 13 and does not have social media. She thinks she’s getting it because she turned 13, but she’s not. I think there is nothing to be gained for immature minds to be on social media, especially girls who are impressionable and their self-esteem is already on the line and why expose them to the dangers of just all the negativities out there? Or even if it’s positive, they can interpret that in a way through their 13-year-old minds in a way that’s not good and I just don’t think it’s necessary. So she does not have social media. I don’t know when we’re gonna allow her to, but it’s not yet. What makes it hard is that like you kinda know they might go out and do it anyway, we monitor Maddie’s phone like crazy. We read all of her text messages, we know how many hours and minutes she’s on it. Back home we have a separate wifi router that has a different password and we can control the on and off time, we actually have it automatically in there for the wifi for her to go on at a certain time in the morning and off at a certain time at night. So a lot of things you can do. And I’m totally fine with being completely controlling of kids and their phones and screen time and social media because why risk it, right?

As far as just screen time and iPads and phones, Reese has a little phone that used to be ours, she uses that, and then Paige has an iPad. And Reese calls her phone her trip phone, because she’s only allowed to use it when she goes on trips. So back home, she never uses it, but right now we’re traveling and it’s challenging because she knows she can use it, it’s here. We have such a hard time because they will be on that all day long if we let them, right? Whether it’s watching shows or playing a game, Reese really likes Minecraft, which I think is cool because it’s creative, but still, it’s screen time and they don’t need that much. So right now we’ve been doing no screen time until after lunch. Maddix has her phone because she needs it for school, they do Google Classroom and she gets all of her homework assignments on there. So that’s been tricky for Russ and I, because she needs it, but then she’ll do her homework but then stay on it and then not do other creative things at home. So it’s super challenging.

Next question, tips for toddler bedtime. Oh my gosh, bedtime, sleep, it’s so hard, right moms? I think the best thing is just finding a routine and sticking to it and really powering through it, even if they cry, even if it’s challenging, even if you wanna scream because it’s so frustrating, try to stick to a routine. We always do the pre-bath or pre-nighttime rituals like bath and reading and singing a certain song. And yeah, it feels like you’re doing this show and dance with all these steps, but if that’s what it takes to get them to go to sleep, then that’s what you do. And they’ll call me out on things that if I skip a step, they’ll know. If singing You Are My Sunshine is what’s gonna help them fall asleep, then I will do it, even if I’m tired. and I’m a bad singer, but that’s okay, they don’t care.

Next question, what is your makeup routine? Okay, if you wanna know what my beauty favorites are, there’s another highlight in my Instagram dedicated to my beauty favorites. But honestly, tinted sunscreen, highlighter on my cheeks, and lip gloss is my daily look. If you see me on stories, that’s what’s on my face, typically. Nighttime events I love NARS foundation, I’ll put on Hourglass blush, I have a Laura Mercier bronzer and a powder, I love Smashbox eyeshadows. I have one lipstick, but I have like three of them, so they’re like in my purse, in my bathroom, and then another purse or a bag. And that’s MAC Creme Cup or Creme Cup, I don’t know which way you say it. That’s my favorite, it’s a great pink. And then I love NYX, N-Y-X, lip glosses, I have those everywhere too. Honestly, I keep it really minimal. I’ve really paired down on my makeup because I found that I don’t need as much or I don’t wanna wear as much anymore. Maybe I need it, but I am happy with the way I look and I feel like I don’t need as much. And part of that has to do with having my lashes done and microblading with my brows. I totally over-tweezed my brows way back when in my teen years and now I don’t have brows anymore, thank goodness for microblading, you guys. And now I don’t have to fill my brows, it’s so great. And then lashes, so I’ve had eyelash extensions for almost three years now and life-changing. I am addicted, I don’t care. I’ll go every two, three weeks, that’s fine. Because I love not having to do my mascara every day, which I felt like always took so long, and the also now that I have my lashes done, I don’t wear eye makeup really. At nighttime or when I’m doing date night or I have an event, I will, but on a day to day I used to wear so much more makeup and now I don’t as much.

Why leads to my next question, what is my skincare routine? So Emme Diane is the products I use, I go to her for my facials because live in the same city as her. She has clients everywhere because she does skin coaching, but her products and her facials have changed my life. I actually just did a giveaway of her products. Having good skin, the best skin I’ve had in my adult life has been amazing in my daily routines because I don’t have to do as much. Yes, I have skincare products I have to put on, but it’s nothing compared to having to then do makeup. So it’s really helped my skin and my makeup routines by having Emme’s products. Okay, the supplements that I take, in particular the thyroid one. So I guess I’ll just answer the supplements here is okay, the mornings I take my thyroid one which is from my naturopath it’s called like something West and it’s thyroid number two. The main ingredient is ashwagandh, it’s just a blend. But I think ashwagandh’s kind of a game changer, I think that’s how you say it, ashwagandh. L-glutamine, I take that in the morning, I take that because of my eczema. I take a probiotic that has to be refrigerated. And then I take a BCAA capsule if I’m going to train in the morning. So that is like a muscle builder and it helps muscle recovery. At nighttime I always take magnesium, I often also drink calm tea. And I’m gonna mention this here right now, I had a message not that long ago from someone who took my tip of taking calm tea and she’s like Mika, I feel like I’m gonna cry telling you this, but I was able to get off my antidepressants because of how much my calm tea has helped me with my anxiety. Meaning that the magnesium deficiency is what was causing or attributing to her anxiety. I feel like magnesium, you guys all need to look into it if you don’t already, because it may be something that is game-changing in your health. Omega three, I take that at night. Vitamin D, I take a pretty high dose of vitamin D and that’s helped my hair and I think my skin too, and my nails. So I don’t take Biotin, I take vitamin D. And then I recently added a supplement called Vitex which is to help with my hormones, especially that time of month hormones where things can get a little crazy.

What are my favorite devotionals? So, these are Christian devotionals. If you’re into this stuff, my favorites are Our Daily Bread, which is an app, my parents introduced this one to me. New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp is one I completed, it’s awesome, very eloquently written and insightful. And then I’m currently on one called Awaken by Priscilla Shirer.

Okay, in a common day how do I manage house, kids, job, and look amazing? Okay, first of all, thank you for saying that, but I dunno, I’m just like doing what I can and it definitely is a balance. We all are managing these things and I think you guys all look amazing too, but here are some things that have helped me. Google calendar like I mentioned before, I do my workouts on it, but I schedule everything. The more I block my time and allocate what I’m doing throughout the day and I’m mentally prepared and I know where I’m going next, just makes the day go by smoother. A week start checklist. So this is something I blogged about, I posted about and the checklist itself is available on my blog, Just search week start checklist. So I got this idea from something I saw on Pinterest a long time ago and it’s to have a pre-printed list of items you do every single week to make your week run better. So for example, pick up dry cleaning, fill the gas, clean the car, meal prep, grocery shop, check the calendar, send out thank you notes, pick up any birthday gifts or cards you need to send out, what else? Oh, photos, like clean out all the photos in your iPhone, delete any of them to free up storage. So just kind of things that you can think of that you don’t need to do every single day, but if you did it every single week, everything would be a lot better. Oh, cleaning out your purse, the inside of your purse. I do that. So anyways, these are all on a pre-printed checklist so you don’t have to remember these every week, they are pre-made. I have a sheet with four of these checklists cut into four so I have these little mini cardstock sheets on my desk that I take every Sunday and go I through it. And not only does it feel amazing to check everything off, but it helps me start off the week on such a great note. And I call them not a weekend checklist because I feel like this is pivotal in starting your week ahead.

Another tip for managing everything is doing things right when I think of them or pass by it. This is related to two things, in a way. My mom, I just think of my mom saying this is just like, my mom and actually my grandma, I think of them saying do things carefully and do things right. And I totally believe the way you do one thing is how you do everything. And don’t put it off. And another thing I heard one time on a podcast is you should open your packages carefully when they arrive. So really being in the present moment of a task and not putting things off and dedicating everything to it. And so when I pass by something that needs to be done, like I need to pick up a dish towel off the floor or you know what, I need to wipe this off, or I should put this back where it belongs rather than being liKe, okay, I’ll do that later. I do it right then and there. And that immediately checks it off the list mentally for me and just gets it done. It takes less time to do it right in the moment, even if you’re super busy, than thinking about it, waiting, and then doing it later. I feel like that just takes way longer.

Also, another tip is wake up early. The more time you have in the day, the more you can do, and the more buffer and time you have available to do fun things and good things that you want to do too. So I wake up early. I set my alarm every day for five a.m. As far as like looking amazing, okay, well, thanks again, but I feel like as women we all need to share tips on how we can pull ourselves together easier and faster and what we do, because I love hearing about that from you guys. So I definitely don’t do my hair every day, I used to, but now when I shower and wash it and have time to blow dry it and do it, I take my time doing it and curling it and everything. And I feel like I can get a few days of use out of that look. So I dunno, having my hair done I think helps. Because again, I don’t do a lot for my makeup and my face as much, I guess.

Travel, would you recommend Belize? Absolutely, I have two blog posts from last year up there. We love Belize, specifically Ambergris Caye, which is an island about 15 minutes off the coast, it’s beautiful. And how long are we in Italy? We are here for a total of five weeks. We started off with a week in Paris and we’re starting our last week here. We’re in Florence and I’m kind of sad, it’s been an amazing experience. I totally recommend it if you haven’t been to Italy, it’s so awesome in so many ways. So we’ll be here for another week, you’ll still see a few things pop up on stories on my Instagram. I hope you guys haven’t been overloaded with my trip travel sharing. But I love showing you Italy, because if you decide to come, I want you to see certain parts of it. So okay, those are my Q and A questions. I know there are a few more and I probably missed them or maybe I’m intentionally saving them for another time because it’s gonna lead to other topics, but I hope you’ve enjoyed, have gotten to know a little bit more about me, a little bit about Russ, and I always love questions. So if you think of anything after this, shoot me a DM, write a comment somewhere on my Instagram, and I always try to answer. So hope you have a great week ahead and thanks for joining me.