Episode #62: Recap, Reflection, and Reset: Mid-Year Goal Setting for 2019

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On today’s podcast, Russ and Mika discuss their mid-year plans and goal setting, a now annual tradition for the couple.

Russ and Mika are planners. As a family, they write down and discuss goals for the year every January on their annual staycations. But last year, the two decided to check-in and start a mid-year planning tradition. Now, this isn’t a practice that should be just about looking forward and stressing about what needs to get done – but should be a moment of recap, reflection, and reset for the second half of the year.

In this episode, Russ and Mika break down their goals for the rest of 2019, both as a couple and independently. Using the framework of “Body, Being, Balance and Business” (something you might remember from their Core 4 episode), they look at all they have accomplished so far, and re-commit to some promises they may have been slacking on.

Everyone’s comfort level and goals are going to look different, whether your plans include buying a new car, fixing up the house, or actually following that meditation routine (for real this time.)  As long as you can stay objective in the process, Russ says we can all create great things in a year.

Follow along during this episode with your own GAP map template here!

In this episode, you will learn:

• 12-month goals vs. 90-day goals
• Why Mika was hesitant towards this exercise at first
• Why its good to shoot big on some goals, and practical on others
•  This is the first episode recorded in London! Russ and Mika share some of their favorite parts of the city so far.

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