Episode #13: On Location in Florence, Italy

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This week, we are presenting a very special episode on location in Florence, Italy.

Russ and Mika are recording this week’s episode on location in Florence, Italy.

In past episodes of this show, they have spoken at length about traveling with children and what it means to make travel a family tradition.

On this week’s episode, they are sharing a glimpse into their current Italian vacation, including why they chose Italy as a family destination, what kinds of foods they have been enjoying, the logistics of planning an international trip, and much, much more.

Bonus: Stick around after the credits for an exclusive look at our very first 30-day Sobr challenge.

In this episode, you will learn:

• Why it is important to consider space when planning a long trip with your family.
• Tips for international flights with children.
• The challenges of balancing business and life when you’re away from home.
• How to manage your childcare when traveling overseas.

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