Episode #63: 8 Tips For Making Your First Hire

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On today’s podcast, Russ and Mika are sharing eight tips for hiring the first person on your team, or in your personal life.

Working out of a co-working space in London this week has reminded Russ and Mika of some of their earlier days as aspiring entrepreneurs.

It has also inspired them to revisit a topic that they haven’t thought about in quite some time: how to hire someone for the first time.

The only way that you can grow your business to the point that you can balance your life successfully is by hiring the right people, and it all starts with that first person.

On today’s show, they are going to be sharing eight tips for helping you make that first hire.

These tips aren’t just for running a business. They can apply to anyone that you are bringing on board to help you with your personal life as well.

In this episode, you will learn:

•  Why you should always learn how to do the job first before you hire someone.
•  The importance of sharing your wins and your goals.
•  Some tips for interviewing your first hire.
•  A few of our favorite tools and resources for the hiring process.

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