Episode #23: A List of Our Favorite Everyday Essentials

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Today Russ and Mika are sharing a list of essentials that they use in their everyday life.

Our regular listeners know that Russ and Mika love sharing what they are reading, eating, listening to, and loving every week on this show. It’s one of our favorite segments.

This weeks’ episode expands on that concept even further. So many people reach out to us asking for opinions and recommendations, that we decided to focus an entire episode on some of the everyday essentials that we use in their lives.

On today’s podcast, you’ll hear about the things that we love and can’t live without. These items are in constant use in our household, and in a sense, they define the way that we live.


In this episode, you will learn:

• Some of our favorite clothing brands.
• The self-care items we can’t live without.
• Where you can find the best deals on some of these items.
• The one bonus item that both of us use every day.


Mentioned in this episode:

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Blank Paper Notecards from Paper Source
Shoutzvietzel Stemless Wine Glasses
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Le Labo Soap
Nyx Butter Gloss
Jane Iredale’s LipDrink
Nike Men’s AeroBill Legacy Fit Hats
Diptyque Baies Room Spray
Emme Diane Tinted Mineral SPF 35
Nectar Essences GEMFLEUR
Chambray Button-Down Shirts
Natural Calm Drink
Beats Headphones
Stainless Steel Tumblers
Paper Source
Zover Magnetic iPhone Detachable Wallet Case
Green Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pen
American Crew Fiber
Black & White Air Jordan 1
Nespresso Lattissima Pro
Sur La Table
Sonicare Diamondclean Toothbrush
Monthly Pill Organizer
RCA Digital Alarm Clock
Apple Trackpad
Apple Magic Keyboard
Prismacolor Pencils
The Tim Ferris Show




Russ Perry: Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of Good To Be Home. I’m your cohost, Russ Perry.

Mika Perry: And I am your other cohost, Mika Perry.

Russ Perry: Mika, today we are taking a play out of pretty much every single magazine I’ve ever seen ever. And it is our best of list, essentials list, how do you want to call this?

Mika Perry: We’re going to call it our essentials list, and like Russ mentioned, this is something that you see often in magazines, where a person is interviewed and they’re sharing their best of, their top things in their lives that they can’t live without. And that’s in any sort of area, whether it’s in self-care, like beauty and makeup and health; or books, or electronics. Items that you just need in your life, and you love.

So we’re taking a page out of a magazine and sharing this with you. While we don’t have the visuals, we’ll definitely include the links to these items that we share with you in our show notes, but we want to describe kind of our top dozen, I think. We’ve narrowed it down to about 12, right?

Russ Perry: Right.

Mika Perry: Of things we really can’t live without or just love, or I guess both.

Russ Perry: Right, and normally we do our reading, listening, eating, loving segment. This is going to be like a mega version of one of those. So, if you want to check out the past recommendations, we do recommend about four things each week. And you get eight total per episode. This will be 24 items, but catch them all over on our website, goodtobehomepodcast.com, including this huge volley we’re about to send your way.

So here’s how I think we should do this, because I could just talk for like an hour straight on stuff. Let’s do four and four.

Mika Perry: Okay.

Russ Perry: Like your four, my four, your four, my four, and then whoever wins can do the … can be determined the winner of the best recommendations.

Mika Perry: Oh gosh, leave it to you to make it a competition.

Russ Perry: You can go first.

Mika Perry: Okay, alright guys, so I sat down and I wrote this out pen and paper first and then I typed it into an unofficial list. It was hard to narrow it down. I wanted to give you the best of the best of items that I use constantly, that really have helped me in my life, that almost define who I am in many ways, of the lifestyle that I live. And these are little things, big things, but I’m excited to share them with you.

So the first I’m sharing, are J Brand, the jeans. This is a brand of denim, I’ve loved for, gosh, I think three years now. They are my go to. I think everyone has their favorite brand probably, but for me, if you look at my like shelf of denim, I have them folded in my closet. I don’t have a ton, but I have identified that this is the brand that works for me. Now let me tell you a little bit about like my body type. I am 5’5″, I have a longer torso than legs, and I find that a lot of jeans are really long. So I actually, this is like how short I am, is that I buy the J Brand Jeans that are like the cropped or ankle length and they’re perfectly hemmed for my length.

But overall, the material’s great, I love the style called Alana, A-L-A-N-A, and it is high waisted. It just fits so great, and the pocket placement on the back is awesome, so if you’re looking for a new pair of jeans, these are my go to. I have them in all sorts of colors.

Russ Perry: Very good.

Mika Perry: Next up, I am a huge believer in a handwritten note, whether that’s a thank you note, whether it’s an I’m thinking of you note, which I feel like I need to do more often. Just like a thinking of you. But rather than getting like a specific congratulations or thank you, or hope you feel better card, I prefer to just have blank note cards. I get them with my initial on the top in gold foil, and I get them from Paper Source. So if you’re familiar with that store, it’s a haven of stationery and I love, if you go into the section of just the plain notecards, they have every single letter on the top. I debated on whether or not I should get an M, or a P. Do I get the letter of my first name or my last name? And right now I’ve been using M’s, and you can get, what’s really cool is that you can get any single color of envelope you want for these notecards. So I typically go with a few of my favorites. It’s either mint, blush, or navy. And I use white, gold, or silver ink to address them, to write inside.

Next up, in our home, instead of using … or actually we do have regular glasses I guess, but we do love to use stemless wine glasses just for water. Maybe it’s because we don’t drink wine.

Russ Perry: It’s sort of like a throwback homage to the drinking days.

Mika Perry: Homage, yes. But I just love a good wine glass, and I noticed, I took a tip from my favorite restaurants or even airlines, when they serve you a glass a lot of times it’s a stemless wine glass. And it just fits in your hand really well. So our house, we have a bunch of wine glasses, but we fill them with water and sparkling water. Even Maddie, for her water, she uses these wine glasses, and it’s kind of funny because on her nightstand she’ll have all these stemless wine glasses, but they’re beautiful.

Russ Perry: It’s like the end scene in Signs in Maddox’s room. Remember all the water glasses?

Mika Perry: Yes, I know. So, I forgot to mention the brand we use is Schott Zwiesel, it’s German. I actually, before we started recording looked it up online how to pronounce this and I know I’m messing it up, so it’s going to be in the show notes, a link. You can get them pretty much everywhere, Pottery Barn, online, it’s a pretty well-known glass company. They don’t break very easily, which I love.

And next up for my first four is the moleskin journal. I picked up my first moleskin, am I saying it right? I feel like it should be Moleskine?

Russ Perry: Or Molet.

Mika Perry: Molet skin. I picked up my first journal in Italy this summer, and I used it during my first week off of social media, an intentional break where I decided to just put my phone down, and I took notes on podcasts I was listening to, ideas for blog topics, anything I could think of. Even just to do lists for the day. I picked up this journal, wrote in it. I have, I don’t have the lined one. I have one that’s like the grid. I don’t know why, but I really like that one and I’m still using it today, to jot down anything. I really believe in writing down in pen and paper to get things off of your mind. I still use electronic apps, but man, there’s something about having a journal. Even if I don’t use it as like a dear diary, here’s what’s happening today kind of journal. It’s just here are my thoughts. It’s great.

Russ Perry: Alright, that’s a strong start hun. I’m going to try to actually compartmentalize so they’re somewhat categorically, there’s not like a theme, but kind of related to yours. I’m going to also start with drinkware.

Mika Perry: Nice.

Russ Perry: And on mine I have the stainless steel metal tumblers that we have, that I absolutely love. Now the best visualization I can give for those listening, it’s like the one’s you would get at the … like a shake shop where they’re making a milkshake for you. They’re taller, and I use them for everything from smoothies, to drinking water. They’re break proof, so I don’t have to worry about these delicate glassware that everyone else is using, and I probably, I think we have like three and I’ve used them for years. And they’re fantastic, so that’s first off on my list. Continuing your…

Mika Perry: Wait, can I say something about the tumbler?

Russ Perry: You can say anything you want about the tumbler.

Mika Perry: Thanks. So I first got those before we had a Vitamix and we started to make smoothies. But we had an immersion blender, like the kind you make soups with. I don’t know why, we just hadn’t gotten a blender yet. And so I would use an immersion blender to make smoothies in these tumblers.

Russ Perry: Yeah.

Mika Perry: It worked for a while, but it was very inefficient.

Russ Perry: Right and the immersion blender, you only can have so much viscosity in your smoothie and it made it like, it’s like tar, it’s not very powerful. But I actually have on here, Paper Source.

Mika Perry: You do?

Russ Perry: Yes. I love Paper Source.

Mika Perry: We were meant to be.

Russ Perry: It is a place … Exactly. Fun unknown fact about Mika and I, we bonded during our first date ever over Prismacolor colored pencils. It was like a main point of conversation when I knew you were the one.

Mika Perry: Colored pencils guys.

Russ Perry: No, Prismacolored pencils.

Mika Perry: Prismacolor, well yeah. We’re like, wait you have Prismacolors? I have Prismacolors too, they’re like …

Russ Perry: I don’t know. They didn’t make it on my list, but those are …

Mika Perry: Well, that was in the past.

Russ Perry: In the past. Right, so anyway, Paper Source, it is awesome. Everyone there is always so helpful and they … They’ve gotten a little too much into knicky knack things, which kind of is annoying, but I guess that’s what sells, like bacon-flavored gum or whatever they have. But if you get past the initial kiosk of random knick-knacks.

Mika Perry: The perimeter of the store.

Russ Perry: The walls, yeah, the walls.

Mika Perry: Is where you want to be.

Russ Perry: Yeah, exactly.

Mika Perry: The front and center is all the knick knack stuff.

Russ Perry: Yeah, you can get like rose flavored Gummy Bears or whatever. So I love that place, and what I really want to do is actually go to some of their classes with the girls. I think they have a lot of cool classes and different ages.

Next up on my list is going to be my, and this is like a search term you can use if you want to find it, because I’m not brand specific, but it’s my magnetic iPhone detachable wallet case. Once again, my magnetic iPhone detachable wallet case. So, I love the wallet iPhone case combo. I transitioned to this a few years ago. My sister was using it, shout out to Grace Perry, and I thought it was cool. But it was super annoying being on the phone because your wallet component was flapping all around. It would be like flapping out by your ear, touching your neck, and so you actually can get one where the case part is magnetic and clips into the wallet part. So you can actually take that out and use it. Now the other benefit of this, is the case being magnetic is when I go to the gym, or when I’m working on the car, or all of these other manly things that I do, when I need to mount my phone somewhere you can just put your phone on a piece of metal and it just sticks there.

Mika Perry: Okay, so your phone is in a case that came with this wallet?

Russ Perry: Yes.

Mika Perry: And then it magnetizes together.

Russ Perry: The case is magnetized.

Mika Perry: Okay. Yep, I see it.

Russ Perry: And so I can have it all in one, and it’s like where’s my wallet? Well just grab your phone, it’s the same thing. I don’t have to look for my phone and the wallet. Where’s my wallet?

Mika Perry: Where my phone is.

Russ Perry: Where my phone is, it’s all the same. So and then if I do want to take out my phone, ba da da, I just take it out and I can use it, and the case is still around it.

Mika Perry: That’s true, because I’ve never seen you with the wallet, to your ear, with it flapping around, because I feel like that would be so incredibly annoying.

Russ Perry: And it is. That’s why they innovated.

Mika Perry: This works.

Russ Perry: There’s, yeah, there’s lots of innovation going on in the iPhone case world. And I would just say get whatever’s on Amazon. The brand that I actually specifically bought is a Zover. Z-O-V-E-R brand. I think it’s probably one China factory that makes them all and just different brands put their names on them.
Alright, my fourth item in our categorical theme here is my green Paper Mate, felt-tipped, flare pens.

Mika Perry: Wait a minute, categorically this does not make any sense at all. Tumblers, iPhone, and pens.

Russ Perry: But you had glassware.

Mika Perry: No, I didn’t categorize.

Russ Perry: I’m trying to match your categories.

Mika Perry: Oh.

Russ Perry: Like I’m trying to do similar groupings for you.

Mika Perry: Oh, okay. I thought, like you had …

Russ Perry: Like I did a houseware item, I did a kind of writing thing.

Mika Perry: Okay, I was like.

Russ Perry: I don’t have clothes on here, so …

Mika Perry: That’s okay.

Russ Perry: Actually I do have clothes, like shoes I have on here, believe it or not.

Mika Perry: I see what you’re doing.

Russ Perry: Thank you.

Mika Perry: I thought this was supposed to be one category, and I was like this category doesn’t make sense.

Russ Perry: Maybe that’s part of the challenge, is to discover the common thread.

So I love Paper Mate felt tip pens, and I love green ones and I buy them in boxes, and you can find them all over. I don’t know why I’m set on green, maybe because of my brand with my company Design Pickle, but I like the feel of it, I like the consistency of it, and it just kind of makes me happy.

Mika Perry: Yeah, I actually considered putting flare pens on mine too, in conjunction with the moleskin. I recently went to Michael’s and you can buy single flare pens, and they had this really pretty periwinkle, that made me happy.

Russ Perry: So yeah, flare tipped pens make you happy. Just don’t get them on Amazon though. They’re really marked up for some reason. Go to a office supply store.

Mika Perry: Really?

Russ Perry: Yeah, trust me.

Mika Perry: Alright, you’ve looked into it.

Russ Perry: I have now. That’s my four babe, back to you.

Mika Perry: Okay. I’m starting with something I also have looked into, and it’s Soul Cycle.

Russ Perry: Oh yeah.

Mika Perry: Alright, so I love Soul Cycle. I know there’s other cycling gyms out there, but there is something about Soul Cycle that they just nailed it. Everything about it, I love. Even down to the soap that they use, which is Le Labo, in their bathrooms. Anyway, I love a good Soul Cycle workout but they’re not in Arizona. They’re not in Scottsdale, they’re not in Phoenix, they’re nowhere to be found in Arizona, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t look into the franchise and what it takes to bring it out here.

Mika Perry: Honestly, yeah, I feel like if we were to do something like that, I’m like Soul Cycle. That’s what I would want to invest in and bring out here. Because I love it so much. The people there are always nice. I know people say it’s so like tribey and clicky, or like Soul Cyclist, I don’t know if there’s a term for people that go there, but it’s a good vibe. It’s positive, and the instructors are awesome. So Soul Cycle if you’re listening, corporate, please come to Arizona. This is my plea, and if you’re ever in a city with Soul Cycle, go. You’ll have an awesome workout.

Russ Perry: And you can catch that, I think, on one of our previous episodes on fitness.

Mika Perry: Oh yeah, we’ve talked about it, because yeah, that’s a big part of our fitness and travel. Because when we go to Newport, when we go to Chicago, New York, we go to a Soul Cycle class.

Russ Perry: Right, because working out kind of sucks in general and at Soul Cycle it’s fun.

Mika Perry: It’s so fun.

Russ Perry: The vibe is fun.

Mika Perry: It’s so fun. Alright, next, you may have seen me talk about this on my Instagram stories. I’m, by the way, @mikaperry. Russ is @russperry, and this is my favorite lip gloss. It’s by a company called Nyx, N-Y-X. It’s $4.99. You can buy it everywhere, and my two favorite colors are éclair and fortune cookies.

Russ Perry: Ah, you’re going to leave me hanging.

Mika Perry: They’re great. They’re not super sticky. The color pigment is amazing, and at $4.99, I put them all over the place. I almost included, and I’m going to do an extra, this is a bonus 13th favorite, it’s Jane Iredales Lip Drink, and that’s more of a natural product. So I know Nyx is like, hey get it at Target, $4.99 whatever, maybe I could put something a little bit more natural on me, but it works and I keep them all over the place. I also have several of the Jane Ireldale Lip Drink chapsticks as well, and that has an SPF as well. So anyways, I’ll link both of these and you can try them out.
Alright, also, speaking of stories, you probably see me whenever I go on there and talk to you guys. I’m pretty much always wearing a hat with a braid. That is like my day to day look. I don’t want to do my hair. I’m going to the gym. I’m running around doing errands or appointments, whatever. I always have a hat on. Now, fun fact, I have kind of a larger head, so I like to buy men’s hats because I feel like when I buy the women’s hats they kind of just like sit on top of my head, so I get the Nike Men’s Legacy and then something fit, hat, so I will link

Russ Perry: Like flex fit?

Mika Perry: There’s different styles. But I know it’s like a fit one and then legacy. And actually I think the legacy one is like a golf hat, but I buy men’s ones. I either get them on Amazon or actually Lids, at the mall, or online.

Russ Perry: I didn’t know Lids is still around.

Mika Perry: Yeah. And I like rarely …

Russ Perry: Did you get your Chicago Bulls hat there too?

Mika Perry: Right?

Russ Perry: Your Scotty Pippen hat?

Mika Perry: What I think, but actually when I took Reese back to school shopping for shoes, she needed specific shoes and I had to go to like a Foot Locker, because they didn’t have plain white shoes anywhere. Anyways, next store was a Lids and I was like, “Hey let’s pop in there”, and it was like buy one get one half off or something on hats. And they had a ton of Adidas and Nike hats and I was like, “Oh, this is a great place.” So actually, it’s a great place to try on your Nike hats, and then you can get them online, for convenience, down the road.

Russ Perry: Poor Lids. I’m sure that’s like, I mean, the fact that they’re still around is a miracle, but I bet that is half their customers that walk in do exactly that. Just try it on, and then buy it online.

Mika Perry: Well, hey, whatever. It works for me. So Nike hats, can’t live without them. Last on this little section is Diptyque candles and room spray. So Diptyque Bay, Diptyque is the company, Bay is the fragrance that I love. This is pretty basic, like hashtag basic, to love this brand. I think if you look at any blogger, beauty or home thing, you’ll see a picture of that like Diptyque candle sitting on a coffee table or on a vanity. They’re really pretty, but the quality and the fragrance, it’s worth it. It’s an expensive candle. It’s an expensive room spray, but it lasts. And it just has a beautiful beautiful scent. I’ve tried the other scents, and I just always come back to this one. It’s a little bit more spring and summer but it is just so good. But the spray I want to mention here, is an awesome little tip, because if you love the candle, get the room spray because just one or two sprays of this and it is awesome, and it lasts forever.

Russ Perry: Okay, what’s the deal with those sticks in oil? Are those still around?

Mika Perry: Oh, diffusers?

Russ Perry: Yeah.

Mika Perry: Yes. Those are still around and I actually had a Joe Malone one in our bathroom, reed diffusers, that’s what they call them.

Russ Perry: Reed diffusers.

Mika Perry: I like them, but I feel like the fragrance is a little like faint, and actually Diptyque has a hourglass diffuser, that doesn’t use reeds, but it kind of is that slow release of scents. And for me, I feel like it just like the output of those things don’t work, so.

Russ Perry: Okay, thanks for –

Mika Perry: You’re welcome.

Russ Perry: Satisfying my …

Mika Perry: Curiosity?

Russ Perry: Aromatic curiosity. Alright, this is going to be hard to match up. I think we’re starting to take on divergent paths here with our items, but I’m going to do my best. So I’m going to start with some self products. I’m a big fan of The Crew Fiber Hair Product, and …

Mika Perry: American Crew, right?

Russ Perry: American Crew, yeah, sorry. American Crew, it’s been around a while. I think it’s kind of fallen down a few notches in terms of like it’s prestige. I remember when it came out it was like pretty high end, but it still, it has a legacy sort of status, where it’s like I don’t feel like it’s going anywhere. You can find it in most stores. The product is really great. I have a lot of hair and so it doesn’t help me to have heavy product, and it can just use a little bit of this stuff and it just gets the job done.

And the best place I found to buy it is actually at Nordstrom Rack. That is the value bin, you can get it for like $2.00 cheaper per unit there. If you can find it in a three pack in Target, that’s also a good deal too, but they definitely have a strong hold on the inventory in Nordstrom Rack.

Next up for me is my classic black and white, Nike Air Jordan Ones. High top, can’t go wrong. I’ve worn these, these have become my staple travel shoes, because they are very easy. I don’t have to tie them. I just have them continually tied at one level where I could slide them off and on, through security if required. So these shoes even go with pretty much anything I’m wearing while traveling, which is black. And best of all, my beautiful wife, Mika, likes them.

Mika Perry: They look really good on you.

Russ Perry: Which I can’t say is the case for a lot of my shoes.

Mika Perry: Your animal print Nikes.

Russ Perry: Faux animal print, just so …

Mika Perry: Faux animal print, you have flower Gucci shoes.

Russ Perry: Look, they’re Gucci loafers. So, yes, she supports these and I like them. I get props from them too, from shoe heads around wherever I go, including the most recent was the kid running the bounce castle at our neighborhood party. He really liked my Air Jordan Ones.

Mika Perry: And that one time at the bus stop.

Russ Perry: At the bus stop.

Mika Perry: All the kindergarten boys loved your shoes.

Russ Perry: So, really really the right markets, I’m influencing.

Next up, that was my number two. Next up, I cannot live without my Nespresso Machine and specifically, ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about the Lattissima Pro Model. So Nespresso is a … I guess if you don’t know, it’s at the next tier after Keurigs. And they’re pod instant coffee, but it’s more espresso style, higher pressure, higher quality, and they even have machines like the Lattissima, where it does foam. So you can do a latte, you can do several other drinks, but this isn’t why I love the company. I love the company because of their commitment to sustainability, and they are so focused on making sure all of the pods, everything’s recycled. We are very good about it. You get these shipping containers that … your envelopes, you put the used pods in, they break it down. They compost the grounds, they recycle the plastic and the metal, and I just … The quality is so much better than other products out there, especially the Keurigs for sure, and I just love the branding. The company has always delivered and so, I couldn’t live without it. It’s fantastic. And you were against it at first.

Mika Perry: Yeah. I like a big mug of coffee and it doesn’t really make that. You can do it, you can add hot water.

Russ Perry: It’s called an Americano.

Mika Perry: I know, but like I just was against it, kind of like I was also against the idea of Keurig when it first came out. I was like what, one cup at a time like what a non efficient way to make coffee, but it actually turns out it really is.

Russ Perry: Right, and we do have the backup french press when we run out of pods and it’s kind of like a national crisis. Ahh.

Mika Perry: Oh no, we’re out of espresso pods.

Russ Perry: But that’s, that is a definite must, and the best deal I ever got on one of those was at the store, what is the cooking store with glasses?

Mika Perry: Did you get it at Sur La Table?

Russ Perry: Yeah, Sur La Table. They actually sell them, some do some don’t. It was a weird time when we were trying to find one, but we ended up finding one there and it was on clearance, and that’s specifically Lettissima Pro. So again, go to retail, not just go to Amazon. You can find better deals there.

Alright, finally in my last set of four here, in the spirit of self care, could not live without my Sonicare, Diamond Clear Toothbrush. Now, going to a Sonic Care toothbrush is sort of like going from SD, standard definition television, to HD or 4K, for teeth brushing. You will never go back, and I have not had a cavity since. My gums are healthier. I don’t dread going to the dentist because it just cleans like crazy. And the newest model, which we picked up at Costco, because we were giving down our old ones to our kids, they have a combo charging travel case. Talk about convenience ladies and gentlemen. It charges in the case, which is fantastic. Do you know how boring that is? I feel like these are mine is …

Mika Perry: Like essentials, yes. That’s what we’re talking about.

Russ Perry: Essentials, have to have them. Alright, so that’s my set of four kind of self care, preference thing.

Mika Perry: I like it.

I cannot live without my Emme Diane Tinted Mineral Sunscreen. So I used to tan like crazy, like in the sun, no sunscreen because I have more like olive toned skin and I don’t really burn. Doesn’t mean I haven’t burned before, and it definitely doesn’t mean that I did not get a ton of sun damage in my 20’s, even my early 30’s. So last year, I switched over to wearing daily sunscreen and I haven’t looked back since. I think, from a health perspective, that was a very good decision and one that was a long time coming. And then also from just from like a beauty standpoint, it’s really improved my skin, because I had a lot of like hyper pigmentation and melasma that I’ve worked on, but if you follow me at all on social media, you know that Emme Diane is like my go to. She does my facials, makes all of my skincare products. Luckily she’s local to us in Phoenix, but you can be coached by her. She does skin coaching, and you can get all of her products shipped to you. She is amazing and everyone I’ve recommended going to her, using her products, have told me, life change.

Russ Perry: What were those two conditions that you said you have?

Mika Perry: Hyper pigmentation, which is like sunspots. You have them on your shoulders, by the way.

Russ Perry: Okay.

Mika Perry: So not really freckles, like I wasn’t born with them, but it’s hyper pigmentation of your melanin in your skin.

Russ Perry: Okay.

Mika Perry: And then melasma, which is not hyper pigmentation caused by sun, but heat causes it, and it comes out also, it’s hormonally triggered as well.

Russ Perry: Alright, just curious.

Mika Perry: Anyway, this sunscreen is amazing. It has almost like a primer consistency and it’s tinted. She does make a non tinted version, and she also makes an illuminating one, but I have kind of combination skin. I love that this just mattifies my skin and I typically, like on the days that you see me wearing my hat and my side braid, all I have on on my skin is this tinted sunscreen. It’s not heavily tinted, but it just kind of mattifies my face and makes it smooth. And I love it.

Next up, are Gemfleur Oils and it’s a company called Nectar Essences, and they make a specific line called Gemfleur. The owner, Jenny, and I have actually become friends now and she’s fantastic. I picked these up, I found them first at my spa that I go to, where I get my nails done. I was like, “These are cute.” They’re these little aromatherapy vials. Since then, I’ve just become a huge fan. I travel with these, I keep them around the house and it’s not as much of like the therapeutic use of essential oils. Like you don’t make household cleaners with them. You don’t put them into your bathtub, you don’t ingest them. You just use them as aromatherapy, and I’m a huge believer in the power of scent to guide you throughout your day, with different moods and I just love them. So they come in a set or you can just buy them as individual vials.

Next is my chambray button up shirt. So now I have a couple of these, but these are you mentioned like a staple to wear. This is my staple shirt that I wear, especially when I travel. Every time I travel, I decided I’m just going to wear the same outfit, because it makes it easier when I’m packing and trying to prepare and get ready to go. At least I don’t have to pick my airport outfit. I just think it’s a classic look. I usually wear it with either black jeans or white jeans. And I have one, actually, it’s like a tencel fabric, and I got it at Target actually. But I recently picked up another one over at top shop, and I think there’s so many different types out there, but the key for me is getting a very light light wash.

Russ Perry: Chambray, I’ve never heard of that before. Is that from an animal?

Mika Perry: No, do you have any idea what I’m talking about?

Russ Perry: No. It’s kind of like, it kind of just …

Mika Perry: It’s a light

Russ Perry: I’m nodding like, ah.

Mika Perry: You were nodding like, oh that’s interesting. I thought you were like nodding because you’re like yes, Mika, I notice that you wear this every time we travel.

Russ Perry: No, in my mind, I’m like, it sounds like a magician word. Chambray!

Mika Perry: Oh my gosh, okay. So chambray is like a denim.

Russ Perry: Okay.

Mika Perry: Denim.

Russ Perry: But like a cooler version of denim?

Mika Perry: A lighter version.

Russ Perry: Like worn denim?

Mika Perry: A little bit. It’s just light.

Russ Perry: Chambray is definitely a cooler way to say it. Could I use it as like a adjective, like you’re so chambray?

Mika Perry: No, it’s noun. It’s a noun, don’t use it as an adjective. Anyway, chambray shirt, you can use it in a multitude of scenarios. I’ve even tucked it into my white jeans and put on heels and worn it to dinner. You can use it as a beach cover up. You can tie it around your waist for different outfits, like if you’re wearing a black dress, whatever.

Russ Perry: Denim.

Mika Perry: It’s super versatile.

Russ Perry: So it’s like saying an alpaca coat.

Mika Perry: I guess.

Russ Perry: Okay.

Mika Perry: Yeah.

Russ Perry: Continue.

Mika Perry: But not …
Okay, next is Natural Calm. This is something I’ve mentioned before. I said that it was a calm tea, and I need to correct myself, it’s not actually like a tea leaf based brewing type of tea. I say it’s a tea because I use it like it’s a tea. It’s a powder, and I dissolve it in hot water and I drink it at nighttime, but it’s a powder that you can actually put into cold water and it is a magnesium supplement. And I think magnesium is one of the most important minerals that you can use and supplement with, because a lot of people are unknowingly deficient in it.

And the benefits of magnesium is better digestion. In fact, if you have too much of magnesium, it can be like really good digestion. It also helps with anxiety and sleep, and I’ve had people message me after I’ve recommended Natural Calm, this magnesium supplement, saying their anxiety levels, both for themselves and their children, they make a kids version one. I haven’t tried it yet. That it’s like extremely helpful.

Now I’m not here to tell you, if you have anxiety, this is the cure. But I highly recommend giving it a try if you’ve never tried magnesium. You can also do an Epsom salt bath for magnesium. That’s a great delivery method of it, but I’ve just chosen this one because I’m just used to it. And I will say the unflavored version that I have, that I use, is actually not unflavored. It tastes like really sour lemon, so it’s not the tastiest thing, but it is so worth it. You just need a little bit, and it really helps me. I feel like my digestion and just kind of like literally a calm feeling. It really helps with that.

Russ Perry: You know, it’s so crazy, because if you actually light raw magnesium it’s like brighter or as bright as the sun. It’s not calm at all.

Mika Perry: Really?

Russ Perry: Yeah, if you, I remember that in science class.

Mika Perry: Hmn, well maybe it just like brightens your mood and your day.

Russ Perry: Yeah, well, it’s … you touch on a topic I was hearing on the Tim Ferris podcast, about how, because we’re drinking so much filtered water we’re actually like depriving ourselves of a ton of minerals and things that are in regular water that just come through the natural water process. And its important that we’re tracking our supplementation. Ideally, you’re getting them naturally. That was the main thing, was get all this stuff naturally. But if you’re not getting it, you’re drinking copious amounts of Le Croix, like we do, then you might need to be augmenting your intake in these other areas.

Mika Perry: Yeah, so, Natural Calm, it comes in different powder forms, it’s awesome. Now that’s 12 for me, but I have a 13th.

Russ Perry: Okay, save it.

Mika Perry: For?

Russ Perry: After, like the bonus 13th one. And it’d better be good.

Mika Perry: Okay.

Russ Perry: That’s the finale.

Mika Perry: Okay. I thought this was going to be my finale, but go ahead.

Russ Perry: No, because I want you to end it strong.

Mika Perry: Okay.

Russ Perry: You’re much more …

Mika Perry: Okay, I’m going to do it. I can do it. Go ahead with your list.

Russ Perry: So my last four is a technological journey I’m about to take you on. It’s all tech related things from very low tech to very high tech, that help make my life easier. The first is my, I call it my old person pill container. And what this is, is you can find it at Walgreens, it is the Monday through Sunday four week pill brick that has 28 containers all in alignment and you can tell what you do, but I use it for my supplements. So Mika’s infamous for her tower of, what do you call it, your pill tower?

Mika Perry: The wellness tower.

Russ Perry: The wellness tower, and I am calling this the pill brick. Not as cool, but it helps me a ton, and especially when I am able to just sort it out at the beginning the month and have everything planned out and then when I get to say the third week, and I run out of something, I know right then to order it and I’m never running out of my supplements and things that I take because I plan it out, all in advance. Then in the morning, it’s just easy for me to grab it, and say I’m traveling, I’ll get a couple zip lock bags, put each day into each zip lock bag and its ready to go. So that’s low tech.

Now, advancing in technology, and adding some electronics to it, it’s my RCA alarm clock. I got this on Amazon. It is, I call, a single app tool and it’s only purpose is to wake me up and tell the time I guess, I use it for the time, but I really just use it to wake me up. I like having this, because alternatively a lot of people, myself included used to have your cell phone by your bed to use as your alarm clock and I don’t think that’s healthy. I think there’s brain waves and radio waves attacking you at night, and giving you crazy dreams and being unhealthy in general, so I …

Mika Perry: Meanwhile I’m on the other side of the bed with my iPhone.

Russ Perry: And you have trouble sleeping a lot, so I’m just saying. And guess who doesn’t have trouble sleeping? So I keep my phone downstairs in the charging station, next to my kid’s phone, and I then use this RCA alarm clock, and yes it’s not like the gradual mystical sounds of the jungle waking me up. It’s more like eh eh eh, but it helps me get up faster because then I don’t want to wake Mika up. So that is my next step.

Now advancing quite a bit in technology, is two, I guess that’s kind of cheating, but two things I love. It’s my Apple Trackpad and my Apple Extended Keyboard, which is defined by the keyboard with the number pad on the right side. That you can use for accounting purposes, addition, subtraction. They just released this for purchase, the blacked out editions, on Apple. You used to only be able to get them when you bought the iMac pro, but you can get these. But the trackpad specifically, I love. I love having a trackpad versus a mouse. When I’m using even on my laptop, I’ll use, I’ll sync this Bluetooth and I’ll use a trackpad to the right of my laptop, so that I’m not getting carpal tunnel, or I don’t know. It just increases my efficiency, and especially I think if you’re on your computer all of the time, and you can save a few minutes here and there, that adds up to a lot of time overall being able to do more in a fixed amount of your life.

Now finally, my final item, which I’m pretty sure a lot of people have but I couldn’t live without, Amazon Prime. And what’s really cool about Amazon Prime, is you don’t realize it often, but you get a ton of free media too. Videos, books, music, in addition to all the shipping, but mainly I use it for whenever I listen to a podcast or I talked to somebody and they mentioned a book, two days later I have the book.

Mika Perry: I mean, I don’t think you have to mention how amazing Amazon Prime is, because …

Russ Perry: Right. Well, it’s just sort of like …

Mika Perry: It’s incredible.

Russ Perry: It is.

Mika Perry: And now it’s even at Whole Foods. You scan your little code.

Russ Perry: What do you get?

Mika Perry: You get like $3.00 off at most.

Russ Perry: Great, big brother is everywhere. But yeah, and I like, bu the media side’s pretty cool, especially if you’re traveling and can’t remember your Netflix login, you can always log in to Amazon Prime and watch something, because you always remember your Amazon log in. Alright, Mika.

Mika Perry: Okay, so my final 13th item is actually something that you and I both have on right now, and that’s our Beats Headphones.

Russ Perry: Oh, count it as mine too. Combo 13th item.

Mika Perry: So, this is like something we use at least once a day, I would say, in a variety of ways. So obviously here, when we’re recording our podcasts, it’s helpful to hear your own voice on the mic, so we have them plugged in. Russ, you have the all black version. I have the all like nude/blush gold. I think it’s technically called gold. It’s like a matte version, both of ours are matte. We also use them for meditating. We use them for working out. I used to use them, I don’t use them as much anymore, but for sleep, I would listen to like sleep meditation. Also on the airplane, sometimes I have them on, but it is just noise canceling.

Russ Perry: Earmuffs.

Mika Perry: Earmuffs. They can also be ear muffs maybe in the cold too. But I love these headphones, and this is my second pair. The first one had, I had for a long time, and they got beat up because I didn’t put them in the case. I also think they changed the structure and the quality. They’ve improved them to be a little more durable, because you do travel with them and you do put them on when you work out. They get a lot of wear and tear, but they last a really long time, and when people have asked, “Do you like your Beats Headphones?” I’m like, “Yes, they’re amazing.” I specifically also, I don’t know if it’s my ear structure, but pods are not comfortable for me and they don’t stay in very well. So if I’m doing a high intensity activity or running, they just stay in much better for me, so can’t live without them. They’re very much integrated into our daily lives.

Russ Perry: Yes, and now for a few practical man opinions on them. They are the Beats version, we have the three, it’s not the studio version, it’s the help me on … great product episode guys, we don’t know the name, but the studio are the over ear ones. These are the like more compact ones. I love how they literally compact to the size of, if you remember what a CD was, it’s like super small and it can go in any bag, and they are crazy durable. Now there is some wear and tear over time, like the paint or things kind of can chip off, but for literally the amount that we’re putting them through, sweat and everything that we do, they just keep trucking and I love them. And I know they get some heat from like audio files, who say “Oh, the base sound treble ranges for your money aren’t ideal.”

Mika Perry: Are you serious?

Russ Perry: Oh yeah, there’s a lot of critics of the sound quality.

Mika Perry: Well, okay, well I’m not a DJ, so these are fine.

Russ Perry: And I’m like even if you were, like David Geddis sounds pretty good in these regardless, so …

Mika Perry: They sound great.

Russ Perry: So, good bonus one babe. I love it.

Mika Perry: So I hope this has been a helpful list for you guys to get an idea of just our, the daily items in our lives that have been helpful, that make our lives just a little bit more fun and enjoyable, and beautiful, and efficient. And we’ll put all the links here in the show notes for you guys, if you want to check any of it out. And if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, or e-mail us, or message us on Instagram.

Russ Perry: Right, and we’d love to hear what you can’t live without. Maybe we’ll do one of those fancy question Instagram things.

Mika Perry: Ooh, yes. What’s your one essential? I love that.

Russ Perry: Got it, let’s do it. Let’s commit to it.

Mika Perry: Okay. Alright.

Russ Perry: Alright everyone, thanks again. Don’t forget to go check out past episodes on goodtobehomepodcast.com. We’re on all the podcast services. We’d love a rating as well. Thanks again, we’ll see you next week.

Mika Perry: Bye.

Russ Perry: Thanks for listening to this episode of Good To Be Home.

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Russ Perry: See you next time.