Episode #19: How We Resolve Conflicts

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On this week’s podcast, we are opening up about conflicts in our marriage and sharing strategies for conflict resolution.

Today’s episode is all about conflict resolution.

In particular, Russ and Mika are talking about the actual things that cause the two of them to fight, and how they handle those situations.

This is a special episode because not only do the two of them share tips for resolving conflicts, you can actually hear Russ and Mika work through some of their own specific problems on this podcast.

You’ll hear about conflicts regarding parenting, finance, intimacy and more.

In this episode, you will learn:

• The source of some of the conflicts in Russ and Mika’s marriage.
• Why you shouldn’t avoid conflict.
• The importance of addressing an issue before it becomes a conflict.
• Tools you can use for resolving conflicts in your own relationships.

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