Episode #43: Sobriety, Skin Care and Building a Successful Brand: An Interview with Esthetician Emme Diane

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On this weeks episode, we are excited to share our very first interview with licensed esthetician and skin care specialist Emme Diane.

When Russ and Mika first started Good to Be Home, their goal was to share personal conversations in the hopes of helping others find balance in their lives.

Recently, they have decided to invite some special guests to join us on the podcast, and specifically people who have had a profound impact on their own quest for balance.

Emme Diane is a licensed esthetician with 20 years of professional experience and creator of the skincare line, Emme Diane. She specializes in advanced skin care treatments, skin coaching, and targeted products for seemingly-unsolvable skin issues, from acne to melsasma, aging, and everything in between.

Mika can personally attest to Emme’s treatments, as she is a longtime client as well as a daily user of Emme’s products.

Emme joins us this week to talk about why skin care is important, and what we can do to better take care of our skin. This episode isn’t just about skin care, though. Emme also shares her emotional story about her own journey through addiction, rehab, sobriety and eventually finding success as an entrepreneur.


In this episode, you will learn:

• How her career as an esthetician began and when she started her own business.
• When Emme’s addiction issues started and when she decided to seek help.
• How a passion for skin care has helped Emme remain sober for 18 years.
• Skin care tips for men and women.


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