Episode #67: How to Conquer Your Email Inbox

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Today’s episode is full of tips, strategies, and tactics for conquering your email inbox.

Today, Russ and Mika are talking about something you can’t live without, especially if you are managing people or running your own business.

Email has become a vital part of our everyday lives, but sometimes our email inboxes can overwhelm even the best of us.

On this week’s podcast, we are sharing some tips on how you can conquer your email inbox as well as some strategies and tools that we use every day to help make email work for us.

This episode is all about how to become mindful about the role that email plays in our lives and how you can simplify the process of using email in your own life.

In this episode, you will learn:

• What email habits look like for most people.
• How to look at your email inbox as a to-do list.
• Some of the tools we use to improve our email usage.
• Three ideas that could transform the way you approach email.

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