Episode #48: Naturopathic Medicine & Hormonal Health with Dr. Jillian Smithers

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On today’s podcast, we are speaking with Mika’s doctor Jillian Smithers about hormones, supplements and all kinds of non-traditional medicine.

Have you ever thought of trying integrative or naturopathic medicine as an alternative to the way you treat yourself now? In this episode, you’ll hear how Dr. Jillian Smithers made the jump from traditional to naturopathic medicine, as well as her own personal medical journey.

Mika also breaks down her health issues, why she sought out Jillian’s services and how being more in tune with her body naturally has helped her. We’ll get into hormones, supplements, and other natural remedies.


In this episode, you will learn:

•  Naturopathic vs conventional medicine
•  Why are there so many critics when it comes to this alternative care?
•  Why don’t naturopaths take insurance?
• What affects hormonal health?


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