Episode #45: Battling Trauma and PTSD with Deric Keller of Battlefield Boardroom

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On today’s podcast, we are speaking with decorated combat veteran Deric Keller about anger, healing, and moving past trauma.

One of the goals that Russ and Mika have for this podcast in 2019 is to invite people who have had an impact on their lives on to show to share their own stories.

Russ met Deric Keller through their work with the Warrior program, and when we heard Deric’s story we knew we wanted him to share it with our listeners.

Deric is a decorated combat veteran, husband, and father of seven children. He is also the founder of a personal coaching and accountability program called Battlefield Boardroom.

After returning home from serving in the Iraq war, Deric was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and struggled with adjusting to everyday life.

Deric joins us this week to share his powerful story about his experience serving in the United States Marine Corps, working through trauma, anger, healing, and committing himself to a life of coaching others.


In this episode, you will learn:

• Why Deric joined the US Marine Corps and his experience as a member of the armed forces.
• How combat experience changed Deric and why he had trouble adjusting to life at home.
• What made Deric decide that he needed to make a change.
• Why Deric has committed his life to coach other veterans.


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