Episode #28: Understanding the “Core Four”

On this week’s podcast, we are talking about a daily system of healthy habits called the “Core Four”.  On today’s episode, we are exploring something that Russ and Mika have experienced the benefits of firsthand. Specifically, we are talking about a daily system of healthy habits called the “Core Four”. As a certified trainer...

On today’s episode, we are exploring something that Russ and Mika have experienced the benefits of firsthand.

Specifically, we are talking about a daily system of healthy habits called the “Core Four”.

As a certified trainer in the Warrior program, Russ coaches men and women how to understand and master the “Core Four” every day.

The “Core Four” is a collection of daily habits that target the four major areas of life that we all struggle to balance.

On this podcast, we are discussing how we can better understand these aspects of our lives. By understanding and focusing on the “Core Four”, we can find ways to improve our lives in those areas, and ultimately work to achieve happiness and fulfillment in every aspect of our lives.


In this episode, you will learn:

• What the four major areas of our lives are.
• How we can grow in each of the four main aspects of our lives.
• The 8 simple tasks that we can do to better ourselves every day.
• How accomplishing these goals will give you the momentum you need to have a successful day.


Mentioned in this episode:
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The Sober Entrepreneur by Russ Perry
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One and Done Cookbook by Skinnytaste
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3 in 30 for Moms Podcast – What If I’m Jealous?
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The Time Machine by H.G. Wells
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San Marcos by Brockhampton
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Russ Perry: Hey everyone. Welcome to another episode of Good to be Home. I am Russ Perry-

Mika Perry: … and I am Mika Perry.

Russ Perry: You are listening to us on your new Michael Jackson microphones.

Mika Perry: What do you mean by that Russ? Explain.

Russ Perry: Well, not too long ago we upgraded our mic set up and our editor sent a link to the same kind of microphones that Michael Jackson used in his Thriller album which is only the best selling album of all time.

Mika Perry: So, let’s hope these work for us.

Russ Perry: We’re excited for today’s episode. Actually, I’m going to be talking a lot during today’s episode, but don’t tune out. It’s going to be fun and I’m going to be talking about something that is very near and dear to my heart but really a system of healthy habits and healthy living that I use every day called Core4.

Mika Perry: Before we do that-

Russ Perry: Before we do that, we have our reading, listening, eating and loving list which you can get the full list over on our website Check it out. Mika, take it away.

Mika Perry: All right. First, I just need a note that I feel so far from you now with these boom mics. Hello!

Russ Perry: Well, I mean, we’re just … I mean you’re here right now.

Mika Perry: All right. I’m loving them. Hope you sound great on them. Okay. Reading, you know, I love cookbooks. If you don’t, I do. I pretty much collect cookbooks. When I want to relax and unwind, I read them. I think they’re super … I don’t know. They’re entertaining almost and then I always get hungry after I read them too. One I recently picked up is called Skinny Taste One and Done. So, I first heard from Skinny Taste from a couple of bloggers that post the recipes from this cookbook and also I think it’s an Instagram and blog too and probably that’s how it started. At Costco, they had the newest cookbook by them called One and Done so its like one pot meals. Not just one pot like also one sheet pan or one skillet which I like because one thing was the instant pot like that’s so popular right now. We don’t have an instant pot. So, you can also apply these recipes to other pots or pans basically but really again, what did I make … oh, I made chicken tortilla soup recently from this. Right?

Russ Perry: Well, that was a tough time for me.

Mika Perry: We went over that. Yeah, when you were fasting. Sorry. I did make two batches and froze them and then brought them back out from the freezer and you had it when you’re done with your fast and they were good.

Russ Perry: Had second-hand chicken hand, chicken tortilla, chicken hand chicken tortilla soup.

Mika Perry: All right. Listening, you’ve heard me mention this podcast before but its’ because I just absolutely love it. It’s called 3 in 30 for Moms. Rachel, you are my home girl. She is just doing a fabulous job and one episode I listened to recently is called What to do when you’re Jealous. I love that it’s candid and vulnerable and open like we all get jealous. We’ve all experienced that at one point another. A few things that stood for me in that episode including what to do or even the fact that sometimes you’re jealous of other people’s kids. So, Rachel says her kids are intense and of course you and I can relate to how it was.

Russ Perry: Oh man, yeah.

Mika Perry: Our kids are very heightened emotion recent page, are very intense sometimes and that sometimes I will look at other really calm girls just sitting there and I get maybe a little bit jealous of that. Also, Reese was super like colicky and intense as a baby. She had a little period there and I just remember being like, “Oh, I wish she would sit in a car seat like these other moms going out to dinner. Remember, we would try to go to dinner and she would cry the whole time. So, I thought that was really interesting that she just said, “Hey, we can be jealous of other people’s kids.”

Mika Perry: Another thing I thought of is that it just talked a lot about how to recognize and say that you’re jealous and how that might be a really good, even this podcast alone I might have Maddix listen to because I think it’s super important to address jealousy with teen girls especially in the world of social media and just being a girl. Also, recognizing that other people may be acting out of their own jealousy and to identify that so that you can connect with them in that way.

Russ Perry: It reminds me of our episode we did on overwhelm and stress where we were talking about briefly hates online and how really that’s just them … it’s like any time you have those negative feelings or you’re reacting to someone. You’re reacting to something which could include jealousy.

Mika Perry: Right. It was just a really interesting perspective on all that. Also, her guest and she both admitted that they had been jealous of each other in their own personal successes.

Russ Perry: Ooh.

Mika Perry: So, yeah. I thought that was really refreshing to hear. All right-

Russ Perry: Who are you jealous of?

Mika Perry: Parents with calm children. Yeah. What about you? Is there anyone you’re jealous of?

Russ Perry: Justin Timberlake and a lot of artists Takashi Murakami. They just seem to live like really fabulous lives.

Mika Perry: Eating olive oil by a company called Carapelli, I discovered this recently at Costco and I went back and bought two cases of it. It is that good.

Russ Perry: Which we counted technically it was only 21 bottles. Your second case wasn’t complete.

Mika Perry: I just felt like it was too much to have two full cases. I’m not joking. They took out three. I was like, “So, it’s not that bad.”

Russ Perry: How weird? I was like, “Why is there three missing?”

Mika Perry: Well, that’s kind of why. I wanted to lessen the intense experiences by 24 bottles.

Russ Perry: Yeah. You bought 21 liters of olive oil.

Mika Perry: So, I love this olive oil. It say Firenze so it’s Florentine, but we spent the summer there in Italy and it tasted and reminded me exactly of the olive oil, the unfiltered peppery yummy olive oil that we had in Florence. So, a lot of our friends and family are going to be getting this for Christmas. FYI.

Russ Perry: Spoiler alert.

Mika Perry: Yep. Finally, loving impact church, our church. Pastor Travis Hearn is the pastor. He’s actually the chaplain for the Phoenix Suns, our NBA team here, but we’ve been going here for a while, right?

Russ Perry: Over four years by now.

Mika Perry: Okay. It is an amazing church. So, I just wanted to mention this for anyone in the Phoenix area, if you’re looking for a new church, if you just want to come check out a new one or never been a church, come. It’s super fun. It’s very non entitled, super friendly, just good people. The music is amazing. The vibe is really young, right?

Russ Perry: Yeah and super diverse.

Mika Perry: Very.

Russ Perry: People have a hard time talking about religion sometime. We’re Christian and we don’t talk about a lot on the show, but the way I look at church is this. If you want to get better in your life in most areas, you will find a system. You want to workout, you have a workout system, a diet system. You want to learn from someone, you hire a consultant. You invest and you spend time in areas that are to help you grow. That’s what church is for us and for me. It is people get like, “Oh, I believe in God but I think organized religion is terrible.” It’s like, “Well, you’re not going to really grow unless you surround yourself and challenge yourself in that church can do that.” We use church in a very generic sense.

Russ Perry: So, I like it because every time I go, I get a new perspective on parenting, business, life like philanthropy. Every week is different. It’s a great moment. It’s almost like a date for our family where we all go together and we have experience together. Kids are grossly more interested in donuts but that’s okay for now. I really encourage people to incorporate that and we’ll talk about that a little bit later in our message and our sermon today On Core4.

Mika Perry: So, that’s my four.

Russ Perry: All right.

Mika Perry: What’s yours?

Russ Perry: So, reading. I read The Time Machine by HG Wells, kind of an old-school book. I have to explain why I read this because it’s not like I’m just picking up 100 multi, several hundred-year-old literature. I don’t actually know when it was written, probably over 150 years ago.

Mika Perry: It sounds old.

Russ Perry: You don’t know the time machine by HG Wells?

Mika Perry: Daily.

Russ Perry: Well, it’s a classic literature, but I came across it because I am a subscriber to the Maus Book Club. Every month I get one to three literally small tiny little books. They’re about as big as an iPhone and maybe about as thin as 20 or 30 index cards. They take and edit down, it’s not abridged so it’s the original text but they basically take clips from classic literature from The Iliad to the Time Machine. I read like Julius Caesar. It’s basically to get you inspired to read that stuff again but not be super overwhelmed that you have this like thick text that you remember from high school or junior high you’re trying to read. So, I get them and they’re fun. You can read them. I took them on our trip to Cabo. You can read them anywhere you go. I liked it. I loved the Time Machine. It was so good, I went and read more of it. Shout out to Classic Literature. Just keeping it-

Mika Perry: FYI, still relevant.

Russ Perry: Still relevant in today. So, what am I listening to? I am listening to a very interesting group. Mika, have you heard of the group Brockhampton?

Mika Perry: Yes.

Russ Perry: You have?

Mika Perry: Yeah.

Russ Perry: What?

Mika Perry: I know, right?

Russ Perry: Tell me more about them.

Mika Perry: That’s all I know.

Russ Perry: Okay. So, they’re actually … it’s kind of like modern-day Wu-Tang Clan. If you remember Wu-Tang Clan, there was like 85 members of Wu-Tang Clan and they were all nuts. This is a group they think they’re out at California and they originally like all met on a Kanye West fan board, but it’s a big group of musicians, singers, designers, rappers, all sorts of folks and their new album just came out and off that album is the single San Marcos. I am all about it. I think the album is called iridescence. Got to check these guys out. I mean every song has energy. I’ve actually recommended them before. Maybe you heard them because I listed them before in the past Mika, maybe that’s why, but great single. I think they just lost their lead singer. So, they’re really kind of reemerging and finding their new voice without their lead singer who they … or their frontman, I don’t know if you call them a lead singer, but shout out to Brockhampton.

Russ Perry: What am I eating? Trifecta nutrition meals all day long, all the time, but they’re good. So, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been working on a system for when I get my office back to have prep meals there. It’s a nice thing that I have to kind of streamline my day. I did a shout out to a local company but I found a different company I was switching to Trifecta nutrition. I’ve been loving their meals. I went a little crazy. Mika shaking her head right now at me because our fridge is like overloaded. We’re going to hand them out for Halloween. We had so many leftover. I kind of went overboard and ordered like far too many meals, but I’m handing them out to my team members stopping by our house. It’s a great company. It’s organic. It’s clean. It’s the website and experience is good. The customer service has been awesome. If you’re looking for a streamlined way, what I’ll be using them for our breakfasts and lunches and then eating Mika’s delicious home-cooked meals at nighttime.

Mika Perry: Thanks.

Russ Perry: What am I loving? Well, I had something already listed on here that I was loving getting up early again which is like such a feel-good nice thing to say, but what I’m now really loving that just came in the mail are my new Gucci shoes.

Mika Perry: They’re ridiculous. So, Russ just did before we started recording this, he did a little unboxing. He like came in with this big smile on his face. The box says ABCDEF Gucci. He opened it up and there’s a giant R on one shoe and a giant P on the other shoe.

Russ Perry: They’re like low top like kicks. I don’t know what how you describe these shoes.

Mika Perry: They’re actually … You know what? I take it back. They’re not absolutely ridiculous. What’s ridiculous are all your other Nikes with like leopard print all over them? These are actually really streamlined and simple and pretty. I actually went a little bit jealous of you.

Russ Perry: Nice.

Mika Perry: I want them.

Russ Perry: Well-

Mika Perry: Cool shoes Russ.

Russ Perry: Thanks. [inaudible] is around the corner.

Mika Perry: Russ is not like a designer by himself like things type of guy. So-

Russ Perry: It’s rare that I do.

Mika Perry: Yeah.

Russ Perry: [crosstalk]

Mika Perry: Good for you. I’m glad you treated yourself. You deserve them.

Russ Perry: Thanks hon. I sense a slight bit of-

Mika Perry: Jealous judgment?

Russ Perry: Jealousy? You need to be okay with your jealousy.

Mika Perry: It’s okay.

Russ Perry: Just like we were talking about earlier.

Mika Perry: I’ll just look at them. They’re so pretty.

Russ Perry: All right. So, today we’re going to talk about a topic that is a fun thing for me because actually training coach on this for men and women now in our groups and that are been online around this topic of what I call Core4. So, a little backstory if you’re not aware. I in 2015 joined a men’s group called Warrior. This was a group that I joined because it was a group really dedicated to allowing a comprehensive approach to growth in your life. Most groups that I had found at the time were only focused on business or they’re only focused on say religion or they’re just focused on one area. What was cool about Warrior, it’s a non religious group. There’s no religious affiliation but the premise and the core belief is that you can have it all “in all areas of your life.”

Russ Perry: So, you can have a successful business. You can have a deep and connected marriage. You can have a great connection to God or whatever it is you believe. You can have a healthy body and an energy and connection with your kids. So, this was very appealing to me on the front end, but what I learned was that it’s actually possible. Over the last three plus years, Mika and I have experienced the benefits of this mindset. a lot of what it comes down to is the daily habits. So, to grow in any area of life, you have to pay attention to it on a consistent basis. I can’t make money or I can’t have a deep connection with my wife, if I’m ignoring my business or I’m ignoring my wife.

Russ Perry: So, this ends up becoming why people get so lopsided over time in a marriage, in a relationship with a child, financially, spiritually is because they only ar focusing on one or two areas of their life. So, what Core4 was is effectively the founder of Warrior Garrett J. White, in a frustrating way he was like there’s too much confusion out there. There’s so many things. There’s so much out there personal development stuff, programs, wheels of life with 18 different segments on it that you’re supposed to keep track of. So, he said, “Listen, I’m going to categorize everything in life into four areas.”

Mika Perry: Quadrants.

Russ Perry: Quadrants. Quarters if you will. Body, what I do with my body and how I treat it. Being, my spirituality or connection to God or something else, whatever you interpret. Balance, which is my connection to those relationships closest to me most commonly a spouse and children and then business, how do I make money. So, if you think about anything in life, anything can fall into one of these four areas. So, this was the first breath of fresh air for Garrett because he’s like, “Okay, great. Now, what can I do to at least grow a little bit in those areas every single day and not necessarily swing for home runs but just do the basic stuff every single day so that I’m feeling the best that I can feel?” If you’ve ever had one of those magical morning’s where you’re just like you feel on fire and you look at the clock and it’s 8:30 a.m., you’re just like, “Wow, I feel great.” More than likely you’ve accidentally done Core4. This past summer, admittedly years and years after I’ve been in Warrior, I realized Mika, you didn’t even know it really.

Mika Perry: Nope.

Russ Perry: Which was sort of super embarrassing. It’d be like Michael Jordan’s kids not knowing the rules of basketball.

Mika Perry: Yeah.

Russ Perry: I’m kind of like Michael Jordan with all my Jordan shoes.

Mika Perry: No, I didn’t.

Russ Perry: How did that happen?

Mika Perry: I don’t know. I really don’t know. I guess it’s just another example of how sometimes you have to be intentional about things. It doesn’t just naturally … even if it’s happening around you literally, you’re talking about it every day. I see you doing Core4 but I never asked, you never told me and so it doesn’t happen by osmosis. You have to be intentional about it.

Russ Perry: Right.

Mika Perry: So, how I came into Core4 after many years is this summer in Italy. We did a mid year review of our goals in life like let’s check in. We just did this together and also brought in Maddix. We started with a brainstorm of all of our goals. Like, what do you want to do for the rest of the year? I wrote them all down and then Russ helped me categorize those into four sections, because after I wrote everything down as a list, I was like, “Okay, this seems overwhelming.”

Russ Perry: Right.

Mika Perry: I want to do all these things. How do I do it all?

Russ Perry: Right. What was confusing for me is Mika … I’ll explain. I haven’t actually explained it yet, but what Core4 is it’s a collection of daily habits. The confusing thing for me Mika is that you already kind of do them in a way.

Mika Perry: Right.

Russ Perry: So, I had kind of assumed you were doing it, but let’s just break it down, because this will be a little bit of a shorter episode, but I wanted to be really practical for our listeners. So, over the last however many episodes we’ve talked about parts of Core4 all the time. What you can think of core for is I like to view it as like a start-up se- I like technology so it’s like a startup sequence for yourself, your body, your mind, your connection, your soul. The idea is to complete. It’s like a game. You want to complete core for as early in the day as possible. So, you have four areas we’ve talked about body, being, balance and business and you do two things in each of those areas every day.

Russ Perry: So, it’s a collection of eight things total. Some are simple. Some take a little bit more time. The Warrior methodology is that if I do these eight things, each is worth a half a point and I get four points every day. So, if I only do six of those things, I would get my score for the day would be three out of four and you’re trying to get a four out of four every single day. So, this again back to Garrett J. White, the founder Warrior, this was just an easy way for him to keep track of himself, to keep accountable when he couldn’t even afford a coach or mentor, anyone. He’s just like, “Okay, I’m just going to do this every day.” Well, what he realized is that if he did these eight things, getting his four points, he would hit that high. He would have that energy and that focus and that power and that clarity to then go create for the rest of the day. So, the problem that I see with most people and a lot of my clients is they want to do really big crazy awesome things, but they don’t want to focus on the basics first. They’re not taking care of themself first. So, Core4 does that automatically. So, you ready to learn Mika?

Mika Perry: Sure am.

Russ Perry: The specifics.

Mika Perry: Yes.

Russ Perry: So, every morning you start with body, and body is half a point if you sweat and a half a point if you have a green smoothie. I hope people are like, “That’s it? It’s that simple?” It is and there’s no rules on how you sweat. There’s no rules on the green smoothie. It’s not some specific kind of workout or a green smoothie, but it’s just a healthy dose for your body insides and a healthy dose for yourself in your physicality. If going up the stairs is sweating, great, start there. If you’re not eating breakfast or doing anything, you need to put some fuel in your body, some healthy greens. It’s so funny when I start there because people are like, “What kind of green smoothie or I’m doing intermittent fasting or this or that or the other, blah, blah, blah.” It’s like just stick to the basics. So, Core4 is exactly as I’m to prescribing it and don’t hack it. So, if you sweat in the morning, have some kind of workout, get your blood moving and you have your green smoothie, you get one point for body.

Mika Perry: Can it be a protein shake?

Russ Perry: Is it green?

Mika Perry: Sometimes.

Russ Perry: If it’s green, then yes.

Mika Perry: Interesting. It has to be green.

Russ Perry: Right. It has to be green.

Mika Perry: Okay.

Russ Perry: Any questions? That’s it?

Mika Perry: Do they have to be done in the morning?

Russ Perry: Technically, no, but here is why you want all of this done in the morning, because when you’re done with Core4, that’s when you hit the most power, like that’s when you have your highest peak. So, if you’re doing that at 8:00 p.m. well bedtime is in a couple of hours. So, you’re not going to have as much focus. So, next we move on to being. Being is really confusing for a lot of people. Being is where you categorize the religion, spirituality, all this kind of stuff but we don’t necessarily focus on that inside a Core4. You can focus on that as an individual inside of how you want to grow and what you want to accomplish. The future episode, we’ll do like a 90 day challenge deep dive but in being you just do two simple things. Again, simple. Meditate and memoirs aka write in a journal. There’s a lot of alliteration and warrior stuff.

Mika Perry: I love that though because I think that helps people remember stuff.

Russ Perry: So, back to body I didn’t actually mention it. It’s fitness and fuel. Fitness and fuel.

Mika Perry: Okay, and then, so being is-

Russ Perry: Meditate and memoirs, typically in that order. You meditate for 5 to 20 minutes. You don’t need to do anything more than that and then you write in a journal, whatever you want. That’s it.

Mika Perry: So, for me, journaling sometimes looks like to-do lists or ideas on paper.

Russ Perry: Could be, yeah. I think when you’re starting, you’re just getting in the habits of writing. If you think of everything that we know and share and believe in, it was just people deciding to write stuff down. So, it’s important for you to do that as an individual. So, if you get those two things done, you get another point.

Mika Perry: Russ, just for someone kind of just starting to listen to our podcast, we’ve talked about meditation before, but what do you do for meditation?

Russ Perry: I use an app called Headspace, and that’s what I recommend. Meditation is working out your brain. It’s not religious. It’s not spiritual. It can be. You could have those experiences inside a meditation.

Mika Perry: There’s different types of meditation.

Russ Perry: Totally, but it’s a lot like endurance running. If you’ve never run a mile before, running a mile is going to be really hard, but if you run a mile two or three times in a week, you could actually do it fairly easy. So, meditation is going to be the same thing. If you’ve never meditated before, meditating for five minutes is going to seem like an eternity, but you can get up to 10, 15, 20 minutes fairly quickly with consistency. Headspace is a free app, and it has a nice intro package to get you rolling on that.

Russ Perry: So, let’s do a recap. We’ve done our workout. We’ve had our green smoothie. We’ve meditated and we’ve written in our journal. Mika, how many points do we now have?

Mika Perry: Two.

Russ Perry: Two, correct. Excellent. I got a little nervous there in asking you. I was like, “Come on, make sure you get it right.” So, now we move on to balance. Balance is also one that can seemingly be silly but actually makes a big impact. This is making deposits of gratitude, appreciation and love to those in your life that matter to you. So, if you’re married with kids, that’s where you just start; your wife, your husband, your partner and your children. If you don’t have those, some form of combination in those, deposit to who you have and then pick someone else. I have four very close people to me; my three daughters and my wife. I try to make a deposit every day in your bucket Mika and at least in one if not all of my daughter’s buckets.

Russ Perry: So, if you have more within two people it’s not like that point stack. It’s just the alliteration. There’s partner and posterity. Partner and posterity, and one more analogy on this is like a bank account. It’s a life is all about the energy and relationships we build, and when you’re making these deposits in the form of notes into the form of texts, I do Post-it notes for appreciation, you’re making deposits in these people’s lives, so that when something tough happens, that account isn’t empty. This is why you see divorce papers thrown on a counter after 10 or 15 years is because the bank account is empty, and as soon as something tough happens, people are like wanting to bail. There’s nothing to withdraw on.

Mika Perry: Yeah. So, the way that you show to me is like I get text messages every day of something specific and very kind.

Russ Perry: Yeah. I like texts for Mika because she’s consumed that way and for the girls, I do handwritten Post-it notes and I mix it up. Sometimes I’ll text our oldest daughter. Sometimes I’ll write a note for Mika. Sometimes, I’ll send messages to my mom or my sister. So, it’s always thinking about that, but again, in the morning, you pick two people and you make a deposit in their lives. So, one deposit for partner, one deposit for posterity. Mika, how many points do we have now?

Mika Perry: Three.

Russ Perry: Three total. We just had another one.

Mika Perry: Real quick, I want to mention on this balance thing. I feel like when people here balance in terms of your life and balancing it all, I feel like there can be some negative feelings towards that. Some people are very opposed to saying live a balanced life because they’re like that’s never achievable. It’s like perfection, but I like here that it is addressed, and it is something that you can achieve. The way you do that is you go back to the very, very, very basics. You address the people and relationships closest to you and the people that you love, because that’s where it starts.

Russ Perry: Well, actually and I’ll get to it now, this all stacks. So, you start with body because if you’re out of whack there, you can’t do anything else. Then once your body’s set, then you go to being and you have some growth there. Only when those two things are done, then can you be in the right state to go invest in someone else. Then the final step is in the business and this is where people get so mixed up. They want to make the money. They want to have the business success but there’s no balance in their life with their relationships or they’re not taking care of their mind or their body.

Russ Perry: So, it’s so funny when I coach men and now women is they’re like, “Oh, I want more business. I want to make more money. I want to be more successful.” but we actually spend 90% of our time on everything but the business. A profitable successful focused business comes when all the rest of your pieces of this Core4 equation are in place. So, the order of this is important. It’s not just a convenient order; body, being, balance, business. So, when I get to connecting with you two and the girls in the family, if I’m not … I have to be on point myself to then have a surplus of energy and connection and whatever it takes to pour into others.

Russ Perry: Then we move on to business, same thing. I can’t pour into my business and my clients and my team, if my home base is not balanced and established. That leads us to our final piece of Core4 which is discover and declare. So, I learned something new every day. I read something new and I teach it to someone. It’s so simple and the thought there is like we read stuff all the time but it isn’t until we actually teach someone something that we are able to have a proficiency around that knowledge and command of that knowledge.

Russ Perry: So, I’m teaching all the time. Teaching on this podcast, teaching of my teams, teaching on webinars. So, it’s easy for me to do that if you’re not interacting with others. Sometimes you might just teach your kids or teach your partner or teach a family member or post a live video on Facebook that two people watch, your grandma and your best friend and that’s okay. You’re still teaching. You discover something and you declare it. You profess it and that’s … you see a lot of people inside of Warrior doing a lot of online videos, they’re just getting their Core4 declare every day.

Russ Perry: So, to recap, we’ve worked out. We’ve had a green smoothie. We’ve meditated. We’ve written in a journal. We’ve dropped two notes of deposits to people in our lives. We’ve learned something new and we’ve declared it. Mika, how many points do we have?

Mika Perry: Eight half points, therefore four total points.

Russ Perry: Right. Now, this might seem crazy but I bet for most of you, you’re already doing some form of this. You’re probably getting Core 2 or Core two-and-a-half or core 3. So, rounding this out and really focusing on Core4 and trying to get that done between 8 and 10 in the morning, it requires you to become a very focused person. It requires you to think about your time management, which is an important topic for us, but it then gives you the rest of the day. Like literally when I’m done with Core 4, I could just like, “I’m done.” I could be like, “Wow, I’ve had a great day and it is still the morning.” So, then it gives me tons of momentum to then tackle the rest of my day.

Mika Perry: Now, let me point out you said 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. It can be earlier. I need it to be.

Russ Perry: Ideally, it is earlier. I just don’t think it should be any later than that.

Mika Perry: Got it.

Russ Perry: For example for me with meditation, haven’t been the best about meditation because my typical meditation time is when I get to my office and I meditate in my office. I don’t have an office right now.

Mika Perry: You haven’t had an office for a long time.

Russ Perry: Right. So, I’m meditating in cars. I’m meditating at the gym. It’s very irregular. So, you kind of adjust things to work out in your favor around your schedule. I’ve also made a commitment to be more present in the mornings with school and kids and taking Reese to school, so that expanded. If I can get up at 5:00 a.m., I can pretty much have everything done by 7:00 and then that gives tons of time for whatever else. Just kind of depends on your commitment the night before to get to bed early and not eat pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream which was so delicious.

Mika Perry: Or make sure that your kids sleep and give you time in the morning.

Russ Perry: Right. Yeah. That’s another challenge.

Mika Perry: Yeah, they come running in.

Russ Perry: So, this to me is the secret of high performers and what Core4 really is it’s called habits and consistency. You can pretty much make up your own Core4. I don’t recommend it because it’s already made for you and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but practicing this for 30 days … like I challenge all of our listeners to do Core4 for 30 days and you will see a massive improvement in all areas of your life. You’ll feel more connected to yourself, your families, your significant others, your … everything you do the rest of the day once you hit Core4 just has this extra value add to it. It takes a while to get into the habits.

Russ Perry: Most of my clients, the first 30 days is like they’re all over the board. They’re like I can’t even … and there’d actually doing more than just Core 4. We have some other things that they do too everyday but they’re like, “I can’t even … when am I going to meditate. I don’t have time to meditate. Ah!” Getting the habits down shifts you significantly and it allows you to free up that mental bandwidth to create and to build.

Mika Perry: I feel that when you feel that “Oh, that’s too much. How can I do it?” It does take a while to build up habits. I think it reveals the discipline that you lack or that you need in your life and also the distractions that are present in your life, that prevent you from doing those really simple steps. When you think about it, they aren’t hard, but to implement them, it’s way hard because of the discipline it takes. So, discipline and distraction and that alliteration.

Russ Perry: Good alliteration.

Mika Perry: I’ll tell Garrett.

Russ Perry: Nice. So, we don’t do a lot of plugs for other products and things that we do on this podcast, but I did want to just share that if you’re interested in learning more and really diving into training on this, every month right now I have a group called the Creative Syndicate. It’s and we launch a new group every month that we do a 30-day training on this. It’s hosted by me and my team. It’s in a private social network group off of Facebook, off of the normal social networks.

Mika Perry: Good.

Russ Perry: Yeah.

Mika Perry: I’ve never been part of a Facebook group and I never want to be.

Russ Perry: Yeah.

Mika Perry: It sounds-

Russ Perry: It’s actually built … it’s called workplace. It is Facebook’s technology just your own version of it. So, it’s like a private Facebook. Only for people in the creative syndicate.

Mika Perry: Nice.

Russ Perry: We do training on this. It’s super affordable. It’s $95 for a month which is like crazy value for what you get. You literally get 30 videos, 30 days of training. We talk about Core4. We talk about time management. We do all of this. So, we’re launching a new groups every month. The next group launches December 1st but we’ll launch one January 1st and February and so on. So, go to to apply. Our groups are on fire right now. We’re talking about this. Who is it open for? It’s anyone who’s a creative or an entrepreneur or a creative entrepreneur. If any of those words identify for you wherever you’re at or who you want to become, then I highly recommend you join. It’s co-ed group, men and women, all ages, all experiences. So, definitely check that out because it’s hard to cram this into 30 minutes, but I think it’s a powerful concept and we did want to share more. It’s actually Mika’s idea to like teach more about this, to have a more practical episode.

Mika Perry: I wanted everyone to get a taste of what Russ does in his coaching business, and I know that this is a huge component of it. So, you guys can take it kind of like you got a little I don’t know freebie of coaching here.

Russ Perry: Like sampler. There you go.

Mika Perry: Yeah, a little sampler, an appetizer of Russ’s coaching, because I think it’s really significant and important to remember that it starts with basics. That’s how you can grow and that’s how your family can grow and that’s how your business can grow.

Russ Perry: Right. You can teach your kids. You can do it and then like I’ve done it now. Mika does it and slowly working on the kiddos.

Mika Perry: We’ll get there.

Russ Perry: So, everyone, a bit of a tighter episode today, but thank you again for joining us. Again, if you want to hear about any other topics. We’ve talked a lot about time management. We’ve talked a lot about routines in the past, you can go to our website and get those episodes as well as our full list of all our recommendations. Mika, how else can people connect with us?

Mika Perry: Send us an email. It is

Russ Perry: Right.

Mika Perry: Feel free to send any updates on your Core4. I’d love to hear if anyone does it. Send us an email. We want to see some emails in that inbox. You can always reach us on Instagram. Russ is Russ Perry. I am Mika Perry. Very simple there. You can shoot us a comment or a DM there, and let us know about your Core4, any habits, if you have any questions on something you’re stumbling on or let us know if you’ve got to four points today.

Russ Perry: That’s right.

Mika Perry: We’d love to hear from you.

Russ Perry: All right everyone, have a great week. Don’t forget to hit your Core4 and we’ll see you next week.

Mika Perry: Bye.

Russ Perry: Thanks for listening to this episode of Good to be Home.

Mika Perry: And, don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and give us a rating.

Russ Perry: See you next time.