Episode #60: A Deeper Dive into Russ’s Book: The Sober Entrepreneur

On today’s podcast, Russ and Mika discuss Russ’s debut book The Sober Entrepreneur. “The Sober Entrepreneur is an unedited tale of Russ Perry’s journey from the bottom of the bottle to the top of a seven-figure empire in less than three years. Discover the ultimate life hack on living life to its fullest potential. This...

Fans of the show may or may not know that Russ and Mika are both sober. And in 2017, a few years into his sobriety, Russ published his first book The Sober Entrepreneur about his struggles to balance work, life, and combat addiction.

Now almost 6 years sober, Russ calls the book not only an obligation to his family, but a resource for those who might be going through a similar situation.

Russ says for you to succeed as an entrepreneur you need to be addicted to a belief, a characteristic that if not controlled right, could lead to addiction in other forms.

He says the decision to write the book was extremely personal, and in this episode, you’ll hear more about the legacy he hopes his story will leave, a few takeaways from other people who have read it, and a bit more about Russ and Mika’s decisions to get sober.

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In this episode, you will learn:

•  About Russ’s writing process
•  Why Russ & Mika haven’t discussed the book in depth on the podcast before
•  Why Russ was nervous for Mika to first read his book
•  How the book became a collaborative effort (or, why you need co-writers)

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