Episode #53: Beauty Routines with Mika

On today’s podcast, Mika is talking all things hair, makeup and beauty. In today’s episode Mika breaks down her beauty routines with the girls while Russ is out of town. She shares her day looks, night looks, and everyday self-care systems. While she’s not a beauty blogger, Mika is a woman who also has a...

In today’s episode Mika breaks down her beauty routines with the girls while Russ is out of town. She shares her day looks, night looks, and everyday self-care systems.

While she’s not a beauty blogger, Mika is a woman who also has a blog, and you’ll hear some of her favorite products, the services she gets outside the home, and why she invests in those.

As a busy mom, Mika’s schedule is always changing, and we’ll hear how she gets ready every morning; whether she’s heading straight to the gym, going to school with the girls or working in the office.

Besides make up and hair styles, Mika also dives into botox and fillers, whether she uses them and why.

In this episode, you will learn:

•  How Mika streamlines her makeup routines
•  What Mika likes about tanning
•  Why she doesn’t do a blow out every day anymore
•  How makeup & beauty products can be an investment in yourself


Mentioned in this episode:
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Mika Perry on Instagram
The Sober Entrepreneur by Russ Perry
The Russ Perry Show
Picklecon 2019
Ice Rollers
My Skincare Routine –
Our Home: Makeup and Bathroom Organization –
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My Local Beauty Resources –
My Self Tanning Routine –
• Sephora
• Nordstrom
• Ulta
• Tinted Mineral Sunscreen by Emme Diane
• Daytime Foundation: IT Cosmetics CC Cream (original)
• Nighttime Foundation: NARS Sheer Glow
• Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
• Lipstick: MAC Creme Cup
• Lipgloss: NYX Butter Gloss (Eclair or Fortune Cookie)
• Eyeshadow: Smashbox Shimmer / Urban Decay (Toasted) / Max (Satin Taupe)
• Highlighters: Becca / Urban Decay
• Eye Concealer: Maybelliene Eraser (Neutralizer)
• Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade
• Blush: Nars (orgasm) / Bare Minerals (peach) / Bobby Brown Cream Blush
• Bronzer: Bare Minerals / Two Faced
• Hair: Purology Shampoo / Morrocan Oil Hair Mask
• Hair Dryer: T3 Micro
• Curling Irons: Hot Tools Gold / Nume
• Hair Products: Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play
• Tanning: Tanlux Spray Tan
• Danielle White – Rope Curl Tutorial


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Russ Perry: I’m Russ Perry.

Mika Perry: And I’m Mika Perry and you’re listening to Good to be Home.

Russ Perry: Good to be home as a weekly exploration of entrepreneurship, family, marriage, sobriety, and how we balanced our business and life.

Mika Perry: From our family to yours. Thanks for joining us and welcome to our home. Hi everyone. Welcome to Good to Home. I’m your host Mika Perry and today is a solo episode. Russ is not here, and it’s probably a good thing because we are talking about makeup, hair and beauty today. So I am not a beauty blogger. I’m not a stylist, I’m not a makeup artist. However, I am a woman, I’m a busy mom. I do like presenting myself and I do kind of enjoy beauty topics and hair and makeup and I think it’s fun and I really think as women we find a lot of great recommendations or tips and tricks and ideas from others and just learning what other people are doing. You discover new ways to do things or some new products. So I think it’s really good to share. And so that is what today is going to be. It’s going to be your super practical episode and I am going to share with you my routines, tips and tricks, my favorite products.
And I think there’s going to be something for everyone here, and I want you to just take what works for you, what might fit into your lifestyle or your needs and just take what you’d like from this. So I wanted to just talk about first start off with some general beauty topics before I get into like makeup and hair. What is my beauty routine like? What’s your makeup routine like? What’s your hair routine like? So in general I like to keep things very simple. I love just a good streamlined routine and that applies for my beauty routines over the years I’ve definitely pared down in the steps that I take in my routines and also the products to actually used to really love spending time in Sephora, looking at all the products, buying new makeup. I had a ton of Mac makeup, all different kinds of colors, and I used to always like every single morning blow dry my hair round, brush, blow dry, like a full blowout myself every single morning.
Over time, I’ve definitely dropped those routines, and I don’t have as many products in my makeup drawer and my bathroom drawers. And that’s because one just because of time. And I think a lot of you can relate to that. As we get more responsibilities, and we have kids, there’s less time to devote to ourselves. And that applies to getting your hair and makeup done and get ready for the day. But I have definitely, really value just like finding the good products that work for you and just sticking to that like don’t like don’t… What’s the saying? Like don’t fix it if it isn’t broken. Did I say that right? And that I think applies for like hair and makeup. If you find something that you love, stick to it. And I will share with you some of those products and things that I’ve done that I’ve done for years, some decades and they’re still working for me.
So I’m going to start with some general topics and then move into makeup. I will share with you my hair routine and what I like to do and products I use and also what I ask for my Stylist to do when I go see her. I will also share about Self Tan and how I love a good Tan and also address the question of Botox and fillers. We are going to talk about it. All right, so the general question of like my beauty routine, what does it look like? Well, let me just start with saying that it depends on the day. I don’t have a very consistent schedule as far as what my day looks like. So sometimes I will start the day with a workout or some days I will start with meetings. Some days it will start with errands. So it really just depends on what’s going on with the day. So I adjust my makeup, my hair, what I’m doing.
You know too that some days, like this morning, so let me give you an example. So this morning I woke up, had my lemon water, and I made coffee, got ice cause I ice my face in the morning and night and I’ll use either an ice cube or an ice roller. You may have seen me post about this on Instagram. And by the way, I’m going to link all the products I mentioned here in the show notes. You can find it so this morning I grabbed my coffee, my eyes, super important and then headed back upstairs and got in the shower and I just did a really quick body shower, wash my face, left my hair alone, I put it up and got, kept it away from the water because I did it last night. Just had a concert. And so I did it before we did that. And so I didn’t do my hair because I was working out.
Later this morning after I dropped off Reese and Paige, I knew it was going to come into the gym and work out. So why do my hair right? As far as my makeup, I didn’t put any on this morning, I followed my skincare routine, which I’ll go into here in a minute and put sunscreen on and that’s it. So I didn’t do any makeup. I didn’t do my hair, and I worked out. And then I did another quick rinse off at the office. We do have a locker room here and then it got dressed in my regular clothes. So you can see how like I didn’t do any of my hair and makeup routine this morning. Then there are days where I have to go into Reese’s school, or I’m meeting with someone, or I’m doing photos in the morning or there’s… I’m going to be seeing people, and I need to look a little bit better than maybe I do right now.
And those mornings I will again start with a shower, but do my hair, wash it and dry it. And then typically a curl it. And then I will put on some simple makeup and get ready for the day. If I work out at in the evening, which I typically don’t, but then at nighttime I will again take a really quick shower. I’m all about like staying clean and showering, it just really depends on the day. So, that’s how my beauty routines flow. It’s just… It really depends on the day. Now as far as products, where do I get my products while my Skincare and let me know, I’m not really going to go a lot into skincare in this episode because it’s very straightforward and simple. I’ve written a blog post about it and what it is, is I get it from Emme Diane, she has actually been on this podcast.
If you go back into past episodes, you will find our episode interview with Emme. She is local here in Scottsdale. She does my monthly facials, and she also has her own product lines, so you can go to, I’m not like an affiliate of hers. I just shouted from the rooftops because it is the best thing I’ve ever used for my skin. I’ve sent so many people to her, they’ve all loved it. I mean truly transformational and to be honest because of her, that’s why I don’t wear as much makeup because I feel really comfortable in my skin. So, that’s where I go. I don’t go anywhere else for any skincare products. You will not find anything else in my bathroom. As far as makeup. I love Sephora, I love Nordstrom. I also have a couple of things I get from target and so I’ll mention that when I talk about makeup, but that’s pretty much where I go for products.
I definitely like to see it in person and test it out. Especially obviously foundation and like some lipstick colors you want to see in person. Oh I also love Otter. Otter is a good one too. So sometimes I’ll… If I bought it before then I’ll just buy it again online. But if I have time, sometimes I’ll pop into the stores. How do I organize makeup, hair, beauty products? Now there is another blog post for that one. Actually there’s two, there might be three. There’s two. I know one is like one side of my bathroom that has a cabinet with a bunch of products. The other side is just like my makeup drawer in my everyday essentials. Those are two separate blog posts on I haven’t really easy search button, so you can just go to the top there, enter makeup drawer or bathroom and that will pull up those blog posts.
So you can see that there. And I think that’s the best way for me to explain how I organize the products. Well let me just give you a tip on bathroom products. When I used to organize professionally and go into bathrooms, I will definitely say that there is a tendency for the general person to collect a lot of bathroom products, like tons of lotion, tons of makeup that isn’t worn anymore. Lots of different hair products. And I think it’s just really easy to collect that. Like not even being aware of how much you actually have. And so I really… I couldn’t stress more in the bathroom to really pair down items more so than like your closet. I think there’s probably less storage in a bathroom than a closet. So you really want to have as little as possible and just the best products that use all the time.
Because once those drawers and cabinets start getting packed, it’s not going to feel good in your bathroom. So that’s one thing I will say about products and again, just go to the blog posts, and you can see how I’ve done that in my bathroom. Some big tips that I want to just generally throw out there as far as what I’ve done in my routines is that I get services done on a regular basis. Then that’s kind of become my routine. And these services help me by saving time. So the reason why I’m not spending all this time on makeup, the reason why I’m not spending all this time on skin and hair is because of these services. So they are microblading. I get my eyes microbladed which means it’s like a semipermanent like brushstroke kind of hair in there, so it’s not waxing, it’s not removing here.
It’s adding hairs. So like probably many of you have done or several of you I know way back when it was really trendy to have very thin brows. I plug them all out and just had these really thin brows, and they never grew back. And so now thank goodness there’s microblading because they can just put the hairs in, and it looks like it’s filled in. It’s so incredible. It is life changing. Similarly, Lashes, I get my lashes done. They are extensions. I’ve had him for over three years now and again, life changing, like have your brows have your lashes done, and you really don’t need to spend a lot of time on makeup. It’s incredible. Lastly, skin again, I mentioned Emme, improving the skin. That is like the foundation of your foundation. You know what I mean? That’s where everything starts. When your skin is better, I think you notice that your makeup goes on better, and you just feel more fresh.
And so likewise skin, I get facials done once a month. The lashes I get fills about every two, three weeks. Browse. I do about maybe every half year, like six months. Kind of like touch ups on it, but that’s another blog post that you can find. Where I tell it kind of my local resources and share who I go see for all of these services. I see a girl named Mckenna for my brows, Marcel for my lashes and Emme for my skin. And while these are local resources, I have put information in there on what I asked for and what they do and how often I go. So you can go back and check out that blog post. Another tip is Sunscreen. I made a lot of beauty mistakes in my teens, and my twenties can you relate to that? But I made a ton of mistakes like tanning beds.
Oh my gosh. I used to go into tanning beds all the time, and I also would never wear sunscreen ever because I don’t burn, I don’t have fair skin. I have like medium and luckily it doesn’t burn. However, that made me not use sunscreen and I now reaping. Not the benefits like the damage of it. So I’m seeing the sun damage come up. Definitely. Emme has helped me with that, but it’s been a struggle, and you know the wrinkles and the sunspots and you get that just it catches up on you. So if you are in your twenties, and you’re listening to this, and let me just reiterate, sunscreen. One reason I didn’t like wearing sunscreen was because how it felt. I have found a tinted mineral sunscreen with Emme that I wear like a primer and that’s just what I wear at the very end of my skincare routine.
And I love it. It’s easy to wear. It’s a wearable. I know there’s some other sunscreens out there. I’ve tried the brush like mineral on before. Also in makeup. Some of them come with sunscreen in it, but I just advise looking for sunscreen wherever you can and putting it on. My last tip here is something that you will also find in my blog post on my local resources and what services I get done, and that is the big question of Botox and Fillers. I’m not keeping this one til the end. I’m addressing it now. So do I do these? Yep, I definitely do. And I’m just going on air and saying that I do, and I don’t think there’s any like shame in it and in real life when people have asked me or like my friends, and I definitely don’t hide it.
Like I’m all for it and I will happily talk about it and share on it. However, I haven’t really talked about it a ton on Instagram or really, I’m not going to go into deep details here because to me it is a medical procedure, and I think you should seek out medical providers for this. Nurses, doctors because it really is a medical thing. I don’t think it’s something you should take lightly. I will say definitely do your research, and it’s just so specialized to each person. I don’t really want to sit here and tell you all about it because it might not be right for you. So what I want to say about it is that, I do it to look more awake and fresher and lighter. Like I would look at my phone or looked down, and my girls will say, “Mommy, what’s wrong?”
And I’m like, nothing’s wrong. But it was because my brows are furrowed. I also noticed that I looked tired sometimes, when I wasn’t tired. And so this is what I tried to address with Botox and Fillers. It’s not that I’m trying to look younger, I don’t think we should fight age, and I’m not on this quest to like not age and not get wrinkles. I personally like getting older. I’ve liked life more every year, so I’m all about getting older. But I don’t know, just in some ways I felt like I was not looking the way I felt on the inside. So I felt great. On the inside, but just it wasn’t translating on the outside. So I got a little bit of help. And if you are thinking about doing Botox or doing Fillers, I would say go for it. But please do your research and if you don’t want to do it.
Conversely, on the other side of that, no one is telling you have to, I know it’s very prevalent. It seems like everyone’s getting it done. Everyone is filling up whatever you see it everywhere. And there is good cases and bad cases. So if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. That’s my message, is do what you want to do. Remember to do your research. And another thing is if you are in the middle, and you’re not sure, ask your friends who do they go to? Like try to just look online and ask people, but remember that it’s temporary. So, that’s the good thing is that it’s not a forever life changing. You’re stuck with event. But it also, that means that you have to go back and maintain that.
But anyways, that’s what I’ll say on Botox and Fillers and all that. I guess everyone says just do you. But I think it’s because that’s… I think that is the good advice to give. All right, for makeup, let’s move on to makeups. So I would just share my routine and also my favorite items and address some of the questions that I’ve gotten about makeup. So first my favorite foundation, what are they? I have a few. So first my favorite day time foundation is called IT Cosmetics CC Cream. Now there’s two different kinds. I think there’s three now, but I like the original one, not the Shimmery one and not the new mat one. So that is one I really like because it has additional sunscreen, and it just leaves your skin feeling very like supple and plush. There’s lots of different sheets, and I were medium tan now for more of like um, nighttime, a little bit more of like a matte finish, like a little more long wearing.
I have, oh gosh, maybe like four years, five years have used NARS, and it’s called Sheer Glow, and I use the color of Barcelona and it is just a really good, like a good foundation. Now those two are not on Emme Diane’s acne safe list, meaning their ingredients there that could trigger acne, and she has an extensive list of safe products and not safe products and suggestions on ingredients. I haven’t found those foundations to trigger my acne and that’s why I kept using it. However, recently I did buy one that is on her acne sniff list. It’s the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. If you’re into makeup, you know what it is. You’ve seen it before. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. A lot of people think it’s like the holy grail of foundation, and I bought it and I tried it and I love it. It is very… It’s not creamy, it’s not thick.
It’s very like fluid and therefore you can really make it like I feel very sheer, but I’ve worn it now for about a week several times because I’ve had different events happening and really liked the staying power. Really liked how it just made my skin look really supple and natural. It didn’t cover anything up but just gave it like a really nice evenness, and a little bit of a color, so I really liked that a lot. That one I don’t think has sunscreen, but that’s okay with me because I wear my daily sunscreen. Favorite lipstick or lip gloss, so my favorite lipstick is Mac Cream Cup or crime cup. I’m not sure that way you say it, but I have probably like five of these around my bathroom and in different bags and in my travel bag that is my go to color. I don’t use lip liner, and I just love that color.
For Lips, I really tend to stick to nude and more on the pink side I have naturally like pigmented lips, so they naturally have a lot of colors. I’m not trying to add color to it. I know this is random, but Angelina Jolie, I remember so the same thing a long time ago and I was like that’s me too. And she was saying that she actually like tries to play down the color of her lips. So I just try to alter the shade a little bit. I’m not trying to like brighten it too much or add a ton of color for lipstick, it’s the creme cop for lip gloss. My favorite is Nicks and Why X and you can find that at target. You can find that on Amazon. I mean everywhere, but it’s a very budget friendly line and that’s really the only thing I get from them.
But it is the butter gloss, and I get a color called Éclair, now in the bottle it looks extremely like pink, but it just brightens and for me maybe it’s because of my skin color, and the pigmented lips. I look better with a little bit of like a cool tone, bright pink. Then like a nude, I don’t know Mav or, I can’t even think of the word, but a brighter almost like it looks a little like, “Whow!” in the tube. That works better for me. But a lot of the colors, the butter gloss are just beautiful and amazing. Fortune cookie is one I use, sometimes it’s a very nude, so if I’m doing like a darker I for nighttime, and I want to really play down my lips, and I put that one on, it’s a very, almost like a peachy nude, some eye makeup routine.
Those are like my go [inaudible] eye shadow. I don’t wear a ton I, but I have a lot of colors in like a pallet, so I’m not going to list everything for color here. But those are two that I’ve gotten a lot of questions on. Foundation and lipstick and lip gloss. So my makeup routine varies from daytime and nighttime. Majority, if you see me on Instagram stories, or you see me walking around town, I usually don’t have makeup on, and I credit that all to my skin lashes browse. If I didn’t have those, I would definitely be putting on makeup every day. But luckily I feel really great with just that and so typically I don’t have makeup on, but sometimes I will put it on, especially if I’m getting dressed and have events or meetings or whatever. And so for daytime I use the CC Cream, the IT Cosmetics CC Cream.
I think I might start trying the Giorgio Armani and see how that works. But I do the foundation just to even things out and add some color. I will use a , like Shimmery peachy pink champagne color, eye shadow, and that’s just to add a little bit of definition to my eyes. I will use a highlighter on my cheeks. I like to stick to like a pink one. I really think pink just brightens your look, instead of like bronze peach. That’s great for like a sultry look. But I think for day to day pink is awesome because it just makes you look more awake and then I’ll put that on my cheeks. I either use like a Becca one or I use Urban Decay, a pink one and then I’ll throw on lip gloss and that’s it. That’s my daytime look. Now nighttime, I will use that NARS foundation.
I will also use a Maybelline the or racer rewind one. It’s super popular, and it has a sponge tip, and I use the neutralizer color, and I’ll put that underneath my eyes. So under eye concealer, I think that really helps to like pop your eyes and make them stand out a little bit more and not look so tired. And then I will fill in my brows even though they are microbladed, I fill them out browser, everything. I mean they frame your face. I don’t go too dark. I preferred to be a little bit on the lighter side. Think if they look a little too dark, it’s just a little too like harsh. And I use an [inaudible] brow pomade, and it’s like medium brown I think. And I use a brush, and I filled them in a little bit just to… I don’t know, just to give it a little bit more definition for nighttime because I’m putting on eye shadow and for nighttime I like to use like a Shimmery tope like a brown.
I used to do the whole like Bass and lit and contour and like use like 10 different colors and a million brushes no longer. And I just use… I just swipe it over my lit and call it a night. And that one I use urban decay toasted, but I have not been able to find that. Luckily it’s lasted forever. But it’s a really basic tope shimmer color. It’s very similar to Mac satin Taupe, if you’ve gotten that one, that’s a real classic. And then I will put on a little bit of a liner. Like I usually like to use eyeshadow, like a dark shadow that’s in a Smashbox palette that I have like a black or brown, or a dark like plum color, and I have a liner brush, and I’ll dip it in water and use that because I don’t love like a harsh eyeliner look.
I used to align my lids like crazy, but now I just prefer like a really soft look, so I’ll use a brush for that. And then I will use blush, like blush, not just the highlighter but the blush. I like NARS Orgasm, I like bare minerals. It’s just the peach or the pink one. I can’t remember what it was called. Bobby Brown makes like a cream blush that I like sometimes, but again, I really love like pink. The NARS one’s a little bit shimmery peach, but those are really pretty colors. I will put the highlight on top of that and then I’ll do the cream cup by Mac lipsticks. So, that’s my nighttime look. I want to share some tips on makeup that I love, that I’ve picked up from makeup artists before. Again, it’s the pink cool tone. So really finding the tones that work well for you that brighter and bright like give you a more awake and fresh look.
And just because like I have a warm undertone, I feel like if you top it with more warms, and I don’t know, it just doesn’t work for me. Another tip is like an inner corner highlight. So this is something I do all the time, and it is taking a white Shimmery eyeshadow. The first time I did this, I remember my friend Katie did it for me. It was at my Bachelorette party, and she actually became a makeup artist, but she did her makeup, and she put like an inner corner, like where your tear duct is, white Shimmery eyeshadow, like super white and just like dabbed it on the inside, and it just pops your eyes and makes you look way refreshed. So, since then I’ve been doing that. Even when I go on a light makeup or almost like barely makeup kind of day, I will still do that.
I just feel like it adds like a brightness to you. So I highly recommend that lower lash line. I’m on the fence about this. I’ve gone back and forth on whether not to like line or do Mascara or anything on the lower. I think it creates like a totally different look. But on a day to day I do not put anything on my lower lash line. I feel like my eyes do much better when I put a lot more on top. So, that’s my makeup. Okay. Let’s move to hair. So my hair is Brunette, it’s naturally Brunette and that’s the color I stick with. And I have a lot of hair, but it is a mix of fine hair and then almost like thick Asian hair. It comes from both my parents. My Dad’s Caucasian, my mom is Asian and so I have a mix of it, but I have a lot of hair, so it takes a long time to dry.
But as far as how it lays, it’s very stick straight and flat. So if I air dry my hair, which I do quite often, like on those days that I shower first and then I get ready and then I get the kids ready. I will air dry my hair and when I do that it is stick straight. So there’ve been a couple of times I have gone on Instagram stories, and I didn’t have time to do my hair. I showered, air dried it and it was stick straight, and I got so many comments on like, “Hey, your hair looks so great. I love how you did your hair.” I didn’t do anything. And that’s how that looked. And so I was like, should I just not do my hair anymore? Cause it seems like it’s a good look for me. I guess it’s always like maybe you want what you don’t have.
But I love like big hair, like voluminous hair and that’s not what I have. So I go for like the big look. I have a blog post on my hair routine, one of the first blog posts I’ve ever written. You can go back again, and find that and really things have stayed the same in my hair routine. So let me outline that for you. For Shampoo use pure Ology, it’s a peppermint smell. It’s pricey, it’s not cheap. The moment that I switched to that and invested in a good shampoo and conditioner, I felt like I got more longevity out of my hair style. My hair was healthier, the color lasted better. It was like, I spent all this time and invest in like going and getting it done and so why not take that investment further into like the shower? So I use pure ology.
I’ve used it for years. I love it. I buy it by like the gallon or the big leaders, I guess it’s a leader, but I would buy it by the gallon if they offered it. But I usually buy that either at Ulta or Amazon and just have like a pump on top. And that’s what I use. I don’t switch out my shampoos. I do have like a blue toned shampoo to cut down on the brassiness. I don’t love it. It’s the DP Hugh one. It’s okay. I use it just for the color to… If I haven’t gone for toning and it’s getting kind of Brassy, then I will use that, but I don’t know. I love the pure ology though. Just makes my hair so good and it smells good too. So, that’s how I shampoo conditioner my hair. I do have a Moroccan oil hair mask that I started using this past year.
I use that about once a week and then for blow drying, I’m obsessed with my teeth. Three Mike Rowe blow-dryer again, when I switched over to that, it was like, Ooh, this is really pricey. Is it worth it? Is it really going to be that much different than my like Conair that I’ve had for five years, and it sounds like it’s going to break every day while I’ve got the T three blow dryer, and it is so worth it. It really does make a difference. My hair dries in. I would say maybe like a third or half of the time that I used to spend on it.
when I blow dry my hair, I’m just getting it dry. I’m not trying to straighten it. I’m not round brushing it. I used to do that. I just flip my hair over and just like blow dry it and I will put an air pods and listen to a podcast, or I will with one hand hold my phone and like read through text messages or emails that way and just blow dry and get it like 90% actually no, pretty dry, almost totally dry.
When I used to round brush it, I would get it like 90% dry and then finish it with a broom round brush, but I don’t do that anymore, so I just get it all dry and then I will use a curler. I have a few different colors. I have the hot tools, gold curling iron. It’s a one and a quarter inch I believe. And I also have new may wands in two different barrel sizes, a larger one. I think that’s like one and a half or one and a quarter and then a one inch and just depending on what look I’m going for, if I want a tighter curl, I’ll use a smaller one. But on a day to day basis I’ve been using the hot tools, gold curling iron. You can get that anywhere. Amazon, Ulta, I’ll link it here in the show notes, but it’s a really great one.
Now as far as doing it, I like to just section my hair and bottom section, top section, and I crawl the bottom section first, and I let the top section down, and I crawled that one. I just curl it away from my face. My hair holds a curl but not super well. So, I’ll hold it in there a little bit longer. Hold the curling iron at the top because the top of your hair is a newer hair. So, when you curl that, it’s going to not hold the curl as much as you’re damaged hair towards the end. So you want to hold it longer at the top. I will just curl my hair and then here’s the one thing that I do that might be unique, but I tease the heck out of my hair. I do this a little bit less than I used to and in that blog post I go into detail of what I do, but I use a wide tooth like Afro pick, and I tease my hair.
I feel that when you tease with a brush like a teasing brush or teasing comb or use a fine tooth comb, it gets really knotted and matted in like it’s not good. The wide tooth one just creates like a fluffy poof of a base of teased hair and then I smooth the non teased hair over it so it just like lifts from underneath from like the underlayers of my hair, if that makes sense. Hairspray big sexy hair spray in play is my ride or die. Hairspray holds good volume. I buy the bulk when like there’s black Friday sales or whenever I see it on sale for like nine 99 I’ll grab a bunch. So that’s what I use for hairspray. The last thing, it’s in the blog post, but it’s the Moroccan oil treatment. I put that in my hair, and the ends when it’s damp, so before I blow dry I forgot to mention that I’m do use the Moroccan oil and that’s my hair routine.
When I do my hair. Some tips on what I do for like extending the style and styling it. I want to mention is on a day where I want my hair to look good the next day, but I know I’m not going to have time to like do it or I don’t want to make the time. I’d rather do something else. I always… I did this last night, I always like twirl it on the top of my head, not like in the back but the very top into a bun and then I use like a scrunchie or an elastic and put like a twisty bun on top. Especially when I have curled hair in the morning. I’ll take that down, and that lets the curl stay and keep like a voluminous look. It works pretty much every single time. There are times, I guess that I’m like rolling around in bed a lot, and it doesn’t work.
I don’t know. But there…. It makes the blowout, or the curl lasts a really long time. Another tip is like looking at youtube tutorials. I really done that a lot for hair just to see how people are curling or styling their hair. The one that I watched like this past year is Danielle Whites, rope curl tutorial. So Danielle owns a Extension Company, natural beaded rows, and she has a salon out in Laguna beach. Actually we know her personally because her husband is Garrett white, and he is a creator of warrior. So Garrett and Russ are really close, good friends. Obviously, you know it’s his mentor as well in the warrior program. But I actually saw Danielle a couple of weekends ago at a gala that we went to California for, and I told her I lean across the table. I was like, Danielle, I just have to say thank you for this hair tutorial because I actually use it and I love it.
So go find Danielle White Natural Beaded Rows. Go find her on youtube and look at her tutorial for the rope curl because that is like a beachy way of look that I really like. So let’s talk about self Tanner. I am all about Self Tan. I mentioned before that I used to lay in the tanning beds. I don’t do that anymore. I don’t lay out when we go on vacation, like on the beach, I stay in the shade, I wear sunscreen and so I rely on a fake Tan. A lot of people think that this is my natural skin color, that I’m like this olive tanned person. I am not. If you see pictures of recent page, that’s actually like my very natural skin color. It’s pretty fair. But it doesn’t, like I mentioned, it doesn’t burn so that’s a good thing. But I think having a Tan, it just makes you look more fit.
You just feel better. Your clothes, like the colors look better. I don’t know, I just feel more alive with a Self Tan. So I have over the years, I would say for maybe like the last when I stopped tanning, so my twenties so yeah, about over 10 years I’ve been using self Tanner pretty regularly, and I have used the entire gamut of self tanners from CVS spray Tanner’s that actually worked really well. But they don’t make it anymore. I’ve used like Neutrogena, L’Oreal, I’ve used Sandro pay everything you guys and there were some hit or misses. But the one brand that I have loved, I’m going to stick to it in, I mean indefinitely. And it’s Tan Lux. They’re a British company. And what I love about Tan Luxe is that it’s a clear spray. So what I don’t love about self tanners that it gets like Brown everywhere, and I just don’t like that my sheets are white.
I don’t like how it gets all my clothes. My bathroom is white. What I love about Tam Luxe is there water, it’s called the water. It’s a clear spray. And another thing about self tan that’s tricky is the smell. And I think, you know what I mean, if you’ve ever smelled it, it’s that like self tan at our now smell. The weird thing is that Russ likes that smell. So I am super lucky because I can put it on during the day or at nighttime and he’s like, oh I love that smell. So good. But it’s that smell of like developing Tanner. It’s not a good smell, but the water smells good going on and when it’s on an as it processes, it’s just is a very faint smell. It’s not strong. So this is one I’m not like a sponsor with them or anything.
I just truly love this product. I’ll link it in the show notes. There’s also an entire blog post just on my self tanning routine, and I talk about how I use it. So go there, check out that blog post, and I couldn’t recommend this spray enough. Now some tips for tanning, self tanning. You definitely want to exfoliate before and even if you have like the Tanner on before, and you just want to have like very clean exfoliated skin, it just will go on much more smoother, smoothly. What I like about a spray, a lot of people say when I’ve talked about spray Tan, the two questions I get most often is how do you get your back? Well that’s the great thing about a spray. You can reach back there and spray it from above your shoulders and then like kind of from your lower back up and this spray, the Tan lux water, it sprays so evenly and I don’t have to use a mitt to rub it in.
Now if you’re a novice, and you haven’t used a lot of self Tanner, I would say grab them it and maybe rubbing and get it even. But I go over each area more than once so that I don’t have streaks and spots that I miss. This one, I don’t notice that it creates streaks where I’ve already sprayed it. It just… It comes out so evenly. It’s so good. I like to, another tip is to schedule it in my calendar regularly. It’s a recurring event in my Google calendar on Tuesdays and Thursdays to self Tan. And I like to do it at nighttime as part of my night routine on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I like to put it on and let it sit overnight. And then in the morning I wake up with a Tan. It is so, so good. And again, this does not stay in your sheets, and it’s just so awesome.
I don’t say the word like bomb often, but it’s the bomb. And another tip for tanning with your hands and like your feet. I’ve gotten good enough to know how to do like my hands without any tools or anything. So it’s pretty even. But one thing you can do is get like a makeup brush, like a tight bristled foundation brush that’s really tight, almost like around a mound and spray that or put yourself Tanner on that. And then you use that when you’re all done with your body and do the tops of your hands with that. Same with your feet with a spray fake Tan. A lot of that is going to fall naturally onto your feet as you’re tanning. So you will naturally tanned your feet, the tops of them. But if you want to just make it even take that foundation brush.
Another maybe final tip because now I’m just telling you the whole blog post basically is to self tan in your shower. I like doing that like with the spray especially because then it’s going to get washed off. If I sprayed in my master bath, like where we get ready by the vanity, it’s going to end up on the floor, and I’ll have to clean it. Or if I don’t clean it, we’re stepping around on it and then it might tan the bottoms of my feet. So, that’s another tip is just like, do your self tanning in the shower. The last question I get about self tan is my face. Do I tan at my face? I do not self tan my face. I used to, but I deal with hyperpigmentation and Melasma and sunspots and I don’t want to make those darker. I’m working harder.
I have worked hard to lighten that and just create a much more even skin tone, so I don’t mess with my face. Another reason is that Emme has self tanners on her like acne trigger list. The ingredient in them, she has not found one that is acne safe, fully acne safe and I just don’t want to mess with it. I have tried it and I just know I like to rather just have our brighter face. I don’t feel like it needs to match completely with the rest of my body is like a nice bright look. Then at nighttime when I need it to be even my foundation like that medium tan or Barcelona, Giorgio Armani, we’re 5.75 those are darker than my face, skin tone or color. So I add the color with my makeup and then I use maybe a Bronzer.
Bronzer, I use bare minerals and too faced. Those are the two brands. Anyways, I think I’ve said enough. I can about Self Tan. Actually no, I could probably talk more about it but for now that’s where I’ll stop again. Read the blog post. But I love Tan Lux guys, and I’ve used their other products too. In fact, I’m currently testing one right now that I just got called the wonder oil. So stay tuned cause I’ll report back on that one. So far so good. But I never want to recommend anything have I haven’t used it a lot and that one I really, I am in the middle of it so stay tuned. All right guys, so that is my makeup, hair and beauty tips, tricks, ideas, products, routines for you. If you have any questions as you’ve listened to this podcast episode, I would suggest going to the blog.
You can search, you can scroll. I recently did a blog post on the Sephora sale. Now probably when you’re listening to this, there won’t be a sale, but you can get a list of my favorite products, and you can see what I use there. And then if you have any specific questions I haven’t addressed here, feel free to email me @hello, or send me a DM and if you try any of these products, and you love them or some ideas or you go to the local people that I’ve recommended in that blog post of local resources, share that with me on social media. Post a story, tag me. I would love to see it and stay connected with you there. You can find me @mikaperry. All right guys. Well I hope you enjoy that episode. I enjoyed recording it.
I thought that was a super fun topic to talk about and if you have any feedback for us or would like to leave a review, find us on iTunes or on the apple podcast APP, there’s a place that you can click the star rating. You can also leave a review in words and tell us, I know you know it. It’s an extra step for you, but we would really appreciate it. Just takes a few minutes. I’d love to know, and even just a sentence or two, what you think of this podcast and what you’ve gotten out of past episodes of good to be home. We really love being connected with you guys. Talk to you soon. Bye.

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