Episode #34: Tips For Achieving Balance in the New Year

This week, we are kicking off 2019 with a conversation about one of the most important topics in our lives: balance.  In the midst of all of our New Years festivities, Mika felt the sudden inspiration to jump on the microphone and speak candidly about a topic that is very important to us. Balance...

In the midst of all of our New Years festivities, Mika felt the sudden inspiration to jump on the microphone and speak candidly about a topic that is very important to us.

Balance is one of those words that elicits a variety of different reactions from people, but truthfully it is one of the core tenants of our philosophy here on the show.

When we started publishing this podcast, we did so because we are in a constant search for balance in our own lives, and because we wanted to help other people achieve the balance that they are seeking.

On today’s show, you will hear what balance means to us, and why we believe that finding balance is an attainable goal for 2019.


In this episode, you will learn:

• What the word balance means to us.
• Why balance isn’t just about multitasking.
• How routines, rhythms, and rituals can help us achieve balance.
• How a positive attitude can help you find balance in your everyday life.


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Mika Perry: Hi everyone, welcome to an episode of Good To Be Home. I am Mika, and I am here today with a solo episode. It’s been a while since I’ve done a solo episode, and today I’m in the studio on New Year’s Day. So happy 2019. I hope you had a great evening last night celebrating. We kept it pretty low-key, very kid oriented. And this morning and afternoon we’ve just spent it doing chores around the house, relaxing, enjoying the day. And I have to admit that me being here today was not planned.

We have a lot of awesome content coming your way, but the past couple of days I have felt very call to jump on this microphone and get in here and talk to you about a specific topic that I think is really important at the beginning of the year to address. I don’t know, maybe someone out there needs to hear this. I don’t know. But I just felt you know what, I’m gonna do it. I am a huge believer in trusting your instincts and intuition. So here I am to talk to you today about balance.

Now when you hear the word balance, you may have several things come to mind. And you may have one of several reactions. You may have an eye roll. You may think that this is unrealistic. Balance in your life, yeah right. Or maybe it’s a word that you’ve struggled to embrace or bring into your own life. And it just brings up negative connotations. And I believe that the word balance has, in a way, gotten a bad wrap. And I’m here to de-bunk that today. At least offer my thoughts and perspectives on it, because it is a word that is important to me.

In fact, it’s so important that we’ve included it as part of our tagline of this podcast; Balancing Business and Life. And both Russ and I believe that balance is a positive word. It is attainable, it’s not unrealistic. And my beliefs behind it, and my perspective on it, I think might be a little bit different. Or at least a counterpoint to a lot of the conversation out there about balance. So when I hear the word balance, this is what I’ve always immediately pictured in my mind, for as long as I can, I think, remember.

When I think about word balance, I think of someone on a tight rope. To be specific, someone high up on high rises with their tight rope bar, and they’re balancing on this rope. That person I picture in my mind, with the air around them, up high there, high-stakes situation, that person is not multitasking, they are extremely centered. And I feel that the goal of being balanced, where the verb of balancing your life is not to do it all. It’s not to be in this flurry of multitasking, and doing it all, and going and getting at it in all the different areas of your life.

Family, work, marriage, self, health, spirituality, mental clarity and strength. All the areas of life. It’s not to be pulled and do all of it, but it’s to be centered and grounded no matter what happens in your life. So as that person is walking on this tight rope, they are pulled in different directions with their own center of gravity. With the wind, with their mental focus on it. But they are able to pull themselves back. I don’t like heights, so this is actually almost making me anxious giving this visual.

However, let’s center back in. It just means that you’re not wavered, you’re centered. And it’s a representation of strength, that comes to mind for me. So I think that balance has gotten a bad wrap because it has been tangled up with multitasking. It has been tangled up with achievement. It has been tangled up with doing it all. It has been tangled up with overexertion. And that is certainly not my goal in life. My goal is that no matter what happens, no matter what comes at me, I am able to use the tools in my toolbox of life to stay centered.

To not be knocked down. To have a calm heart, a calm mind. Integrity to stand where I’m at and keep moving forward, if were gonna continue with the metaphor, on that tight rope of life. So there’s my thought around balance. I want to encourage you to embrace that word. If that is something that you’re interested in achieving in your life, if you’re saying, “I feel like I need more balance in my life.” Go for it. Don’t be resistant to it. It’s actually a really positive thing. Think of it as being centered. Don’t think of it as trying to do it all. It’s the opposite of that.

It’s to know when to pull back. It’s to know how to come back to center with those things in your toolbox. So I want to share ways that I’ve brought balance into my life. When I was writing notes on this I wrote mom-life balance tips. And the reason why I did that is that’s what I relate with. I am a mom, and I know a lot of the listeners here are moms as well. However, I think it applies to everyone. So if you’re a mom, consider these mom-life hacks and tips and tricks to bring balance into your life.

If you’re not, remove that mom part and just think, life balancing tips and tricks to bring into your life. So here’s some things that I came up with that have been helpful for me. And I hope that they might be for you. Really in no particular order, but all very important to me. First I want you to think about your life and your days as routines, rhythms, and rituals. Routines you guys get, I’m all about. Morning routines, night routines. I’ve talked about it on the blog. There’s past episodes on, specifically, our morning routine and evening routines. Rushers at 2:00.

So I think you guys get the importance of routines. It really frees up your time and your mental space to do the other things and not be pulled in the direction that you don’t wanna go. It really helps. But rhythms and rituals. I love alliteration so routines, rhythms, and rituals. These two … I really like rhythm. This is something that has come up in my own learning, that I really like that because it is a way to live your day to day not following a rigid strict schedule. So I like thinking of the rhythm of your mornings, the rhythm of your afternoons, the rhythm of your nights. The rhythm of your week, the rhythm of your month, maybe even your year.

Think about how your ideal rhythm of a day might be structured, and see what kind of routines you can create to support that. Rituals, that’s different from a routine, that’s different from rhythm. Rituals are not this [seancey] thing. Rituals are a way of almost honoring the time you have right now, and enjoying it, and making it special. That could be a cup of coffee made really well in the morning. It could be your skincare, instead of making it a routine, considering it a ritual. So that it has more meaning, it has more enjoyment.

You can, for me, definitely sense the diffusers. That’s almost like a ritual for me. It really brings me back to center and makes that moment, even, a little bit more enjoyable. And I think it’s really important to enjoy the things in your life, right? Another tip is to wake up early. I think when you feel unbalanced you might be feeling frazzled. You’re feeling like you’re pulled in so many directions, and you don’t have enough time in the day. Ty=hat’s something that you think.

Sometimes I’ve said, “I wish there were more than 24 hours in my life.” One way to give yourself more time is to wake up early. And if you’re not a morning person, try believe that you are and wake up early. It’s amazing what even 30 minutes can do in the morning to give you a little bit of more piece and clarity. And I really enjoyed becoming more of a morning person, and waking up early, and being really on top of that.

Keeping a clean and organized home. May come as no surprise, but these are really important to me so that I don’t feel pulled in the direction of feeling overwhelmed in my environment. And I’m not distracted and stressed out by it. Now if you can’t achieve an entirely clean and organized home, if that sounds unrealistic to you, and I get that, keep the most important areas you spend the most time in organized and clean. I think the kitchen is huge part of your home that you spend a lot of time in. Even just sweeping and cleaning your sink, and wiping down counters is huge. Makes a huge difference, both mentally and physically.

Your car. When I posted on Instagram about car organization, I was insane how much response and engagement I got on that. A lot of you do love to clean out your car every day because you know that that’s important. I spend a lot of time driving, so my car’s like an extension of my home. And keeping that clean and organized, and have some systems in there. Routines is that I clean … I take things out every single time I get out of the car. And a ritual I have in there is diffusing oils, essential oils in there with my car diffuser. I’ll link it in the notes below here in this episode.
Another tip is writing things down. Doesn’t matter how, or where, or what, or why. Writing, almost like a brain dump … I know you’ve heard that before, maybe you haven’t. I highly suggest it because it takes that mental confusion out of your head and on to piece of paper, and most times you feel less frazzled and much more like, “Ah,” sense of calm when you have it all laid out in front of you. Doesn’t have to be organized, just get it out on paper. I’ve really become a fan of, not journaling, but just note-taking. And writing whatever comes to mind onto paper.

Another tip is learning about your kids, and be present at their school. I think for moms, for parents, you may feel like your unbalanced when there’s school work, and there’s school, and their activities, and all that gets to be too much. I have found that by being as involved as I can, let’s me focus and know everything that’s going on. And feel almost in control of their education, their activities, their development. When I don’t know what’s going on, when I’m not emailing with the teacher, when I’m not present in their classroom when I can be, I tend to just kind of … it kind of drifts, and then it catches me off guard with things they have going on always, always at the worst time.

So by being a step ahead in your kid’s lives, learning what they’re struggling with, learning what’s on their plate, learning what they have coming up at school academically, or activity wise after school. Being on top of that has made it less stressful. So it’s very much a proactive tip. Another somewhat proactive tip is to do things when you think of them. Don’t put it off. It’s way easier mentally to do it then. Evening picking something up off the floor, I’ve mentioned before. Texting someone back. I know that’s hard sometimes. You see the text but you don’t respond back right away.

I don’t mean this as like, make everything in your life 100% sense or urgency, but if it’s a little small thing that really wouldn’t eat a lot at your time, consider doing it right then and there. It’s less things that you carry behind you and trail along your days, that you’ll have to deal with later. And sometimes it’s worse if you keep putting it off. Another tip is to structure your time. So assign it, use time-blocking, time-batching, and use timers.

Assigning it means give your time meaning and purpose every day. I use time-blocking, meaning that pretty much every hour of the day has some sort of theme. A purpose, a task assigned to it. It’ll be different day by day, week by week, but I make sure to plan that ahead. I do it in my Google calendar and it’s color-coded, and that’s really helpful because then you’re not left with this time where you’re unsure what you’re supposed to be doing. Time-batching, I think is different than time-blocking. Because batching means you take a day, you take a chunk of time to focus on one task, or one category of tasks.

Organizing, create content if you’re doing social media, photography, blog writing, reviews with your staff, setting appointments. Instead of setting it all throughout the week … I’m kind of using a week as the general idea of how to do this. Like a day to day in a week basis. But spreading it throughout the week gets your mind going everywhere, and gets you pulled in those different directions. By time-batching you’re categorizing time and doing it all at once, and getting it out of the way.

Timers. I love timers because it sets limits for me. So if I need to do something like, the other day I felt the house was really messy. So I set a timer for 30 minutes, and I just went through the house and picked up. It just sets a really nice endpoint, so you don’t feel like you’re doing it forever. I think self-care is a given, but learning and enriching your life is super important to balance. Don’t forget about you, and don’t forget about your own growth, and enjoying it. Learning more, growing, be creative, do the things you love.

And don’t apologize for it. Don’t feel bad taking time for yourself to do fun things. If you are taking care of your business, your family, your marriage, yourself in the not fun ways. So for example maybe working out isn’t always fun, or eating right isn’t the most enjoyable thing. There’s a lot of tasks in life. And I love talking about time management, obviously, and tips and tricks, and that, but I think it’s really important to give attention and time to things you love in life. So don’t apologize for the time you set aside for that, and go do it.

I think being grateful out loud and related to that, smiling are really effective ways to bring yourself back to a positive mindset and spirit when you feel unbalanced. It’s easy to get sucked in to everything that is going wrong, to think about all the things you have to do. And I’m sure I’m not the first person to say, try to flip the script on, “You know what, I am able to. I can do this today. I am so thankful that I have a house to clean. I’m so thankful I have these kids that I need to raise and guide them as hard as it is. I am given that responsibility.”

Be grateful out loud. Tell people. Say thank you. I think thinking … Like, I will thank Russ for random things. And you have to be intentional about it, because I think it puts everyone back into a more positive state when you thank them. So finally and related to that, is invest time, thoughts, and even money into your relationships. Your marriage. Your husband, or your wife, or your kids, your friends, your family. Invest time, go on date nights. Invest money, pay for those date nights. Go on vacation. Buy an activity, a new game. Buy tickets to an event.

Invest in the fun things that you can do with other people, because spending time with a friend, or family member, or your loved ones really can bring you back to center when everything feels overwhelming. So I wanna close today with just a simple encouragement to think about balance as a positive thing. It might not mean what you think it really is. At least for me it’s not a negative thing. It means being centered no matter what life gives you. It’s that ability to stand strong, and then when you do get knocked down, you’re bouncing right back up.

It’s to build yourself that catch net. It’s to think of how you can prepare yourself in the ways that you’re gonna be knocked down, the ways that you’re gonna be pulled, the ways that you’re gonna feel like you’re not on solid ground. Balance is a good thing. It means you’re not going extreme in one way or another. It means that you can have the things that you want in life. It means that you are happy where you’re at, you’re present. All the goals and the things that are important in your life.

I hope that this has been an encouragement to you as you think of your year ahead. I really believe that you can balance anything you want in life with a … sound cheesy here, but with a positive attitude. It’s really simple, in a way. But I hope that you will think of balance positively. So these are just a few of little tips and ideas I have for you to embrace and invite balance into your life. I have a ton more that I can share with you as we go along. Feel free to check out my Instagram @MikaPerry. You can also go on my blog MikaPerry.com.

Go in our past episodes. I think we kind of weave ideas for balancing your business and life into every single episode that we share with you. And I think that’s why it is our tagline, and it’s important to us, and we really believe in balance. It’s a good thing. So I encourage it, and invite you to bring it into your life. And I hope that this episode has been helpful to you. I really enjoyed it. It’s been really fun to be here on New Year’s Day. And thank you for being here.

2018 was amazing. And we started this podcast, and here we are welcoming a new year. We have a lot of amazing content coming your way, and I’m so excited to share that with you. We have our stay-cation coming up this weekend. So from that we will have goals and intentions, even words, like a family word that I have in mind to apply for our family for 2019. And it is something that we’ll share coming up, and so, so, so much more. We have big goals and dreams for Good To Be Home this year.

And if you have any suggestions or topic ideas, feel free to send them my way Hello@GoodToBeHomePodcast.com. And that comes directly into my email, my inbox, guys. So it’s me answering back, and I would love to chat with you there. And if you implement anything in your life that I suggested here today, or you have some awesome ideas on how you have embraced and welcomed balance into your life and made it work for you in a positive way, share that too.

You can message me DM on Instagram, or send me an email to that email I just shared. And I would love to hear from you. This podcast, I feel like we talk a lot. Obviously, that’s the gist of it, but we love the back and forth conversation that it has started out there. And we’ll love to hear from you. Happy 2019. So excited I got to spend it with you today. And we will chat with you soon. Bye.

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