About Russ & Mika

Russ and Mika live in Scottsdale, Arizona with their three beautiful daughters. The Good To Be Home Podcast is a weekly exploration of entrepreneurship, marriage, family, sobriety, and how they balance their business and life.Learn more about each of them at RussPerry.co and MikaPerry.com


Mika is a mom, wife, blogger, and influencer. She shares thoughtfully curated tips and tricks through her Instagram and blog to help her followers live a more balanced, organized, healthy, and happy life. As a former professional organizer, she often shares her expertise surrounding home organization.

Mika’s Fun Facts

  • Diffuses essential oils everywhere she goes
  • Can color code anything
  • Terrified of butterflies
  • Slightly obsessed with all things Meghan Markle
  • Fluent in Japanese


Russ is a husband, father, and Founder and CEO of Design Pickle, the world’s most successful flat-rate graphic design service. Russ also mentors creative entrepreneurs to level up their lives through The Creative Syndicate, and is the author of The Sober Entrepreneur.

Russ’s Fun Facts

  • Genuinely loves pickles, and named his company after it
  • Student body president in high school
  • Might own more shoes than Mika
  • Loves rap & hip hop
  • Fourth generation Arizonan