Episode #61: “Embracing the Mom You Are” with Rachel Nielson of 3 in 30 Podcast

On today’s podcast, Mika chats with Rachel Nielson of the 3 in 30 Podcast about motherhood and acknowledging the pressures we put on ourselves as parents. One of Mika’s favorite podcasts to listen to is 3 in 30, a 30-minute show for busy moms with 3 clear cut takeaways (or what Mika calls “knowledge bombs”)...

One of Mika’s favorite podcasts to listen to is 3 in 30, a 30-minute show for busy moms with 3 clear cut takeaways (or what Mika calls “knowledge bombs”) on parenting struggles and strategies.

Mika was a guest on Rachel’s show not too long ago, and now we are welcoming her to Good To Be Home!

What Mika admires most about this show is Rachel’s ability and willingness to go deep on topics that may not be tackled on other shows, like what to do when you don’t like playing with your kids, how religion can affect your ideas of what a mom should be or how Rachel is happier as a mom when she is still working.

An English teacher turned mom turned podcaster, Rachel now has over 80 episodes of 3 in 30 aiming to help moms “manage the madness and maximize the magic of motherhood.”

Mika and Rachel discuss 3 of Mika’s favorite episodes of 3 in 30, how to bring more positivity into your social media feeds, and how to deal with that inner critic that always seems to be nagging inside.

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In this episode, you will learn:

• How Rachel started her podcast
• The power of social media and tailoring your feeds
• Why you should “stop collecting gurus” online
• How to be a stay at home mom when you enjoy working

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